Free Guy 2 Release Date

After being the most popular original film during the epidemic, Free Guy spurred instant sequel discussion from fans and companies alike.

Free Guy, directed by Levy and written by Matt Lieberman and Zak Penn, has a plethora of characters, cameos, and Easter eggs, contributing to Guy’s discovery that he is an NPC in an online video game.

When Disney completed its takeover of 21st Century Fox, Free Guy was already in the works, which was pretty fortunate for the film.

After speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, 20th Century Studios President Steve Asbell gave us an update on the sequel’s status.

We will take a look at the Free Guy 2 release date.


The Cast Of Free Guy 2

It is not yet official about who will play in Free Guy 2, but since no one died in the first movie of Free Guy, many expect that cast and the crew to stay the same with Ryan Reynolds and Jodie Comer taking the lead in the movie with other characters helping the movie come alive.

The only exception could be Taika Waititi, as he was a villain and his company failed at the movie’s end.

Free Guy 2 Overview

MovieFree Guy
Upcoming Season2
GenreComedy, Action, Science fiction, and Adventure.
Season 1 Rating7.1/10 On IMDM
Free Guy 2 Release DateNot Confirm

Free Guy 2 Release Date

There is no set release date for Free Guy 2, and the movie didn’t even start shooting yet as the script is still not finalized, and according to the lead actor, Ryan Reynolds, they are not rushing into anything to make the perfect sequel.

Considering all these, it is probable that we are at least one year away from getting the movie or even a release date.

Previous Free Guy Review

“Free Guy” introduces us to Guy (Ryan Reynolds), an NPC (Non-Player Character) in the enormously successful open-world computer game “Free City,” with a setup that feels eerily similar to “The LEGO Movie.”

The character dresses in the same clothes every day, orders the same coffee, and works at the same bank, which is stolen numerous times a day by real players in this “Grand Theft Auto”-style game.

He is unconcerned. Until the cheerful fellow discovers a true player known as Molotov Girl (Comer) and breaks his pattern by pursuing the seductive woman down the street, he gets his hands on a pair of sunglasses that reveal what the actual players see in this world.

Including missions, medic kits, hubs, and other things that will be familiar to modern gamers, even if some of the techs here already look dated, as he becomes more interested in Molotov Girl and where she might be going.

Previous Free Guy Rating On IMDB

First, Free Guy had a really good impression by the people, so Free Guy has a good IMDB rating.

As of 2022, Free Guy has a 7.1-star rating out of 10, with 333,000 people voting. it is considered a good rating for movies as the average rating is around 6.

Where Can You Watch Free Guy?

Free Guy is now accessible on Disney+ as of February 23. After Disney CEO Bob Chapek’s words in May 2021 that both Free Guy and Marvel Studios’ martial-arts blockbuster film Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings will get exclusive theatrical releases initially, they announced the release date for Free Guy on Disney+ in December.

On September 28, 2021, Free Guy will be available digitally across all major platforms, followed by a 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, and DVD release on October 12.

The home video release includes two deleted scenes, an extended scene, bloopers, and making-of featurettes, all of which no one has seen before.

What Can Happen Next In Free Guy 2?

One of the nicest aspects of a sequel to Free Guy is that no one perished in the original one.

Even though the film is rated PG-13, it’s not impossible that one of the other players or NPCs in the game would have died.

Because no one did, all of the actors and actresses are free to reprise their roles in a sequel film or television program.

Taika Waititi’s character is probably the only one who is an outlier because his company failed in the end.

The harm to his reputation was irrevocable, which means that the next film will almost certainly include a new villain.

When To Expect A Teaser Of Free Guy 2?

Since nothing is certain yet about the production and the shooting, nothing is set in stone about the teaser.

However, if the script gets completed in a short amount of time. So, they start shooting and it is possible we might see a teaser in 6 months or one year.

The Verdict

Free Guy was a great hit as many people liked the idea of the movie, and the sequel is something that many want to see.

The 20th Century brought this idea to reality and approved a sequel. It is clear that we will see a sequel, but when it is still not certain.

Frequently Asked Question

Can we see an earlier Free Guy 2 release date than what we planned?

This might not be possible because the movie didn’t even start being produced or shot. It is still in the phase of writing, which could take a while. So we can’t predict the exact date.

Where can we watch Free Guy 2 once we get a Free Guy 2 release date?

It will most probably be first available in theatres, and after a few weeks, you will be able to watch it on a digital streaming service like Disney+.

How long will it take to hear a set Free Guy 2 release date?

It might be earlier than you think because most stuff is already set; they just need to finish the script and start shooting.

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