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If you find yourself in a constant state of worry regarding your kid’s and family’s safety, then you can find some respite by opting for home security systems.

Surely there are a lot of companies offering great home security systems, and that just adds to your confusion.

So to make this task a bit easier for you, we have given an honest FrontPoint Security review.

And hopefully, by the end, you will be able to choose the perfect home security service for yourself.


GuideFrontPoint Reviews
FeaturesEasy integration with other devices, and more
ContractNot needed
Price$129 – $598.41 yearly
Trial Period30-day-trial
WebsiteClick here

Key Takeaways

  • FrontPoint is a DIY service.
  • It comes with a trial period of 30 days and also does not bind you in any contract.
  • You can choose from a variety of products like cameras, intrusion devices, hazard sensors, etc.
  • It also offers many features like custom voice chimes, customized sensor names, geofencing, multiple account login, etc.
  • FrontPoint offers three plans starting at $129 and going up to $598.41.
  • It has a good rating of 4.4/5 stars on Trustpilot.

What Is FrontPoint?

What Is FrontPoint?
What Is FrontPoint?

FrontPoint offers a DIY home security system that you can install in your house in no time.

It offers a variety of gadgets, including different types of cameras, hazard equipment, motion sensors, and many more.

The good thing about a DIY security system is that it saves the cost of installation and also helps in avoiding any drilling or other activities in your house.

FrontPoint is definitely a popular choice; however, many find their equipment quite expensive as compared to others.

Let’s find out how it is different from its competitors and whether you should go for it.

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  • DIY installation.
  • Easy integration with other devices.
  • HD quality cameras.
  • Identity Protection.
  • Custom Voice Chimes.
  • Voice control feature.
  • Customize sensor names.
  • Multiple account login.
  • Geofencing.

Products And Services Offered

Services & Product Offered by FrontPoint
Services & Product Offered by FrontPoint

FrontPoint has a long list of products to offer. Let’s have a look at them one by one:


FrontPoint has four kinds of cameras to offer that can help you in keeping an eye on your house and any activities that might be going around.

Let’s see the kinds of cameras you can get yourself.

Doorbell Camera

Frontpoint Doorbell Camera
Frontpoint Doorbell Camera

This Doorbell Camera is a very popular product of FrontPoint. It comes with a 180-degree viewing angle and infrared vision, which can be used to spot people even at night time.

Another thing that we like is that it comes with a two-way speaker, which you can use to address the person with a mere push of the button.

Wireless Doorbell Camera + Chime Setup

Indoor Camera

FrontPoint Indoor Camera
Indoor Camera

FrontPoint’s indoor camera comes with a 110-degree view which is just fine. Apart from this, it has night-vision installed with a range of up to fifteen feet.

We like this indoor camera because it has 1080p resolution, which gives crystal clear clarity, and it also comes with a three-year warranty.

Outdoor Camera

FrontPoint Outdoor Camera
Outdoor Camera

This is our favorite FrontPoint product. Their outdoor camera again comes with a camera resolution of 1080p, a two-way speaker, and an additional microphone.

It gives a view field of 117⁰ horizontally and 65 ⁰ vertically. But that’s not it, it also has flashlights and a siren attached to it, which can be used to scare off intruders, and this is something that not a lot of outdoor cameras offer.

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Premium Indoor Camera

FrontPoint Premium Indoor Camera
Premium Indoor Camera

FrontPoint’s premium camera is similar to that of a normal indoor camera, with the difference being that it comes with a 180-degree wide-angle lens.

It has an echo-canceling microphone and enhanced zoom capabilities too. You can access it from your phone, and the footage can be stored in the cloud for free.


So many incidents and burglaries happen from intrusion through doors and windows, and as such, you can use the following gadgets to avoid such cases.

Door/Window Sensor

Door & <a href=
Door & Window Sensor

This Door/Window Sensor looks very compact in size and has a sleek design. It triggers a high decibel alarm when Someone tries to get into your house.

Motion Sensor

Motion Sensor
Motion Sensor

Their motion sensor provides a 90-degree area of view and a range of 40 feet.

It is also pet friendly and has the capability to distinguish between human and pet movements.

We like the fact that it has a long battery life of five years and can be installed in seconds.

