FaxBurner Review 2023

Despite of so many platforms and modes of transferring files and documents, some people still prefer faxes because of their ultimate security level.

And if you are looking for free fax service, then this FaxBurner review is for you! Make sure to read till the end to know about the features, pros, and cons, price, etc., of this fax service.


GuideFaxBurner review
FeaturesCustom Notification, e-sign, etc.
PriceStarts at $12.95  a month
Free TrialAvailable
Trustpilot RatingN/A
WebsiteClick here
FaxBurner Review

Key Takeaways

  • FaxBurner lets you send 5 pages and receive 25 pages for free and offers paid plans starting at $12.95/mo.
  • FaxBurner gives you a free fax number during the free trial that remains valid for 24 hours.
  • FaxBurner offers an e-sign feature, app, and special notification and integrates with Dropbox and Google Drive.
  • The affordable premium plans allow you to send up to 1500 pages a month.

What Is FaxBurner?

FaxBurner Review
FaxBurner Review

FaxBurner is an online fax service that allows you to send and receive faxes quickly from your phone.

It offers both free and paid plans and stands out from its competitors because of its generous offers.

It also allows you to send up to 5 pages for free and lets you receive 25 pages for free in a month.

Also, if you opt to use their free service, then they will offer you a free fax number that remains valid for 24 hours.

You can upgrade to their premium plan anytime for more features and frequent use.

If you are sending a file or a document that contains sensitive information, then FaxBurner is a great choice for that because it uses TLS (Transport Layer Security) to transmit information.

Apart from this, it also offers other features such as an e-sign feature, cover letters, app, etc. but is FaxBurner the best fax service out there? Keep reading to find out!

Features And Services

  • Fax From Mobile: FaxBurner offers an app for both iOs and Android; you can download the app and start sending faxes for free or by paying for the premium plan.
  • Fax From email: You can send a fax right from your email using the email id that you used to create your FaxBurner account with. To send a fax, you simply need to compose an email to send@faxburner.com and add the fax number in the subject line.
  • Google Drive And Dropbox Integration: FaxBurner integrates with your Dropbox and Google Drive and allows you to attach files from it.
  • Special Notification: FaxBurner also stores a copy of your fax on your smartphone and emails you a copy of it, too, with a special notification tone. 1

Pros And Cons


  • e-sign feature
  • Affordable plans
  • Accessible from phone
  • Decent page limits


  • No dekstop support

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Free PackageFree25-pages inbound per month / 5-pages outbound (total)
Email-to-fax support
Disposable fax number
Fax-to-email support
Professional$12.95 / mo500-pages inbound and outbound per month
Fax-to-email support
Toll-free number
Email-to-fax support
Permanent fax number
Premier$22.95 / mo2,000-pages inbound and outbound per month
Toll-free fax number
Email-to-fax support
Permanent fax number
Fax-to-email support


App Interface

FaxBurner App Interface
FaxBurner App Interface

FaxBurner offers a great app, and it is very straightforward to use. The first step after you install your app would be to create your account in order to sign in.

Then you will see the option to reserve a fax number in case you are using the free plan. Below that, you will see the option to compose a fax, followed by other details.

When you click on compose option, a new page will open where you will be asked to fill in the fax number, cover letter, and option to attach the file.

If you wish to sign it, then that option is available too in the app; once you are done, you now need to click on send, and you’re done.

Also, you can access the send and receive a box on the app very easily. Overall, we love the app interface of FaxBurner. 3

How To Get Started?

You can create your account on FaxBurner by following these steps:

1. Go to FaxBurner’s website and click on “Sign up.”

How To Get Started on Faxburner

2. Now choose the plan you want.

Get Started on Faxburner

3. Now finally, fill out your in formation and click on “Create my account” and you will be in.

how to sign up on FaxBurner

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NPC Faxburner Ratings

Customer ServiceN/A
User experience4.5/5
Ease of use4.7/5

What Differentiates It?

The affordable premium plans that let you send and receive upto 500 pages a month and 1500 pages a month make FaxBurner a great choice.

Also, it is a great option for someone who requires sending fax very rarely.

You can get a free fax number that will last for 24 hours; using it; you can send up to 5 pages, which differentiates it from the rest of the similar services.

Our Experience

I installed the Faxburner app on my Android device, created an account, and signed up for the free plan. The app was smooth and self-explanatory.

Composing the email was super easy, and the fax was sent within less than a minute.

Overall, I had a good experience with Faxburner, and because it sends faxes only occasionally, this free service helps me out each time that too for free.


FeaturesCustom Notification, e-sign, etc.Scan and Fax, e-sign, etc.
PriceStarts at $12.95  a monthStarts at $16.67 a month
Free TrialAvailable7-day trial
Toll-free numberAvailableAvailable
BBB ratingN/AN/A
Trustpilot RatingN/A4.3/5

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How We Review Fax Services?

We consider the following points while reviewing fax services:

  • Format support
  • Fax quality
  • e-sign feature
  • User interface
  • Features and services offered, etc
  • Ease of sending and receiving fax
  • Affordability
  • Integrations

Final Verdict

FaxBurner shines when it comes to a fax service that offers a decent amount of features for an affordable price.

We particularly love the modest app it offers, but the lack of a desktop version can be worked upon.

For someone who doesn’t require too much or someone who is looking for a free fax service with a handful of useful options, FaxBurner is a good choice.

We hope you found this FaxBurner review useful.


Is Faxburner legit?

Yes, FaxBurner is legit.

Is FaxBurner accredited by BBB?

No, FaxBurner is not accredited by BBB.

Does FaxBurner offer cancelation?

Yes, if you are not satisfied with FaxBurner, you can cancel your paid plan within 30 days to get a full refund.

How Long Does It Take To Send And Receive A Fax Using FaxBurner?

It takes less than a minute to send and receive a fax from FaxBurner.

Can I use FaxBurner on my desktop?

No, FaxBurner offers apps and only works on a mobile phone.

NPC Overall Rating


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