How Do We Review An Air Fryer?

Want to know how we review an air fryer? We got you!

Are you thinking of buying your first air fryer? It’s a great choice: your pockets, your health, and the quality of your home-cooked food would all be improved!

If this is your first time buying such a device, you are probably reading a lot of reviews. It may be just as interesting, however, to get to know how reviews are made.

Knowing how we review an air fryer can help you understand what are the main features to take into consideration when buying one. This is why we thought of sharing how we review air fryers!

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How Do We Review An Air Fryer?

Air Fryers Review: What To Look For

1. Capacity

One of the first things we check is the air fryer capacity: it gives a measure of how much food can be cooked in it.

If you live alone, you may prefer a smaller air fryer, but families will certainly prefer a larger one.

Capacity also affects the price: if two air fryers have different capacities but the same price, the one with the smaller capacity should have more features. Otherwise, the higher price wouldn’t be justified.

2. Digital Or Mechanical Dashboard

Air fryers can have digital or mechanical dashboards. Mechanical dashboards are usually made by two or more rotating adjusters and are usually cheaper than digital ones- Digital dashboards have buttons and a small display: they cost more, they are more complex to use, but they allow for finer customization of the features.

3. Available Features

All air fryers fry food with hot air, but there are some levels of customization. You could be able to choose the temperature or the duration of the cooking, for example.

Usually, air fryers with digital dashboards have more features than the other alternative.

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4. Absorption

A device’s absorption is measured in watts. The best air fryers are the ones that can optimize energy, so they are powerful but have relatively low absorption. The higher the absorption, the highest your bills at the end of the month.

5. Dual-Zone Or Single-Zone

We always signal if an air fryer is a single or dual zone. Dual-zone air fryers allow you to cook two different food at a time, but they are more expensive.

6. Brand

A device’s brand is only important for its history. Some brands have a long reputation and have been providing customers with quality products for years. In some cases, the brand is a sort of quality and durability guarantee.

7. Price

Of course, price is something we take into consideration when we review air fryers.

We don’t limit ourselves to saying this one is cheaper than the other: we evaluate if the price is fair and if the air fryer is a good value for money.

If you want to evaluate if an air fryer is fairly priced on your own, you can check air fryers with similar features: how much do they cost?

By comparing the prices of devices with similar features, you can get your own idea about the value for money of that object.

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