How Does Dual Zone Technology Air Fryer Works?

Wondering what a Dual Zone Technology Air Fryer is and how it works?

Air fryers have brought great advantages to our kitchens… and our overall health.

Because they allow you to cook and fry food without using too much oil, they allow you to cook healthier food that tastes exactly like that crunchy, oily, and tasty – but very unhealthy chips, chicken wings, or onion.

Air fryers don’t use oil at all (which is the main reason why fried food is so unhealthy!).

Instead, air fryers exploit a technology that blows hot air all around the food (which is put inside a perforated basket so that the hot air can easily reach it).

Air fryers also have many other advantages: they are easy to use, they are cleaner than traditional fryers because it’s impossible to spill oil with them, they don’t make the entire house smell like fried chicken, and so on…

The main limit? You can cook one thing at a time with them. This is where the dual-zone comes into play.

How Does Dual Zone Technology Air Fryer Works?

How Dual-Zone Air Fryers Work

Basically, dual-zone air fryers allow you to cook two different foods at the same time, keeping them separated during the cooking.

As you may already know, in each air fryer, you’ll find a cooking department: it’s where you can place the food that will be cooked.

It usually has a perforated basket that, in top-quality air fryers, is removable so that its use is more convenient and it’s also easier to clean and wash.

In dual-zone air fryers, there are two cooking departments: two areas with perforated baskets, sometimes removable, where you can put two different foods that can be cooked at the same time.

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Double Setting

But what if you need to cook two different foods that have different cooking requirements?

For example, do they have two different timings? One thing needs ten minutes, and one thing needs 20 minutes, for example…

The top-quality air fryers with dual-zone technology have double settings: on one side, you’ll be able to set the timer, temperature, and other features for the first cooking basket, and on the other side, you have the same dashboard for the second unit. 

The two units, this way, are completely separate: so, what is the advantage? Is there just like having two air fryers, except they are glued together? Not at all!

The Advantages Of Dual-Zone Air Fryers

The main advantage of dual-zone air fryers is a reduction in energy and time required for cooking your meals.

Cooking two meals at a time can, of course, make you save a lot of money. But you can always have two air fryers, right?

Wrong! Because with a dual-zone air fryer – instead of two transitional air fryers – you can save a lot of power and, therefore, a lot of money on your bills!

Air fryers are an advantage for your time and health, and dual-zone air fryers seem to double the advantages other than doubling the cooking departments within the machine.

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