How does the recliner chair work?

Recliner chairs are those armchairs that can change their position, and yours if you are sitting on them, with an internal mechanism.

The mechanism can be activated manually or electronically, but the functioning principle is always the same: the backrest tilts backward, and the footrest comes up.

Sometimes, the seat can be lifted to allow people with impaired mobility to get up or sit down more comfortably.

But how does all this work? In this article, we’ll explore how does the recliner chair work.


How Does A Recliner Chair Work? Springs and Levelers

Seen from the outside, a recliner chair is a compact block of material: you see no legs, and there is only a seat, a backrest, and a solid base. This is the main body that, on the inside, hid a complicated set of springs and levelers.

Springs are there to absorb the pressure when you sit on the chair, when you lean your back on the backrest, and – most importantly – when the backrest moves backward. Levelers are the ones that make moving possible.

Springs are also important: they connect the various pieces of the chair (backrest, seat, and footrest) and allow them to move and coordinate their movements. For example, when the backrest goes back, the footrest comes up.

As you may already know, recliner chairs can be either manual or electric.

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How Do Manual Recliner Chairs Work?

Manual recliner chairs are usually comes with a lever. The lever is usually on the side of the chair, and the person who sits can easily reach it by stretching down their arm.

By pulling the lever, the backrest would go back and down, and the footrest would come up.

You can release the lever when you reach the desired position.

Other types of recliner chairs have preset positions (they can be two or three), and you can only choose one between the available ones. 

To bring the backrest back up, you should pull the lever and lift your body from the backrest. It will come automatically. 

Manual recliner chairs are cheaper, but they are not ideal for people with impaired mobility who can struggle to reach the lever and who can have difficulties lifting their body to let the backrest come up.

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How Does A Power Recliner Chair Work?

Power recliner chairs gets there power from a small electric motor that moves the internal gears without any effort from the person who sits on them.

Electric recliners are more expensive, but they are more comfortable: you can comfortably use a remote or a small dashboard on the side of the chair, you never need to lift your body to allow the chair to move, and you can adjust your chair just the way you want.

Expensive models also offer you the possibility of saving some presets positions so that you can push one button and pass automatically from one position to another.

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