24+ Fascinating Heater Facts & Statistics 2023

If your house does not have gas or an AC to heat up your home in winter, you might want to get a heater and wonder about heat facts & statistics 2023.

Heaters could be an extremely good way to heat up yourself when you don’t have a better option.


However, they don’t heat up a room or the entire house because they are fairly less powerful than an AC or a gas system. It mostly works for a short amount of time, and if you put it in front of you.

For you to understand more about heaters and decide whether you want to buy one or not, we made a list of facts and statistics by looking at heater facts & statistics 2022 reports.

Let’s see what the facts and statistics about heaters are.

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Heater Facts

1. A heater must be tested by a laboratory first

Heaters could be dangerous tools if they are not tested well enough or you do not have a good understanding of the machine.

Make sure that the heater you buy has the necessary labels and read through the instructions from the manufacturer.

2. Always make sure to check the cords and the plugs to avoid fire hazard

It is easy to create a fire hazard with heaters because they work with electricity.

A heater facts & statistics 2022 report says that the biggest fire hazard on electric heaters is the problematic cords and plugs. Check them every time you are using your heater. 1

3. You must always be present when your heater is on

When using a heater, always close it when you are leaving the room, and never leave it open when you are sleeping. It could create a fire when you are sleeping or not in the room.

4. Using an extension cord could cause problems

It could be the issue that the plug of the heater is not enough for the outlet, and you might want to use an extension cord.

Never use that extension cord and find another place suitable for your heater, as it could create a fire hazard.

5. Leaving your heater close to something is dangerous

Heaters are devices that constantly give the amount of heat no matter the temperature of the surface they are pointed at.

That is why it might catch fire when you put your heater close to something. Always leave the front of the heater empty. 2

6. Make sure your heater has the most important safety features

Electric heaters must have certain safety features to make their use safer. These features could include a tip-over switch, overheating sensor, or a touch sensor. They are mostly designed to prevent overheating and fires.

7. Make sure your heater has the right amount of wattage

Depending on the wattage amount of the heater, the amount it will heat will differ. Some heaters also have the option to change the wattage according to your needs.

On average, the heater wattages are between 400 to 1,500 wattages.

8. Heaters are only for supplemental heat and not for warming an entire room

Heaters are not like gas or ACs. They have a certain power range and can only work to heat up in a certain direction, which is the direction they face.

Use it only to support the heat, and do not try to dry your clothing or cook something on it.

9. They consume enormous amounts of energy

According to many heater facts & statistics 2022 reports, electric heaters consume way more energy than an AC.

Other versions of heaters also consume way more than other conventional heating methods. Be aware that your bill might come higher than expected. 3

10. Heaters decrease the moisture in the room’s air

When you are using a heater in the room, it will deplete most of the moisture in the room and make it dry. It could damage your skin or your body in general if it goes on for too long because winters are already dry.

11. Certain heaters could make your room air toxic

According to heater facts & statistics 2022, some heater models release carbon monoxide when you are using them.

If your heater is one of those models and you are not ventilating your room enough for the carbon monoxide to leave the room, or you are sleeping with the heater on, you could be in serious health danger.

12. Your body will fluctuate a lot between temperatures

One of the things that many people overlook when using a heater is temperature fluctuation.

Since the heater is only heating a certain place or a very small room, you will continuously expose yourself to cold and hot weather, which could cause problems for your body.

13. Touching a heater with wet hands could be dangerous

Since heaters work with electricity, touching an electric heater while you are wet could cause electrocution or electric shock, which could harm your body, especially your heart.

Put all water away from heaters, as well. 4

14. There are three different electric space heaters for households

Infrared heaters are extremely efficient heater types because they don’t directly give hot heat, but they give rays that the objects nearby can emit. It heats up a room faster than others.

Ceramic heaters keep the heater’s outside cool, making it a safer option for households. Oil heaters are not exactly extremely safe, but if they have an auto shut-off feature.

15. Using a heater on a carpeted floor is not the brightest idea

Even though many people use their heater on carpets, it could be a dangerous move because it could catch fire easily.

Most heater facts & statistics 2022 studies say that you should keep your heater on tile-like and flat surfaces.

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Heater Statistics

1. One-third of all home fire’s cause is heaters

Electric heaters are one of the devices that cause fires, most frequently stated by a heater facts & statistics 2022 report.

Out of all home fires, one-third of them are caused by household electric heaters. That is why using a heater at home requires extensive care.

2. Heaters cause the highest death rate, with four out of five home-heating fire deaths

A heater facts & statistics 2022 report states that heaters have the highest death rate in all of the fire deaths in households. They account for four out of five home-heating fire deaths in households.

3. 160 people get injured because of portable hearts each year

On average, about 160 people a year get small or big injuries due to space heaters and the fires it causes, says a heater facts & statistics 2022 report by U.S.

Consumer Product Safety Commission. This number is only for injuries and does not account for deaths.

4. Most heater fires happen between December and February

A heater facts & statistics 2022 study by National Fire Protection Association shows that most fires related to heaters happen in colder months, between December and February. At least half of all the heater fires happen in these three cold months. 5

5. The electric heater market size in 2022 is expected to be $10.6 billion

Studies about heater facts & statistics 2022 show us that the expectation for the worldwide electric heater market size is around $10,6 billion. About a $400 million increase from the previous year, 2021.

6. You must keep your heater on two to three hours before you go to sleep

Most experts in their heater facts & statistics 2022 study say that you should keep your heater on for about two to three hours to heat up your room before you go to sleep.

Since keeping your heater on all night when you are sleeping is not safe, you should keep it open for some time before sleeping.

7. The average distance between items and a heater should be 3-foot

Keeping your heater safe without any fire danger is a must. To achieve this, you must keep your heater a 3-foot radius away from anything else when you are using your heater, as fire experts state in some of the heater facts & statistics 2022 reports. 6

8. The leading cause of home heating fires was not cleaning the heater

25% cause of home heating fires was not cleaning the heater
25% cause of home heating fires was not cleaning the heater

NFPA’s heater facts & statistics 2022 report says that 25% of home heating fires were because the owners failed to clean the heater, and this caused the fire. These heaters are mainly solid-fueled heaters.

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9. More than half of the fire deaths in home fires were because of keeping items too close to the heater

Approximately 54% of deaths in home heating fires happened because of keeping household items that can burn easily too close to heaters, according to a heater facts & statistics 2022 study.

These household items include furniture, clothing, linen, mattress, or any bedding item.

10. 44% of heating equipment fires happened because of portable space heaters

People use many different heating types of equipment, and the leading fire-causing heater equipment between 2014 and 2018 was fixed or portable space heaters.

They caused 44% of all fire equipment-related fires by heater facts & statistics 2022 report published by NFPA.

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