How Do We Review The Best Survey Sites Of 2023?

Online paid survey sites are one of the easiest and most legitimate ways to earn money in your spare time.

Survey companies collaborate with market research companies that need feedback about their new products before launching them into the market. 


Filling online surveys won’t push you to financial freedom overnight but could provide a little financial boost.

There are dozens of survey sites out there, and sometimes it gets difficult to know which ones are legitimate and which ones are a waste of time.

In this guide, we’ll discuss the factors to consider while signing up for a survey site to help you differentiate between legit sites and outright scams. Let’s get started!

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Factors to Review While Choosing a Survey Site

Here are the five most important factors to review to determine whether the survey site you are using is credible or not: 

1. Safety 

The first and most important thing is to make sure that the survey site is secured with an SSL security certificate.

Beware of the scam surveys that require your personal information to participate in a poll or consumer questionnaire.

If you get a survey invitation via call, email, or text or see a social media post, there is a high chance that it’s a survey scam. 

2. Usability  

Make sure that the survey site has a user-friendly and responsive interface, and is optimized for both desktop and mobile phones, so you can take surveys on screens of all sizes, from anywhere you want.

3. Survey Length 

Research shows that the sites with short surveys are more reliable than the sites with longer surveys.

Surveys should not be longer than 20 minutes, so the rule of thumb is to choose a survey site with surveys that take no longer than 15-20 minutes to complete. 

4. Earning Potential 

Another crucial factor to look for is how much money are they willing to pay in return for your valuable feedback.

Your earnings from a survey depend on the type, length, and complexity of the survey.

The survey sites that promise unrealistic rewards like an iPad or a cruise are most often a scam. A reputable survey usually has a high payout, typically between $2 to $10 per survey. 

5. Payout Process

Knowing how you will get paid out after completing a survey is equally important. Select the sites that offer a payout process that fits your preferences.

Most survey sites pay through online methods, gift cards, and even checks which is also a great way to get paid.

Once you reach a specific threshold, you can request to release the payment. 

Warning Signs You Shouldn’t Miss

  • A survey site lacks a privacy policy or no explanation of how it will use your personal information. 
  • The survey never asks you to provide sensitive data such as credit card or bank information, account password, or Social Security Number.
  • A survey site asking you to pay money to join the site. 
  • If the survey has poor grammar, spelling mistakes, or odd word choices.
  • The section containing the companies doing the research or seeking customer feedback is missing. 

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