Glass Break Sensor

Glass Break Sensor
Glass Break Sensor

Again, this works effectively when it detects the noise of a grass break. It can sense the grass breaking voice up to 20 feet which is not bad at all.

Garage Door Tilt Sensor

Garage Door Tilt Sensor
Garage Door Tilt Sensor

Using this sensor, you can get a notification if you leave your garage door open for too long. It also has a high-decibel alarm which is good to scare off intruders.

It has a sensor that alerts you if it is tilted more than 45 degrees.

Hazard Sensor

Smoke and Heat Sensor

Garage Door Tilt Sensor
Smoke and Heat Sensor

This compact but powerful sensor sends alerts when it senses unusually high temperatures (135 degrees or more).

It alerts you and also alerts FrontPoint’s professional team so that they can send help in case of emergency.

Carbon Monoxide Sensor

Carbon Monoxide Sensor
Carbon Monoxide Sensor

CO is a very toxic gas that humans can’t detect due to its intangible nature.

However, you can opt for this Carbon Monoxide Sensor that will alert you and the local team if it detects the gas in the air.

Flood Sensor

Flood Sensor
Flood Sensor

This flood sensor comes with two metal prongs attached to it, which alerts you as soon as it comes in contact with water.

Home Automation

Smart Door Lock

Smart Door Lock
Smart Door Lock

We love this gadget of FrontPoint, and that is because it does not let you set the door lock with an entry code, but it also gives you the option to assign codes for multiple people.

This way, you can know who is coming in and out of your house. It also notifies you if you leave your door open.

Outdoor Smart Plug

Outdoor Smart Plug
Outdoor Smart Plug

You can use this device to control the lighting right from your phone. You can even connect this with voice assistants like google voice or Alexa for a smooth experience.

Wireless Light Control

Wireless Light Control
Wireless Light Control

This is quite similar to the above product. Using this, you can control the lighting and brightness in no time.

It also lets you create a custom schedule when you are away, which can help in saving energy.

To use it, you are required to simply plug this device into an outlet and then plug an appliance or any lamp into one of the two sockets.


Frontpoint Touchscreen

Frontpoint Touchscreen
Frontpoint Touchscreen

This is a control panel that comes with an HD display. This is like a central place that lets you control all your gadgets from one place.

You can arm or disarm any gadget and control its setting from this.

Extra Keypad

Extra Keypad
Extra Keypad

This is a wireless keypad that needs to be kept within 100 feet of the FrontPoint hub in order to work. It lets you control your system from anywhere.

Keychain Remote

Keychain Remote
Keychain Remote

This is a very handy device that you can attach to your keys.

You can use it to turn your lights off and on, control the alarm, and it also has an emergency button with which you can call help.

Pros And Cons Of FrontPoint


  • Wide selection of products.
  • Hassel-free DIY installation.
  • Requires no contract.
  • Can be linked with voice assistants.
  • Free mobile app.


  • Pricey plans and monitoring system.
  • Does not have anything unique as compared to others.

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Plans And Pricing Of FrontPoint

The Safehouse$129 or $4.16/mo1x Frontpoint Hub & Keypad2x Door/Window Sensor
1x Motion Sensor
1x FREE Doorbell Camera
1x Home Defense Kit
The Bunker$475.44 or $15.34/mo1x Frontpoint Hub & Keypad
3x Door/Window Sensor
1x Motion Sensor
1x Indoor Camera
1x Smoke and Heat Sensor
1x FREE Doorbell Camera
1x Home Defense Kit
The Fortress$598.41 or $19.31/moProducts Included:
1x Frontpoint Hub & Keypad
6x Door/Window Sensor
2x Motion Sensor
1x Indoor Camera
1x Smoke and Heat Sensor
1x FREE Doorbell Camera
1x Home Defense Kit

