21 Home Security Facts You Must Know

Although burglary is not a very common property crime, 16% of the crimes committed in the U.S are property crimes.

According to SafeWise, more than 2,800 burglaries happen in the U.S every day, and police only solve about 14% of reported burglaries due to insufficient evidence. 

At first glance, these statistics may look alarming and makes people realize the significance of having the proper security system at home to protect their homes.

Before committing a property crime, almost every burglar checks whether the home is secured or not. 

Unless you live in a complex with a hired security professional, your home security is your responsibility.

While there is no full-proof way to keep your home secure from burglar attacks, home security systems can reduce the risk of getting robbed. 

Home Security systems give us peace of mind and a night of sound sleep as we know that our sweet home is secure from any type of invasion.

However, before deciding on home security, you must know some interesting facts about the Home Security systems to make a more informed decision. 

Let’s jump right in! 

21 Home Security Facts You Must Know
21 Home Security Facts You Must Know

21 Home Security Facts You Must Know

1. Home Security Systems are Not as Expensive as You Think 

Most security systems don’t cost as much as a rumor. Some years ago, there was a rumor that only wealthy people could afford home security because it was expensive and installation was problematic.

But the fact is that the security system is not costly and not even complicated to install. It costs cheap, and most people can afford it nowadays.   

2. Homes with Security Systems are Less Likely to Get Robbed

According to a report released by the University of North Carolina, 60% of convicted burglars admitted that they avoid targeting homes with security systems and tend to target homes that ignore security measures. Homes without a security system are 300% more prone to burglary. 

3. Burglaries Usually Take Place in The Daytime 

Burglars always think to enter the home during the daytime when usually people are at their work and kids are in school, which is why home invasions happen between 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM as it is the best time for the burglars to get into the home. So, keep checking your security alarm system whenever going out.  

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4. 34% Of Thieves Get into The Home from The Front Door 

Thieves always choose the easiest way to get into homes, and don’t hesitate to enter from your primary entrance. Almost 34% of the time, burglars use the front door to enter the house.

So, ensure that your front door is closed and locked as well as other entry points even when you are at home.

Also, try to keep your garden clean and trim your plants so that you can see all the entry points clearly. These tricks will make your place less attractive to burglars.

5. 30% of the Burglars Enter through Unlocked Door or Window

Simply locking your front door is not enough to ensure your safety, as almost 30% of the burglars gain entry through an unlocked window or door, where extra effort or breaking is required. So, make sure to keep all your entry points completely closed before leaving. 

6. Security Systems Continue to Operate During a Power Outrage

No matter which security system you have, most security systems continue to function when the power is out.

Traditional security systems usually don’t need much power and can run perfectly even on low voltage, while universal systems are also low voltage and can run on low power mode without any issue.

Many systems come with solar power options and huge batteries that serve as a power generator during a power outage.

7. Mobile Apps Enhance the Flexibility and Security 

A vast majority of security apps usually come with mobile app functionality and allow you to easily manage your security system and see alerts on the go straight from your mobile phone.

Especially fire and security systems include remote access through your smartphone and computer.

8. 60% of the Burglaries on homes with Alarm Systems are Unsuccessful 

Often done by amateurs, around 60% of the attempted burglaries on homes with security systems are unsuccessful, and burglars usually leave without gaining entrance it stealing any valuables. 

9. Home Security System Does Much More Than Theft Protection

The most common misunderstanding is that security systems only protect you from theft though this is only the primary feature of a security system.

You can also avail of other advanced features, like gas leak sensors, fire detectors, motion detection, and much more.

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10. Security System Reduces Homeowner’s Insurance up to 20%

Homeowner’s insurance protects your property and possessions against any kind of thefts and damage due to disasters, hurricanes, lightning, and vandalism.

Homeowners insurance is often covered within your mortgage, and most people pay it without even knowing.

By installing security devices in your home, you cannot only minimize the risk of your home getting robbed but can also reduce your homeowner insurance by up to 20%.

11. July and August are the Most Common Months for Break-Ins 

Burglaries are most likely to occur in the summers than in winters. A study led by the Bureau of Justice Statistics showed a spike in burglaries during the summer months.

July and August are the months when most burglaries happen because, in these months, people usually go on trips during summer vacations. Burglary rates were 11% lower in winters, 9% lower in spring, and 6% lower in fall.

12. Only 13% Of Robberies Are Solved 

Though this is a sad truth, only 13% of robberies are successfully solved because of a lack of evidence due to no security systems at home.

Police always ask you to report and try to recognize the culprit, but when you have no security Alarm or camera at your home, it is impossible to keep track of the time of the robbery and recognize the get-up of the robbers.

13. Most Burglaries Happen in Less than 10 Minutes 

Most burglars can burglarize a home in less than 10 to 15 minutes. They usually break in, take the valuables and get out without lingering, which is why any delay in the response may result in a significant loss.

It is always a good idea to place some signs of security outside your homes so burglars know that you have a security system. 

14. Home Security System Reduces the Risk of Dying in Home Fire

Many deaths happen in a home fire because residents are unaware of the fire, and by the time they know, it’s too late.

So, it is essential to have a smart home security system in place so it can alert the residents about any type of upcoming danger in their surroundings in advance and help save lives. 

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15. Only 53.1% of Homeowners have a Home Security System

In the United States, only 53.1% of the residents have home security systems at their places, and they are peacefully living their lives with no fear of being theft.

Security cameras are the most common type of home security system used, followed by professionally monitored home security systems, dogs, smart locks, firearms, and other security systems.

16. Nearly 46.9% of U.S Citizens Don’t have Any Security System 

Approximately 1 person in every 4 American citizens uses a security system to protect their home and property, and nearly 46.9% of the Americas don’t use any type of security system to protect their homes and prefer relying on dogs and firearms to prevent robberies.

17. Burglars are most Likely to Strike on Friday

According to statistics, burglaries are 25% most frequent Friday, followed by Thursday. Burglars usually prefer to strike before the weekends because people are most likely to go out and their homes are empty. 

18. Over 38% of Cases of Assault Occur During Home Invasion 

Around 38% of cases of assaults and 60% of rapes occur during home invasions.

Burglars usually physically confront the victims to get access to their desired items and use both sexual and physical assault as a part of retaliation. 

19. Motion Sensor Lights Enhance the Security level 

Outdoor motion sensor lights are an excellent way to enhance the security of your house.

Outdoor motion-activated lights in all the strategic locations of your house coupled with a good security system will significantly reduce your vulnerability and make your home less prone to invasions. 

20. The Average Loss Per Burglary is over $2,000

According to United States Department of Justice data, a new burglary occurs every 15 seconds, and more than 2.5 million burglaries happen in the U.S every year.

The average loss per burglary is around $2,416, of which nearly 66% of the burglaries are residential break-ins.

21. Around 87% of the Burglaries are Avoidable 

With the help of security systems, you can prevent approximately 87% of burglaries.

Even a basic burglar alarm and security system can help you enhance the security of your home and keep your house secure from any thefts and break-ins.

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