Fox TV schedule tonight

Securing its position among the top four channels in the USA, Fox is a leading broadcasting channel along with ABC, NBC, and CBC.

In this article, We have broadly discovered about Fox TV Schedule Tonight.

Considering that it was launched after a decade, it did so well to be listed among the top channels and cash interest of the viewers with unique content. 


What is the Fox TV channel? 

Fox Tv channel is a one-stop entertainment streaming that has successfully made its position among the top entertaining channels for the viewers.

With modernization, the broadcasting unit has kept all the factors in reaching and entertaining viewers of all ages.

Be it sports, news, comics, talent shows, comedy shows, or other local programs, and you will get it all in the Fox Tv schedule tonight.

Fox Tv Live 

Just like its successfully forerunning channels, Fox Tv has joined the group of digital community where they promise to cater to the interest of their dedicated audience at any time of the day. 

You can now switch to their Live transmissions through their official site with Tv provider subscription.

People are now shifting from local cable providers to other streaming devices with relatively low costs, i.e., Apple Tv, Roku, Amazon Fire.

Here you get free from the boundary of fixed broadcasting time and can enjoy Fox Tv tonight’s Schedule anytime, anywhere.

Fox Now App

To make it convenient for the viewers, they have launched Fox Now App to carve out the need of watching entertaining content at available times.

The best part of this app in this one-touch era is that you can access these streaming devices and your desired content within a click.

Following that, you can watch out for Simsons or Voice of America or any primetime or local program.

Not just that, but it gives you access to exciting content of National geographic and FX for all-entertainment purposes. 

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What type of content Fox Tv provides?

Fox Tv channel is an all-around streaming channel where a viewer of any age would enjoy its entertaining content as it has made footprints in all sorts of content creation like food, sports, animation, news channel, drama, series, reality or Primetime shows, etc.

Famous programs for Fox Tv

Fox Tv streams versatile content to amuse its followers. More than 25 of its Tv shows are loved all over the world.

Unlike its fellow broadcasting channels, it receives positive reviews from all over the world. Mentioning here are a few of them. 

American Idol has been on-air since 2002 and successfully running till now as it has become the most favorite singing show of the audience, breaking all the records of TRP. 

The Simpsons are an extremely interesting cartoon program famous for some of its predictions and throw light on a range of social issues. 

New Girl is another famous comedy show that never fails to make its audience laugh. 

Empire is a critically acclaimed series that is famous throughout the world.

Some of the other hit shows are Glee, House, 24, Beverly Hills, 9-1-1, That 70’s Show, Family Guy, and many more. 

What type of Schedule is provided for Fox Tv Channels?

Fox broadcasting unit offers versatility in its content through streaming on different channels that come under its operation.

For instance, you can enjoy Weather news, Local news, business discussions, international news, movies, drama series, Comedy.

Soccer, Food recipes, Animated movies, Cartoons, Hockey, and other sports shows. 

  • Fox Entertainment
  • Fox Food
  • Fox Business
  • Fox News
  • Fox Sports
  • Fox Nation
  • Fox Soccer Plus
  • Fox Weather
  • BIG Network
  • Fox Deportes 

Fox TV Schedule Tonight

20 July 2022

8-8:30 PM  The Masked Singer
9-9:30 PM Alter Ego

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Table for Fox Tv Tonight Schedule

To make it convenient for our audience, we have prepared a Fox tv tonight schedule table for you.

So, have a look and enjoy Live streaming of Primetime shows through paid subscription.


8-8:30 PM  9-1-1
8:30-9 PM The Great North
9-9:30 PM The Big Leap
9:30-10:00 PM Family Guy


8-8:30 PM  The Resident
9-9:30 PM Our Kind of People


8-8:30 PM  The Masked Singer
9-9:30 PM Alter Ego


8-8:30 PM  Thursday Night Football
9-9:30 PM Bob’s Burgers


8-8:30 PM  WWE Friday Night Smackdown


7-7:30 PMFox Sports Saturday
7:30-8:00 PMThe OT/Fox Encores
8-8:30 PM  The Simpsons


7-7:30 PM NFL on Fox

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How can you check Fox online?

You can access Fox’s broadcasting channel through its official website. So go now and search for

Here you will find all their streaming channels and their programs.

With Tv provider subscription, you can enter Fox’s entertainment world. Moreover, head over to Tv show’s Schedule.

How Can You Watch Your Favorite Fox Tv tonight’s Schedule Online?

Stepping into the modern era, the Fox Broadcasting unit has made it possible for their audiences to watch their telecasts online without the restriction of time.

So, now watch their Live streaming anytime by entering their official website

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How can you enjoy the Fox for free?

Fox is not part of the TV-Everywhere system, so you don’t need to log in to any local cable.

Moreover, you can enter their Live streaming anytime on Fubo TV, Sling TV, Hulu + Live TV, and YouTube TV, as Fox is included as their default streaming Channel.

Frequently asked questions about Fox.

How to watch Fox shows for free?

Fox shows can be watched anytime on its website Fox Tv live streaming is available by default on Fubo TV, Sling TV, Hulu + Live TV, and YouTube TV. Above all, Fox Now app is available to install and use.

Does Fox Now app need any subscription?

Fox Now app is available for free of cost, so you can download it for free. But to access its content, you need a paid TV provider subscription.

With that, you can watch drama, movies, or any other primetime show.

How does the Fox app cost per month?

Although the Fox app can be downloaded for free, you need to be paid provider subscription.

You can pay monthly subscription charges through Fox Nation subscription, which is almost 6$ per month. 

Where to get the updated Fox Tv Schedule Tonight?

With new shows in making, the schedule keeps on updating. Audiences get confused to watching the new shows and the old one with updated timings.

Because even if they are watching it online, on Tv provider subscription, they still need to wait till the desired show updates on its time slot. 

For an updated Fox Tv schedule tonight, head over to Fox’s official website and Live streaming schedules. Here you will find your favorite shows and their streaming. 

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