How Do We Review Air Purifiers?

If this is your first time purchasing an air purifier, you may wonder what characteristics you should take into consideration.

One strategy to learn more about air purifiers could be to read the tons of reviews that you can find online. However, it is even more important to understand how reviews are made.

When you know how reviews are made, you are capable of understanding on your own if an air purifier is suitable for your needs.

This is why in this article, we thought of sharing with you how we review air purifiers.

How Do We Review Air Purifiers?

Key Takeaways

  • A filter is an element that actually cleans the air.
  • Some purifiers can also remove allergens.
  • The best air purifiers also remove the smell from the environment apart from dust.
  • Absorption, which is usually expressed in Kw/h, gives information about energy consumption.

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Air Purifiers Reviews: What To Look At

1) Filters


One of the most important features of an air purifier would be its filters. Filters are the elements that actually clean the air, retaining harmful and polluting particles.

There are two main types of filters:

  • HEPA filtration: a fine mesh filter that traps airborne particles as air is pushed through the filter itself.
  • Ultraviolet light: in these systems, the air is exposed to UV light that can kill bacteria and viruses and prevent them from replicating.

2) Allergen Removal

Allergen Removal

Some air purifiers can remove allergens, and some can not. Knowing this characteristic is important, especially if you’re allergic to some air pollutant or dust.

3) Odor Removal


The best air purifiers not only remove polluting particles from the air but even smells.

Check this feature if you need to place the air purifier inside a room where people usually smoke, cook, or any room that may be exposed to smells of any kind.

4) Dimensions

Of course, when we review air purifiers, we always provide information about their dimensions.

Air purifiers are indoor devices that take some space, and you need to know whether or not they can fit your spot or corner.

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5) Absorption

Absorption, which is usually expressed in Kw/h, gives information about how an air purifier is energy-consuming.

You need this information to understand whether using an air purifier at your house or office can be sustainable for your pockets or electrical implant.

6) Design

air purifier design

You can’t hide an air purifier. The best air purifiers have clean and good-looking designs for this reason.

When you evaluate different options, you should also think of what kind of design could be more suitable for your house or office furnishing.

7) Customer Service

Customer Service

When we review air purifiers, we also provide information about each brand’s customer service efficiency.

Air purifiers are long-lasting devices, and being able to count on efficient customer service can make a difference in the long term.

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Now that we’ve shared how we review air purifiers, we’ve made our readers more independent.

You’ll be able to evaluate whether or not an air purifier can work for you and if it’s suitable for your pockets and needs.

Of course, reading reviews are still useful because they provide insights that manufacturers do not always share.

They are usually written by people who have actually used the product, and they can signal whether the information provided by the brand matches the reality.


How many air purifiers should I buy?

If your house is 1000 sq. ft., then one air purifier is sufficient, and if your house is 1500-2000 sq. ft., then you will need two air purifiers and so on.

Are air purifiers effective in removing mold?

Air purifiers can’t remove existing mold, but they can capture the bacteria and help you make sure that the mold doesn’t multiply.

Can air purifiers help with allergies?

Yes, air purifiers are very effective in capturing dust, pollen, and other allergic objects from the air, and they can help you immensely if you have allergies.

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