What Is Google Assistant’s Built-In Feature & How Does It Work?

People are trying to become more and more efficient with their lives or are too lazy and procrastinate all the time.

Both of these things have something in common, and that is to change things on your electronic device without you having to do anything but speak or write it down.

If you want to do a Google search, doing that with audio while doing something else or if you want to open up the music while cooking with wet hands is an extraordinary thing.

For that, there are applications like Google Assistant. Most devices now come with a built-in Google Assistant that is already ready to use.

According to Insider Intelligence, 27.1% of internet users in the U.S. and 24.2% of the total population will use Google Assistant this year.

So in this article, we will examine Google Assistant built-in and what it is.


What Is Google Assistant Built-In?

Google Assistant is the equivalent of Amazon’s Alexa or Siri of the Apple brand.

Google Assistant is basically Google’s application that responds to voice outputs from you, a voice assistant.

You can control many things through Google Assistant, and you can also use the application on your phone or TV with either voice or text.

Google Assistant built-in means that the devices you buy come with a built-in Google Assistant that you can control with your voice to open the device, increase or decrease the volume, switch channels, and many more other things that would make it easier to use the devices.

You can find Google Assistant on Google Nest devices which is a competitor to Echo from Amazon.

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How Does It Work?

How Does Google Assistant Work

Google Assistant is exactly like Siri or Alexa. It responds to either voice or text commands, and you need to use the words “OK Google” to activate the voice recognition and make changes to whichever device you are using the Google Assistant on.

If you are using Google Nest, you can do other stuff if you have a smart home that could connect to this kind of device, like opening or closing lights, opening or closing windows, and many other things.

This application comes built in with many devices, and you can only control the device if it comes built-in. Otherwise, the device might not recognize the application.

Things That Google Assistant Can Do

Things That Google Assistant Can Do

As mentioned earlier, Google Assistant lets you give voice commands such as “Hey Google” or “Ok Google,” using which it can help you with:

  • Controlling music
  • Run reminders & timers
  • Control temperature and lighting
  • Find information online
  • Access your personal information, gallery, or calendar
  • Control your other smart devices, such as TV
  • Read notifications to you
  • Play content on your smart devices, tv, or Chromecast
  • Send messages
  • Make calls
  • Open apps on your mobile phone
  • Do translation

Hear it from Reddit users:

What useful things do you use Google Assistant for?
by u/Elvalor in Android

Popular Google Assistant Devices

Google Assistant Devices

Google Assistant built-in could be found in many different devices, from televisions to mobile phones or even computers.

In addition to these normal and usual technological devices, Google also offers Google Nest, which is a direct competitor of Amazon’s Echo.

Google Nest could be particularly helpful if you have a smart home that could identify itself with and connect with the house. That way, you can do many different things with Google Assistant.

Here’s a list of popular devices that can be controlled via Google Assistant:

1. Google Assistant in apps

You can use Google Assistant to navigate using maps on both Android and iOs devices. You can share your ETA with your family, play music, reply to messages, make calls, search for new places or add stops along the route.

2. Wear OS

You can find Google Assistant on even wearable OS devices. Using it, you can control heat, reply to messages, etc.

3. Headphones

Many headphones and earbuds also support Google Assistant, using which you can ask to change your playlist or songs or to make calls.

4. Android & Google TV

A lot of popular TVs, such as LG, Samsung, Toshiba, Xiamoi, etc., support Google Assistant.

You can change the channel, control the volume, see scores, and many other things by using the voice assistant button on the remote.

5. Smart Home Appliances 

You can connect a lot of smart home devices, such as your lights, bulbs, and electronic items, such as fridges and what not, and control them with your Google Smart Assistant.

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How To Get Google Assistant?

If You do not have built-in Google Assistant on your device, then this is how you can install it:

  • Go to play store and download the Google Assistant app.
  • Install it on your mobile phone and set it up by following the steps you see on your screen.

For Google Assistant to work on your phone, you need to ensure these things:

  • You must own an android phone with a lollipop 5 or up.
  • You must have at least 1GB of memory in your phone and a 720p screen.

For Apple users, you can download the Google Assistant app for iOS and install it. At the time of writing this, you need to have an iPhone model of 13 or up to be able to use Google Assistant.

50 Google Assistant Commands To Make Your Life Easier

How To Configure Google Assistant?

For enjoying the best results from Google Assitant, you can tweak its configuration by going to Settings > Google > Settings for Google apps > Search, Assistant & Voice > Google Assistant.

Here is a list of the most useful Google Assistant Configuration:

  • Voice Match: Teach your Google Assistant what your voice sounds like for better identification.
  • Music: Set your preferred music platform so that google plays songs on only those platforms.
  • Home Control: If you have other smart home devices, then you can set them all according to your preference here and control them using Google Assistant.
  • Continued Conversation: Enable this option so that you do not have to say “Hey Google” in case you want to ask more questions in a conversation.
  • Food Preferences: Note your food preferences, allergic food items, etc., so that Google shows you results of only what you like and can consume.
  • Languages: If you speak in more than one language, then you can set up your Google and ask questions in them.

Some more interesting things to configure

How To Disable Google Assistant?

If you do not want Google Assistant or are concerned about Google listening, then here’s how you can turn it off:

  • Go to the same settings as shared above Settings > Google > Settings for Google apps > Search, Assistant & Voice > Google Assistant
  • Now scroll down and open the “General” menu option.
  • Toggle off the Google Assistant feature here to disable your Google Assistant.

Google Assistant Vs. Amazon Alexa

The Verdict

To conclude, Google Assistant built-in is the application that comes already installed with a technological device you buy like a television or a mobile phone.

Google Assistant built-in allows you to control some settings in that device like volume, brightness, or channels in case of televisions.

You can alter this in any way you want, and Google Assistant also works via text along with the audio.

Alternatively, if you use Google Nest, it could help you with your house if you have a smart house that would connect with it, like to open or close the lights or do other stuff around the house.


What is Google Assistant Connect?

Google Assistant Connect is a platform that can be used by device manufacturers to integrate Google Assistant into more devices easily for a lesser price.

For consumers, this means that you can see many Google Assistant devices coming in soon.

How to check if my phone has Google Assistant?

To check this, simply say, “OK, Google” followed by a question. Or you can tap on the microphone on the google search engine or press and hold the home button.

What are some Google Assistant features?

Google Assistant supports Google Maps direction, Google duo video calls, Google Calendar agenda, YouTube videos, smart camera footage viewing, etc.

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