19+ Fascinating Grill Facts & Statistics 2023

If you love to eat meat and go out in mother nature to enjoy your time with some good meat and company, you probably used grills, and you might be wondering about some grill facts & statistics 2023.

Even though they are fairly easy to use and there aren’t many hidden things behind grills, you could still always learn something here and there.

For starters, did you know according to Traeger Grills, 25 million households in the U.S. own multiple grills

This is the reason why we wrote this article about grill facts & statistics 2023 so that you can learn more interesting things about grills.

This article could help you cook your food better when you are using your grill and help you understand more about grills by examining grill facts & statistics 2023 reports.


Grill Facts

1. Grill and barbecue are two different things

If you are thinking about grilling and getting the necessary products for that, you need to be careful as grill and barbecue are two very different things, but people use them together most of the time.

Grilling is cooking the food directly over the heat, but barbecue uses the heat to make smoke out of it and cooks the food with hot air.

2. Missouri hosted the largest grilling lesson in the world

In 2017, 336 people got together in Missouri to learn how to grill prime rib and other grill foods at the Arrowhead Stadium.

Guinness Book of World Records has this in their book as the world record, and it was accompanied by them in Missouri. This record is still in the record by many grill facts & statistics 2022 report.

3. Metal brushes you use to clean your grill could be dangerous

You need to be very precise when cleaning your grill to not make it dangerous for you.

If you use metal brushes when cleaning your grill, some of the little bristles on the metal brush could get stuck on your grill, and they might come onto your food when you are grilling.

If you eat it, it might damage your internal intestines or your throat. Use wipes instead. 1

4. The type of cut you make with your meat matters when it comes to grilling

If the cut you make is thick and requires long times to be tender, that might not be the smartest choice for grilling.

The grill facts & statistics 2022 report tells us to try to opt for thin cuts like New York strip steak, rib eye, skirt steak, and so on. Try to make it not too thin but not too thick for the outside to burn.

5. Soaking your wood chips in water is not the best decision in grilling

When you soak the wood chips that you put in the grill, the steam those wet wood chips create could slow down the cooking process. Instead of soaking them, just burn them directly on the grill.

This helps to give the flavor better to the food on the grill instead of slowing down the process, according to a grill facts & statistics 2022 report. 2

6. You don’t necessarily have to clean the inside of your grill

You might worry that you are late cleaning the inside of your grill, but you can just let it be and not clean it.

All the residue there from the smoke helps to season your food and gives a good flavor to your grill. Cleaning just the outside and the grill part is enough for you most of the time.

7. Certain methods of grilling could be healthier than others

A grill facts & statistics 2022 report says that putting your meat or fish on extremely high heat could produce dangerous chemicals that could lead to cancer.

To avoid this and make it potentially safer, you need to pre-cook your meat or fish so that you can lower the time it’s exposed to high heat.

8. Do not use aluminum foil as it can be dangerous

Certain particles in aluminum foil could transfer to your food from the foil in intense heat.

Even though WHO says that the human body can release small levels of these particles coming from an aluminum foil, we are still consuming more than we can release. Try different methods other than the foil. 3

9. You can measure the heat of your barbecue with your hand

Put the inside of your hand and palm five inches above your grill, and count the number of seconds you can keep it there before it’s too hot.

Anything between 2-4 seconds equals 450-550F, 5-7 seconds equal up to 450F, and 8-10 seconds equal up to 350F. Even though it is not exactly accurate, it can still help.

10. The type of wood in the grill affects the taste

When you are grilling, you have to use wood, but you have to choose that wood wisely because it could affect the taste, flavor, and quality of your meat.

Most wood types such as hickory, maple guava, cherry, pecan, and so on are okay to use in your grill, but you shouldn’t use conifer trees because they release tar and resin, which affects the taste and flavor of your meat. 4

11. Your meat does not require much seasoning in grilling

If you opt for a lump of quality meat or fish, the simpler your preparation of the food, the better it will be. Putting extra seasoning besides salt and pepper might make the meat taste less good.

Instead of seasoning your meat or fish a lot, buy meat of higher quality and use less seasoning.

