How Long Does A Fax Take To Get Transmit?

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For decades, fax machines were the only mean of sending urgent documents.

Throughout the years, the technology of fax machines has taken many exciting turns and has improved a lot.

However, conventional fax machines still work typically slower, especially as compared to emails.

The time it takes to send a fax depends on how you are sending the fax, whether you are using a traditional fax machine or online faxing options.

In this article, we’ll be looking at how long a fax takes to transmit fax and some factors that determine the transmission speed of the faxes. 

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Key Takeaways

  • Online faxing is the fastest and most reliable source of sending faxes.
  • You can access all your online faxes in your fax portal or email inbox.
  • Factors such as Fax machine type & brand, BAUD Rate, document quality, and format, etc. determine the speed of the fax.
  • If your recipient is in another country, the fax will take longer to be delivered.

How Long Does A Fax Machine Take To Send A Fax? 

How Long Does A Fax Machine Take To Send A Fax

The time required to send fax depends on the type of fax machine you are using and the quality of your connection.

Generally, fax containing more text takes around 30 seconds to 1 minute per page to send with a clear and stable link. 1

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How Long Does Online Faxing Take?

Online faxing is unarguably the most instant and reliable way to send a fax than a fax machine.

It is more secure, and sending a fax only takes 30 seconds to 1-minute per page of text with a good connection.

All your faxes are immediately available in your fax portal or email inbox to make them easily accessible whenever you want.

Understanding Fax Transmissions

Factors Determining The Fax Transmission Speed

Factors Determining The Fax Transmission Speed

Fax uses the same technology as telephones to transmit information and works the same way a dial-up modem does.

The following factors determine the transmission speed of both traditional and online faxing:

  • The Fax Machine Type & Brand

The time needed to send a fax depends on the type and brand of the fax machine. Every fax machine has a different speed of sending and receiving faxes.

Type 1 fax machine takes about 6 minutes to process fax, Type 2 takes 3 minutes to fax, and Type 3 only takes about a minute.

  • The BAUD Rate

The transmission speed (BAUD rate) refers to how the information transfers between both sides. The higher the baud rate a fax machine has, the faster it works.

The fax machine with a baud rate of 2400 will take 2.5 minutes to send a fax, while the baud rate of 7200 will take around 1.25 to send a fax. 

  • Quality & Format of the Document 

The format and quality of the document also affect the fax transmission speed.

The documents with graphics or images take longer to be delivered, while pages with a lot of white space get transmitted quickly.

To reduce your fax transmission time and enhance the fax quality, optimize your document for the text option. 

Like phone numbers, fax numbers are also classified into local and international fax numbers.

If your recipient is in another country, the fax will take longer to be delivered because more channels will open up.

  • Poor Line Connection 

The quality of your and the recipient’s internet connection may also affect the time it takes to send a fax. 

Even if your fax server is doing fine, the issue in the receiver’s server or interference in the phone line may cause the fax transmission speed to drop. 1

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How To Speed Up Sending Fax?

How To Speed Up Sending Fax

With the fast-paced lives people are leading today, no one has the time to go to a local store and look for a fax machine to send faxes. Nor do they have time to buy a fax machine, paper, ink, etc.

Besides, buying a fax machine or using a fax machine near your local area can cost you a lot of money, especially if you are a frequent user.

As such, if you want to speed up a fax, then you should opt for an online fax service. Online fax service allows you to send faxes locally, nationally, or internationally.

A free fax service will allow you to only send or receive faxes.

But by buying a monthly subscription, you can also get access to features such as attaching multiple documents, e-signing, scheduling fax, and much more.

Online fax service is the fastest and cheapest way to send faxes. 

Wrapping Up

So sending a fax might take 30 seconds to a minute per page and different factors affect the timing of transmission of fax.

We hope you found this article on how long does a fax take to get transmit useful.


Why is a fax machine so slow?

Fax might seem slow when compared to other modern technology such as email or messaging.

Fax uses telephone technology to send and receive faxes, and this technology works by using a dial-up modem which may take more time to fax.

How to confirm if the fax went through?

The simplest way to tell if a fax went through or not is when the fax machine prints a confirmation page.

The confirmation page contains the summary and list of dates, times, recipient’s fax number, number of pages, etc. 

Will a fax get send even after hours?

As long as you have access to a fax machine, printer, or online fax service, you can send faxes anytime, and they will get sent. 

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