10 Surprising Fax Machine Usage Statistics

Fax technology has turned out to be one of the most important revolutions in communication technology that allows people to send copies not just of text but also documents and images at higher speeds. 

Invented in the 18th century, fax technology was well ahead of its time because of its widespread method of sending scanned documents electronically.

In the wake of modern communication services such as MyFax, eFax, and Ring Central, fax machines are still tucked in dusty office corners, away from sight, often used by business professionals. 


Even today, fax machines are still routinely used by the government and law enforcement agencies for posting bails or delivering public records.

And according to Herald Scotland, 43 million fax machines are still in operation around the world. 

Scientists have made numerous attempts to upgrade the fax technology with better alternatives, but thanks to the regulatory confusion, and fear of online security, fax machines are still one of the most widely used methods of communication all across the globe. 

Here are 10 surprising fax machine usage statistics that will help you understand why faxing is very much modern technology. Let’s dive right in!

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General Fax Machine Usage Statistics 

Let us have a look at some surprising fax machine usage statistics

  • There are around 43 million fax machines still in operation.
  • Million of fax machines are sold every year.
  • Around 17 billion documents are faxed annually. 
  • In Japan, fax is the most widely used method of communication, with over 50% of the information transferred through fax.
  • 88% of the data breaches in fax machines happen due to human error. 
  • Over 11 million businesses have switched to eFax due to increased security and low cost. 
  • The average cost of sending paper fax is over £1. 

1. 43 million fax machines are still in operation around the world

More than 43 million fax machines are in use around the world.

Despite being old tech, fax machines are growing in popularity because they are easier to use, secure, and better suited to existing work habits than computers.

Moreover, the fear of new technology and data breaches are some of the major contributors behind the fax machines’ popularity. 1

2. Millions of fax machines are purchased every year

Rather than being a dying system, faxing remains a major part of the commercial landscape.

Millions of fax machines are purchased every as many industries continue to rely on traditional fax technology to send and receive secure documents.

3. Around 17 billion documents are faxed annually

According to fax machine usage statistics, more than 17 billion documents are sent every year. These overwhelming high rates validate how prevalent fax machines are in international markets and economies.

Especially in Germany, Japan, and key sectors of the US economy, such as financial services, legal industry, and healthcare, faxing is still used as a preferred way of communication. 2

4. The average cost of sending paper fax is over £1 

Fax is often charged at your landline, which is essentially free, but there are some other costs associated with paper fax that you must consider.

While paper fax transmissions seem cheap on the surface, some additional costs, such as ink and paper, can run up very high.

The average cost of sending each fax is over £1 per submission. Speaking of which, if you send hundreds of faxes daily, this cost can mount up fast.

5. A 2017 study reported a 27% increase in fax use from the prior year 

In the last few years, businesses have reported an increase in fax usage for official communication.

A study conducted in 2017 reported a 27% increase in fax use from the previous year and predicted a 25% increase in the following years.

Fax services like eFax, and mFax also readily overcome the limitations of traditional fax machines with significant improvements in document security and reliability. 3

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6. In Japan, up to 50% of the information is transferred via Fax


In contrast to its technologically advanced image, Japan relies heavily on fax machines.

According to an article published in The New York Times, almost 45% of the households and 100% of the businesses in Japan still have fax machines, and in some sectors, over 50% of the information is transferred through fax.

Japan’s bureaucratic culture is highly dependent on paperwork, which is the prime reason why moving to modern methods of communication is strongly contested in Japan. 

7. Gen Z employees are suffering burnout due to fax machines 

Fax machines are one of the major causes of stress for young office workers.

According to a study, employees between the ages of 19-24, known as Generation Z, are suffering burnout because they are bewildered by fax machines and other older tech in their offices.

8. 88% of the data breaches in fax machines are caused by human error


Most people avoid using fax machines as they believe that fax machines are responsible for high rates of data breaches.

Research has shown that around 88% of data breaches are caused by human error.

In 2014, security firm Spectatorsoft found that 35% of the businesses suffered an inside job data breach from employees who had legitimate access to the company’s network. 

9. More than 11 million businesses have switched to online Faxing 

According to the latest fax machine usage statistics, over 11 million businesses have switched to online faxing every month due to the benefits it offers over physical fax machines.

From increased security and lower costs to limited chances of human error and superior workplace productivity, it is no wonder why businesses these days opt for innovative fax solutions. 

10. There are 2 million trees used each year by fax machines 

One tree can produce 8,333.3 sheets of paper, and the total number of faxes sent each year in the US is 16,921 193,736, which means we use 2,030,551 trees each year for sending faxes.

Around 10.3 square miles of forest are cut down annually, severely impacting the environment.

Internet fax industry leader MyFax has reported that if 1% of all the faxes sent in the United States each year are sent electronically, 73.5 million trees would be saved. 4

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Why Are Fax Machines Still Popular?

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Wrap up

We have reached the end of this article on 10 Surprising Fax Machine Usage Statistics and we hope you found these fax statistics interesting & helpful.

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