12. 160 degrees is the ideal temperature for cooking pork or beef

A safe and ideal internal temperature for cooking pork and beef is 160 degrees, and when your meat reaches this temperature, it means your meat is cooked. In the case of Poultry, 165 degrees is considered as ideal temperature. 5

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Grill Statistics

1. 75% of all US adults own a grill

According to a grill facts & statistics 2022 report, 75% of all adults own a grill or a smokers in the United States of America.

This number is increasing more and more over the years, and the demographics of those who own it are also changing.

2. 63% of all US population uses their grill at least once a month

Among the USA population, 63% use their grill to cook something at least once a month, according to a published grill facts & statistics 2022 report.

This means that nearly everyone who owns a grill in the United States uses their grill monthly to grill. 6

3. Males dominate the grill use by 51%

In the past, males used grills far more than women, but in recent years, the use of grills by women has been increasing, as a grill facts & statistics 2022 report states.

However, in numbers, men still dominate the use of grills in the United States by 51%. Nevertheless, we can expect women to dominate these numbers in a few years.

4. Among grill owners, 11% of them used the grill for breakfast

One of the most controversial things is to use the grill for breakfast. The grill is mostly for dinner or even for lunch, but not many people choose to use it for breakfast.

Numbers in a grill facts & statistics 2022 report also show this because, among all the grill owners, only 11% used their grill for breakfast at least once. 7

5. Number one holiday where 87% of people grill is the 4th of July

Grill use increases on holidays, and on certain holidays, it peaks. 4th of July is the leading holiday for grilling as 87% of the population uses grills on this day on average, according to a grill facts & statistics 2022 report. This is even more than the number of people who owns a grill.

6. Grill master is male in 44% of the households, and it is only 22% for women.

When grilling, there is a grill master at each grilling session handling anything related to the grill and the cooking of the food.

The latest grill facts & statistics 2022 report shows that this grill master is dominantly men with 44% and it is only 22% for women.

Although with the increasing numbers in grill usage for women, we can expect this number to increase, as well. 8

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7. 160 degrees is the safe internal temperature for both beef and pork

One of the many ways to understand whether meat is done or not is to check its internal temperature.

A grill facts & statistics 2022 report says that the safest internal temperature is 160 degrees. Less than this could be harmful as the meat is not cooked well enough.

8. Around 130 medical emergencies happen each year related to grilling

There are about 130 medical emergencies happening every year because someone accidentally swallows a bristle that is left on the grill from a wire grill brush. 9

9. The most popular food to cook with a grill is hamburger, with 63%

63% of grillers often cook a hamburger on their grills by a study of grill facts & statistics 2022. This number makes hamburgers the most popular food on the grill, which also includes hot dogs, steak, and chicken.

10. 25 million households in the U.S. own multiple grills

Out of the total number of grill owners in the U.S., it is estimated at least 1/3rd of them own multiple grills. This means 25 million households in the U.S. own more than one grill.

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11. 20 million grills are sold in the U.S. each year

Yes, you heard it right! It is a fact that so many homeowners in the U.S. own a grill, and that means the sales percentage must be huge too!

Each year, 20 million grills are sold in the U.S. due to their practical use and popularity.

12. 5.5% of the population grill more than once a week

5.5% of the population grill more than once a week

At least 5.5% of the entire population in the United States grills something at least twice a week or more.

This number is deficient compared to those who cook at least once a month. 10

13. Out of all the states Hawaii grills the most

The people of Hawaii grill three times and sometimes even more in a week became the state to grill most, as stated by 26% of people in a survey.

This is followed by Montana (24%) and Flordia (22%).

14. latin America is the fastest growing region in terms of grill & barbeque market

Till 2025, it is estimated that the grill market in South America will rise by 8.4% yearly, making Latin America one of the fastest-growing grill markets.

Eastern Europe is second on the list with 7.3% of CAGR.

Wrap Up

The U.S. households love grilling as it is a perfect reason to cook some delicious food and is also a great way to spend quality time with those you love.

This was our take on Grill Facts & Statistics 2023. We hope you found the statistic and facts about grills interesting.


What percentage of Americans own gas grill?

Gas grills are the most popular choice of grill in the U.S., and around 61% people prefer and own a gas grill as compared to other types.

What are three types of grills available?

The three most popular types of grills are electric, gas, and charcoal grill.

Which country grills the most in the world?

The U.S. grills the most in the world, and last year, around 80 million Americans grilled.

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