How Long After Pressure Washing Can You Paint?

Getting your building pressure washed to see it clean and get rid of the heavy dust on it is a great way to clean your building’s exterior.

However, just like with everything, there are several things that you need to be careful of when you are using pressure washing to clean your building, especially if you want to paint it after pressure washing.


In this case, to not ruin the new paint and also not create any long-term problems, you need to be extremely careful.

That is why this article will talk about when you can paint after pressure washing your building’s exterior.

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Things You Need to Do

Examine Your Home

Before pressure washing the house, the first thing is to check the places where you will pressure wash.

Since pressure washing puts a lot of pressure on the building, if there are any cracks or gaps, wash those places with your hand rather than using pressure washing to avoid any damage.

Moisture After Washing

You can’t try to do it as fast as you can after washing out the building because typical surfaces need time to dry fully, and if you start the exterior painting before they are fully dry, you might create a moisture which would make for imperfections on the wall.

You could also create bubbles within the paint if the surface is still wet.

Know The Type of Paint

There are different types of paint, and these paints can be applied on a variety of surfaces; latex paints, for example, are okay to use on some moist surfaces, but you can’t use oil-based paints on moist surfaces, and you need to wait until they are fully dry.

That is why you need to understand the type of paint and get the right paint.

Time Period You Need

Even though there are several factors to be on the lookout for, the time horizon that you need to wait until the surface is fully clear does not change that much.

However, depending on the surface type, this time could increase or decrease by one or two days, so you need to take this into account.

On average, you need three to four days until the building is fully dry.

But this number is for sunny and average to hot days; if there is rain or the weather is cold, you should expect to wait around four to five days.

The Verdict

To conclude, painting after pressure washing could be daunting because there are many things that could upset you.

For example, if you paint too early after pressure washing, you could cause damage to the exterior of the building or create bubbles under the paint, which would look terrible, and you would need to repaint it.

You need to know how long to wait and which type of paint to use after a certain period of waiting, and you need to examine your house before pressure washing to know the cracks so that you can clean those spots yourself.

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