How Do We Review Best TVs For 2023?

The use of televisions is going down drastically because the rates of watching television channels are decreasing.

Still, thanks to the new technologies, you can do whatever you want with your TV, so it is important to get the best one.


While you are getting the best one, you need to know what you need to look for in any television.

That is why we are going to talk about what we look for when we review the best TVs.

Size of the Screen

The first thing to look for is the size of the screen. The bigger the screen of the television, the better quality you will get.

In the old days, you would consider the space you have in your living room or bedroom or wherever it is you are getting your TV for, but nowadays, this is not the case.

We always consider TVs with bigger sizes than average because this allows you to get a better quality thanks to higher pixels.

The technology of the Screen

The very first thing about the technology of the screen is for the TV to have LED technology. It could be OLED or QLED, depending on which reason we are reviewing the TV.

It is also important for the TV to have 4K along with HDR. When you combine these together, and if the size of the screen is big, you will get the most realistic image you can get when watching a movie, TV show, or anything else.

No one says I wish I had gotten an HD TV rather than 4K. We always have 4K TVs on our list when we are reviewing the best TVs; this allows us to get the best experience possible.

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With resolution, the thing you should be looking for higher pixels than other TV resolutions. The higher the pixel, the higher the quality.

When we are reviewing the best TVs, we always look for 4K screen resolutions because 4K screens have around six million more pixels than a regular HD resolution.

When it is 4K, it allows you to see everything clearer, and when you combine this with a bigger TV size, you get the perfect combination.

Smart or Not Smart

Nowadays, reaching out to Netflix or Amazon Prime with just a button is important.

We always prioritize smart TVs or not smart TVs because they offer more technology and option when you are using your television.

If a TV is not smart, we might eliminate it just because of that. Even though it is not extremely crucial, it plays a role in our reviews.

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The Verdict

To conclude, when we are reviewing the best TVs, we look for several things that make the quality of movies better and easier.

This starts with the size of the screen and goes on with the technology embedded within the screen and how big of a resolution it has, whether 4K or not.

Smart TVs with higher screen sizes and OLED technology with 4K features are generally on top of our list when we are reviewing the best TVs.

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