Holmes Heater Review 2023

While some people have HVAC systems in their homes and offices, not all buildings have such heating solutions.

For such buildings, it becomes extremely uncomfortable to stay in the cold weather.


The only solution to this issue is to get an electric heater that makes the environment cozy and warm.

This low-profile heater from Holmes makes a good choice for an electric heater and here you will know about the value it brings by this Holmes heater review.

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Key Takeaways

  • Holmes heater comes with a temperature setting that ensures the temperature inside your room is maintained.
  • This heater comes with three modes: Max, Low, and Eco mode, which help speed up or lower the heating speed.
  • This heater is made with Eco-Smart technology which helps in saving energy.
  • Because this heater goes up to 1500 watts at max settings, you get low power bills.

Features of the Holmes Heater

Holmes Heater
Holmes Heater

While this heater comes with a small form factor, it packs amazing guts inside from a heating and user experience point of view.

So, here in this Holmes heater review are some of the best features that this heater brings for you.

  • Different heating temperature options

So, the first feature that this heater comes with is different temperature settings.

You can set a temperature between 65 degrees and 85 degrees for the best warmth experience.

These heating options also make sure that the temperature inside your room is maintained at a specific point for the most comfortable experience.

  • Several heating modes

Just like the heating temperatures it also has different heating modes.

These modes define how quickly you will get your room warm. There are three modes named Max, Low, and Eco.

So, if you want the temperature of your room to go high as soon as possible then you can go for Max. Low is better if you want the heat to gradually increase.

Those who need the best efficiency in terms of power consumption can go with Eco mode. Eco mode also consumes less electricity.

  • Sleep timer option available

If you like to sleep with the heater on, then you will love this feature.

This low-profile Holmes heater allows you to set automatic shut-off temperatures between 4,8, and 12 hours as per your convenience.

It also allows you to keep the home warm for your pets while you are not at home.

  • Smart heater

The heater is made with Eco-Smart technology that allows it to cycle between different wattage ratings.

In this way, it can save energy when the room is at a certain temperature for efficient power bills.

The heater comes with convection heating which is known for its comfortable and soothing warmth.

As it will be circulating air, the whole room feels and becomes warm after some time instead of just the area that is in front of the heater.

Pros and Cons


  • You get low power bills with it as it only goes up to 1500 watts at max settings
  • The external body is made with cool to touch design
  • Brings safety features like overheating to protect the heater and your place.


  • Being a low-profile heater, it may not supply heat to the whole body.

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Everyone has different requirements when buying products like a heater. However, this is a product that matches the needs of everyone.

It is silent and makes your room warm within minutes. On top of everything, its pricing makes it an amazing budget-friendly choice for everyone.

So, if you are also looking for a good heater for your home or office, we hope that this Holmes heater review was helpful for you.

All in all, this Holmes heater might be the perfect choice for you.

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