Components Price

  • Frontpoint hub and Frontpoint keypad: $249.98
  • Touch Screen: $112.49
  • Extra keypad: $41.24
  • Motion sensor: $48.74
  • Door/window sensor: $24.74
  • Garage door tilt sensor: $33.74
  • Glass break sensor: $56.24
  • Smoke and heat sensor: $48.74
  • Carbon monoxide sensor: $67.49
  • Doorbell camera: $142.49
  • Flood sensor: $33.74
  • Thermostat: $149.99
  • Outdoor camera: $149.99
  • Indoor camera: $79.99
  • Premium indoor camera: $149.99
  • Wireless light control: $37.49
  • Smart door lock: $134.99
  • Panic pendant: $19.99
  • Light bulb: $18.74
  • Keychain remote: $23.99
  • Yard sign: $2.99
  • Door stickers: $2.99
  • Window decals (Set of 3): $2.99

Our Experience With FrontPoint

FrontPoint product experience
FrontPoint product experience

In order to test FrontPoint’s services and gadgets, we chose The Safehouse plan, which cost us $129.

We received one Frontpoint Hub & Keypad, two Door/Window Sensors, one Motion Sensor, one FREE Doorbell Camera, and one Home Defense Kit in a box.

All the gadgets were sleek and compact. We tested them and were quite happy with how the gadgets worked.

We especially loved the window sensor. It made a deafening sound when we tested it, which is great to scare off intruders.

And installing these gadgets was quite easy. They come with a stick-on, so you can easily place them on the wall.

The only thing is that other competitors offer the same products for a lower price, which put us off slightly.

Contract And Installation

The DIY products offered by FrontPoint are very easy to install. You can simply download their app and follow the instruction on it.

The gadgets have a sticker on their back, which makes it easy for you to place them anywhere without needing to drill your wall.

As far as the contract is concerned, FrontPoint does not bind you with it. You can opt for the plan you like and continue with it.

Another thing is that if you want to move to a new house, you can reinstall their products with ease using their app.

FrontPoint Installation

What Differentiates It From Others?

FrontPoint is quite similar to its competitors. It does not have something out of the box to offer.

However, not a lot of DIY options are available in the market, and the quality, design, and number of colors you get are quite appreciable.

NPC FrontPoint Ratings

Customer Service4.4/5
Quality of gadgets4/5
Ease of use4.4/5

Customer Rating

FrontPoint trustpilot rating
FrontPoint Customer Rating
FrontPoint Customer Rating

If there is any review that you should trust, then it is a real-time customer rating and review.

This is because they have already used the service, and what the majority of them say would most definitely hold true.

In the case of FrontPoint, this security service company holds a stellar rating of 4.4 stars based on 12,503 reviews and ratings.

Customer Service

FrontPoint has supportive and knowledgeable customer support.

You can get in touch with their customer support anytime through their live chat option on their website or call them at 833-408-8428.

If you have any general queries, you can also go to their website and go through the FAQ section.


ContractNot neededNot needed
FeaturesEasy integration with other devices, and moreEasy integration with other devices, etc.
Price$129 – $598.41 yearly$329 – $620 per year
BBB ratingNot accreditedNot accredited
Trustpilot Rating4.43.6

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Final Verdict

FrontPoint is among our top three home security companies. There is no doubt that FrontPoint has some really excellent quality products and services to offer.

You can get various types of cameras, intrusion devices, etc., for a price of $129 – $598.41 yearly, which some people find a bit expensive, and that is the only bad thing about it.

However, if you want a company that is equally good, but charges a lesser fee, then you can go for Vivint.

Even Vivint is our top favorite company which will cost you $29.99 – $44.99 per month.

The only difference apart from the pricing among the two is that FrontPoint offers DIY installation while Vivint offers professional installation.

If you wish to know more about Vivint, then don’t forget to check out our full-length video on it. 


What Is FrontPoint's money back offer?

FrontPoint gives you an option where you can place an order with them and try their products for 30 days.

And if you remain unimpressed by their products, then you can return them with a full refund.

However, note that after it crosses thirty days, you won’t be able to return it for a refund.

What if I am unable to install the gadgets myself?

It is really easy to get the hang of all the products, and you can follow the instruction on the FrontPoint app to install the system easily.

Can I choose FrontPoint as a rentor?

Yes, because FrontPoint offers DIY service and requires no drilling and damaging of the walls, renters can choose if safely.

Can FrontPoint integrate with my thermostat?

FrontPoint offers its own thermostat which you can buy for $149.99

How much does FrontPoint cost?

The basic package costs $392.40 and goes up to $797.88.

NPC Overall Rating

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