Florida Lottery Review 2022 – Does it Actually Work?

Playing games and making that a source of income is preferable by every one of us! And if the games are new to us, then it seems even more interesting. For this, we have Florida Lottery which offers us bigger prizes with new games.



LotteryFlorida Lottery
StartedJanuary 12, 1988
Florida Lottery ResultsAnnounced
Florida Lottery Winning NumberAnnounced
RequirementsOne form of identification, Social Security Number, Minimum Age- 18

Key Takeaways

  • To participate in Florida Lottery, you need to show one form of identification, a social security number and should have a minimum age of18.
  • You can play among many interesting lottery games like Pick 2, Pick 3, and Pick 4.
  • The proceeds from the Florida lottery go for the education of children.

What is Florida Lottery?

The Florida Lottery is an organization run by the government in Florida, United States.

There are abundant online and scratch-off games available and players have the choice to choose different prize levels.

Since the beginning and even till now, it has not stopped adding more fun and exciting games to it.

It has also tried price points at a high value, traditional games, and some seasonal games as well.

And in 2012, it ranked Number three in yearly-lottery revenue with $4.45 billion.


By the order of a change in the constitution, Florida Lottery came into existence on January 12, 1988, and it was acclaimed by 2-to-1 voters.

The reason for the initiation of this was to fund Florida education, and it was made necessary that a particular percentage of the revenue generated would be given to the Education Enhancement Trust Fund.

Moreover, the Bright Futures Scholarship is financed by it. And as mentioned above, you should be at least 18 years old to apply for the Lottery Ticket.

How to Predict Winning Number?

Lotteries rely totally on randomness and it is said that lotteries use different machines each time to draw a lucky number.

So, it is impossible to predict the winning numbers of Lottery, but you can try some of the methods given below-

Using Lottery Prediction Software

There are many lottery software in the market that can help you find the winning number.

Some of them use the algorithm to reduce the pool of numbers and some of them use the winning techniques used by prior and continuous winners.

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How to Check the Results?

  1. Visit the official site of Florida Lottery
  2. Go on Win tab and then click on winner showcase.
  3. Now, you can see all the winners of the Florida Lottery.

How to Check the Winning Numbers?

To check the winning numbers you can follow the below-mentioned steps-

  1. Visit the official site of Florida Lottery
  2. Go on Win tab and then click on winning numbers.
  3. Now, you can see all the winning numbers of the Florida Lottery.

What is Pick 2, Pick 3, and Pick 4 In Florida Lottery?

It offers draw games that are available on its website.

Florida only-draw games

Pick 2

Pick 2 started in Florida on August 1, 2016, and is picked every day during the live telecast at 1:30 pm. And also in the evening at 9:45 pm.

It actually uses a two-chambered ball machine. Each of the machines has balls numbered from 0 to 9.

So one ball is drawn from each machine. Anyone whose ticket number matches the number of the balls, disregarding the order is the winner.

Moreover, one lucky ticket with the same order of the digital makes you win the maximum prize money of $50.

Pick 3

Pick 3 is picked every day during the broadcast immediately after pick 2. It is played the same way but the only difference is that it has 3 chambered machines.

Moreover, the person who has the numbers in the same order stands a chance to win $500 for one ticket.

Pick 4

This game was officially named pick 4 on August 1, 2016. It is picked every day during the broadcast just after pick 3.

This time four-chambered machines are used and the person having the ticket with the same numbers wins.

Moreover, a person with numbers in the same order can win $5,000 on a $1 wager.


Luck plays an important role in winning the lotteries. If you don’t have the luck, you might not win it. It is this simple.

Many people have won lotteries without even having a thought about it! So, if you win it or not, there is no problem with trying. If not this time, then maybe next time!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most frequent lotto numbers?

The most frequent winning numbers are 17, 9, 11, 2, 7, 20, and 32. Since the start, the number 17 has been a winning number 42 times.

Can Florids Lotto with EZMatch Tickets be cancelled?

No, it cannot be canceled.

Are the prizes set outs?

Yes, the prizes are set out and fixed.

What is the probability of winning Florida Lotto with Double Play?

The probability of matching two of six winning numbers is 1 in 8.58.

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