15 Methods To Generate Home Remodeling Leads Of 2023

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Home remodeling is a competitive field. Whether you are a home remodeling contractor with a small team or own a large home remodeling business, lead generation is an essential part of the sales process. 

To maintain a constant stream of high-quality home remodeling leads, you must ensure that your website is ranked on the first page when someone searches the keyword relevant to your business.

According to Hatch, there has been a 30% increase in the close rate for Home Remodeling leads from online advertising.

This article shares the importance of lead generation using online advertising & other methods in making a home remodel business successful.

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Why Is Lead Generation Vital For Home Remodeling Contractors? 

Leads generation is a marketing tactic that helps businesses reach prospective leads and convert them into customers through the sales funnel.

A lead is a prospect who has shown a clear interest in buying your remodeling services. 

To make your site rank higher in search results and turn your prospects into customers, you need to create an excellent source of high-quality remodel leads.

With the help of the right lead generation tactics, you can drive more sales, improve your brand awareness, and build a successful home remodeling business.

What Are The Methods To Generate Home Remodeling Leads?

If you are a home remodeling business owner, you might be thinking to yourself that it is extremely challenging to get leads for your business.

Especially since you are operating locally in a certain area, the ways to get leads are much lower than in other types of businesses.

The process of generating leads does not have to be too challenging for you. To make this process easier, we listed 15 ways to generate home remodeling leads.

These ways have been working for home remodeling business owners, and you can use them to increase your customer number and income.

1. Consider Using a Lead Generation Service

There are businesses out there that do lead generation for you. You only give them the context of your business, and they do most of the work.

Think of it as outsourcing the entire process. Even though it might not always be the best solution, it could help you if you do not have time or do not know the process at all.

It might not work because local businesses need face-to-face networking, and lead generation services mostly work digitally.

2. Optimize Your Website for High Conversion

If your website is sluggish, contains a lot of unnecessary information, and instead of focusing on converting the visitor, it focuses on your business, you will lose a lot of potential leads.

Change your design entirely and make it simple and easy to read. Focus on conversion rate optimization and employ these tactics on every part of your website.

This way, once a visitor comes to your website, they will be more likely to work with you rather than be annoyed.

3. Sent Physical Mail to Mailboxes

Everyone gets hundreds of emails each day to their digital emails. Establishing dominance and showing yourself in that abundance of spam emails is hard.

However, most people’s mailboxes are empty. As a local business, using the mailboxes could put you way ahead and attract attention.

However, the design that you send to mailboxes must be really simple and elegant to attract attention. Try to make it something fun and maybe offer a special incentive like a discount.

4. Invest in a PPC Paid Marketing Campaign

Generating leads is not only about organic traffic. The fastest and probably the most efficient way to generate leads is to use paid marketing campaigns.

PPC campaigns are the most budget-friendly and also the most effective. Because you pay per click, you have more chance to pay less and get more value for your money.

Generate a specific landing page for your PPC campaign and make it focused on conversion with a call-to-action and a piece of information about your business.

5. Create Ad Retargeting Campaigns

Do you see the same or similar ads all the time when you are searching on the web? You see them because those are ad retargeting campaigns designed specifically for you.

It aims to focus on people who had clicked on your ads before but didn’t make any appointments.

Those who click on your ad are generally rather easier to turn into customers. Create special designs for ad retargeting and start a campaign for that.

Ensure that this campaign is better than the other one with a good call-to-action to turn them into a customer this time. 1

6. Team Up with Other Similar Businesses

There are most likely other home remodeling or other types of home renovation businesses around your city.

Instead of seeing them as a competitor, partnering up with them, and using your network of people together, you can generate leads better.

If you team up with a real estate company, they could refer you to their clients who buy a house for home remodeling.

If you team up with a home remodeling business like yours, they could refer you clients when they have too much at their hand and can’t handle their needs.

7. Establish Your Own Online Community

Online and offline communities are crucial in increasing brand recognition and getting constant leads.

You can participate in these communities, but creating your own community could go a long way.

You would have the option to maintain it better and provide a functioning community for your local target audience.

You can also introduce your company and help people with the most common problems in this online community.

You can create it via Facebook, Instagram, or other similar social media pages where you can find people.

8. Offer a Free In-Person Consultation

When people search for businesses online or see your store themselves, the hardest part is to create trust about how good you are with your work.

Even though there are many ways to create this trust, offering incentives prove to be one of the best ways. Offer a free in-person consultation for remodeling plans.

Give your ideas, show your expertise, and plan for it. Making it in-person also helps to create a relationship with your potential customer.

9. Put Your Business and Website on Google Maps

Since you are a local business, it is important that people can find you online when they look for home remodeling businesses.

Open a Google My Business account and put yourself on Google Maps along with your website and other details about your business.

You can also optimize this page, so people can find you easier with the right keywords. Adding in reviews with pictures or proof of work can also help people decide better.

10. Sign Up to Lead Generation and Reviews Websites to Create a Business Profile

There are many online websites working to generate leads for your business.

They are like a self-online directory where you sign up, create your business profile, add your information, and let people find you there when they are looking for you.

These lead generation and review websites are also a good place for people to see how your customers feel about you with their reviews. Manage these reviews carefully and ensure you have a good review point.

11. Set up an Online Referral Program

If you have satisfied customers, they are most likely to refer you to their friends and family.

