How Long To Grill Corn In Foil?

As you may already know, one of the reasons why grills are so awesome is that they are extremely versatile, and you can cook almost anything on them: meat, fish, vegetables, and also corn! Have you ever tried to grill corn on foil?

If you don’t know how to do it, and if you want to know how long to grill corn in foil, you’ve just landed in the right place because that is exactly the main topic of this article.

But, first, let’s find out why you should grill corn.


Key Takeaways

  • Corn in foil can be cooked with or without butter.
  • Grilling corn requires a longer time to cook.
  • You should leave the corn in a foil for 15-20 minutes for it to be grilled perfectly.
  • You can store the grilled corn in the refrigerator for up to 5 days.

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Why Should You Grill Corn?

When it’s grilled, corn is suddenly exposed to high temperatures (which is the same principle that makes meat, fish, and vegetables taste so good when grilled).

Furthermore, when you have a grill outside, and you’ve just grilled corn, you can keep it warm on the grill itself so that your guests can always have it at the right temperature.

Any other food cooked on the grill requires a very short time cooking (it’s the whole point of cooking on the grill: fast cook at high temperature), but corn is different: as we’re about to discover, you need to leave it there for a longer time. 1

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Things Required To Grill A Corn

Things Required To Grill A Corn

To grill the perfect corn, here’s a list of things that you will need:

  • Fresh Corn: It is recommended to use fresh corn instead of frozen corn to obtain a great taste. The type of corn you choose, be it yellow, white, or a mix of both, may taste slightly different, but they all grill the same way.
  • Grill: The most obvious and important piece of equipment that you will need is a grill. You can grill corn in foil in any type of grill, be it a charcoal grill, gas grill, pellet grill, etc.
  • Aluminum Foil: For grilling corn in a foil, we recommend you use good quality foil. This will ensure even faster cooking.
  • Seasoning: If you want to make your corn more flavorful, then you can add any seasoning of your choice, such as butter, cheese powder, pepper, BBQ seasoning, etc. Make sure to coat the corn with your preferred seasoning before wrapping it in the foil.
  • Tongs: Lastly, you will need tongs to remove the aluminum foil from the grill.

How To Grill Corn In Foil?

How To Grill Corn In Foil

Before discussing how long to grill corn in foil, let’s find out how to do it. These are some simple steps:

  1. Shuck the corn
  2. Corn in foil can be cooked with or without butter. If you want to cook it with butter, now it’s time to spread some butter on the corn.
  3. Wrap the corn in foil and grill it. You can grill it directly on hot coal or on the grate.

If you did not cook the corn with butter, you could add the butter after cooking. 2

How Long Should You Grill Corn On Foil?

It’s finally time to discover how long you should grill the corn on foil. Many people mess up with this type of cooking because they leave the corn on the grill for a short time. Too short! And the corn only cooks on the surface and not inside. 

This is because grilling corn requires a longer time than other food. You’d be surprised to know that corn on foil should be grilled for 15 to 20 minutes.

If it doesn’t look like a long time, keep in mind that cooking on the grill requires less than 10 minutes!

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How Long Can I Store Grilled Corn?

How Long Can I Store Grilled Corn

If you don’t eat all the corn on the foil you’ve grilled, you can store it in the refrigerator for up to 5 days. This is one advantage of cooking corn on the grill.

Having a grill allows you to cook outside during parties, and having grilled corn makes the party even funnier.

As we’ve mentioned, you can let the corn stay warm on the grill during the party and store the extra corn that nobody wanted in the refrigerator. 3

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Three Ways To Grill Corn

Few Tips on How to Grill Corn in a Foil

Here are a few tips that will be helpful for you to grill corn in foil:

  • Before grilling corn, make sure you preheat the grill to 375 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit for fifteen minutes.
  • Seasoning your corn by adding butter, salt, pepper, etc., can help in improving the flavor and speed up the cooking process.
  • While wrapping the foil, make sure you do not seal it too tight; just wrap the edges and poke the foil with a fork to allow the air to escape.
  • Do not leave the corn unchecked for too long. Your corn should be cooked within 20-25 minutes. 4

Wrapping Up

Grilling corn in a foil is a quick, easy and effective way to cook your corn evenly. Irrespective of the type of corn you like, the grilling process for all remains the same.


How long will it take for corn to grill in a foil at 400 degrees temperature?

It will take 20-25 minutes for the corn to grill in a foil at this temperature.

What is better grilling corn in a foil or without it?

Corn takes a lot of time to cook, so if you want to save time, then it is better to cook the corn in foil.

What all seasonings can I use for cooking corn?

You can add whatever you like the most. We personally like garlic powder, cheese powder, pepper, butter, BBQ seasoning, etc.

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