A referral from them works better than an online advertisement because the satisfied customer already uses your services and knows what you can offer.

Making this system online and automating it could also help you get more referrals.

Offering incentives for referrals could push people to refer more since they will be getting something in return like a discount.

12. Automate Your Booking Procedure

Making a booking is messy, takes time, and could lead to the loss of potential clients.

Automating this entire process, letting your customers choose according to their needs with a few clicks, can save a lot of time and money for both sides.

You can also get their emails later on for promotional purposes or for an email newsletter.

Make sure to put this automated booking system in a place where people can see it so that they can book through there.

13. Consider Buying Leads Directly

This might not work perfectly because your target audience is unique for your business and for your needs.

However, by researching deeply and understanding what you can get, you can still find good lead lists for your city and for people who own houses or something similar.

Once you get the lead list, you will need to either cold-call them or write an email introducing your business and yourself.

14. Regularly Post Informative Blog Posts

There are most likely a lot of common problems or questions people are looking for answers to.

Research about these things and constantly write blog posts answering these questions and helping people.

Add small call-to-action in your blog posts to turn them into a lead, but the entire content must focus on entertaining and informing the visitor so that they can see your expertise and you can build trust.

It also shows that you genuinely want to provide value for the community instead of just promoting your business.

15. Optimize Your Website for Local SEO

SEO is the bedrock of organic traffic and lead generation for any type of business. Local SEO is the version that focuses on a certain city or area with specific keywords.

Research these keywords, build your domain authority, and create content optimized for local SEO. Optimizing your entire website for local SEO could also help you in getting leads.

However, do not overdo yourself and put too many high-ranking keywords or SEO-optimized content.

Otherwise, you might put your website in shadow ban, which will lead you to not come up on search results.


Benefits Of Google Ads For Home Remodel Leads Generation

Quick Results

When you use SEO to drive leads, you need a lot more time and work much harder to get one of the top positions to get good traffic.

On the contrary, Google Ads are displayed right at the top of Search engine results and drive instant traffic to your website.

Easy To Execute 

Google Ads campaigns are easy to execute and get the job done with minimal resources.

Anyone with basic marketing skills can run a Google Ad campaign without professional help and get overwhelming results.

Better ROI

Thanks to its demography-based targeting capabilities, Google Ads gives an excellent ROI. As per Google, advertisers earn $8 for every $1 spent on Google Ads. According to the goal of your campaign, you can optimize your bids to get a better ROI. 

Build Brand Awareness For Home Remodeling Leads

In addition to boosting traffic, Google Ads is a great way to tell people about your brand.

On average, a person spends at least 3 hours of the day surfing the internet, meaning your ad will likely be seen by the same people, again and again, making them familiar with it, whether they click it or not.   

Email Marketing To Grow Business

Email marketing is mandatory for remodelers for business growth.

Google Ads Gmail integration allows contractors to send out email newsletters about new offers to both old and prospective leads.

It is an efficient way to remind them of your brand and convert them into new remodel leads.

Retargeting Website Visitors

Google Ads helps you advertise your services to the people who have previously interacted with you online but have not converted yet.

Tracking cookies will follow users on the web and retarget them with your ads.

With Google Ads remarketing strategy, you can make them see your ads a minimum of seven times before they become a customer.

Tackle your Rivals Better

Google Ads helps you grab the opportunities that come your way before your competitors do.

Home remodeling is a competitive field. To stay at the top of your competitors, you need to run Google Ads.

Keep an eye on your competitors, and also use targeted and more niche-specific keywords to outsmart them.


Why Choose Us? 

So we are a full-service digital marketing agency specializing in generating high-quality home remodel leads to ensure the long-term growth of your business.

Our team of digital marketers creates custom strategies based on each client’s goals and budget. 

  • Custom Landing Page

We’ll create a captivating custom landing page that will capture the audience’s attention and traffic, improve your SEO, and build your customer base.

  • SEO Management

We’ll refine your website to improve your ranking on the search engine results pages and improve your chances of being seen by the targeted prospects.

  •  Content Writing For Home Remodeling Leads

We’ll create high-quality SEO-optimized content that’s relevant to your audience’s wants and needs. 

  • Focused on ROI

Our marketing strategies are focused on generating home remodel leads with a high conversion rate and ROI.

  • Dedicated Account Managers

You’ll be assigned a dedicated account manager to manage your account and help you close more house remodel jobs. 

  • Transparent Reporting

So our highest level of transparency helps our clients get a clear picture of how their campaigns are performing. 

  • Only Pay for Results

We only charge for qualified leads, regardless of how many impressions or clicks your advertisement receives. 


How much can I earn from Home Remodeling business?

On average you can earn $26,000-$45,500 if you start a Home Remodeling business.

What is the most demandable thing in Home Remodel?

Although most people get a lot of spaces in their house remodeled, Kitchens are usually the most demandable in a Home Remodeling business.

What is the basic difference between renovation and remodeling?

Renovation refers to fixing something to its previous state, whereas remodeling refers to creating something new.

What is more expensive remodeling or building?

The building is expensive by 20% more than remodeling.

What is the easiest way of generating Home Remodeling Leads?

The easiest ways are to:

  • Ask clients for testimonials
  • Provide referral programs
  • Utilize social media
  • List your business on Google
  • Create a website
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