How Long To Grill Corn In Husk?

The secret of grilling is to avoid overcooking food. People who know that risk, however, take the food away from the grill too soon.

It sometimes happens with meat and fish, but it certainly happens more often with cron, especially with corn in the husk. So, how long to grill corn in husk?


What does it mean to grill corn in husk?

Corn in the husk is simply grilled without pulling the husk. Why should you choose to grill the corn this way? Because when you cook the corn without husk, you can burn the outer layer of the corn.

If you don’t like the taste of burned corn, then you’d prefer to have some corn in the husk.

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How long to grill corn in husk?

The reason why many people mess up with grilled corn in husk is that they leave it on the grill for a short time.

Because they’ve been told that food cooks quickly on a grill, after 15 minutes, they already think it’s too late, and they pull away the corn.

Well, this is a mistake. Corn is one of the foods that have the slowest cooking, even on the grill.

If you cook the corn in the husk, furthermore, it’ll take even more time because the heat needs to go over the husk to reach the corn.

So how long should you leave the corn in the husk on the grill?

You’d be surprised to know that you need to leave it there for 20 minutes and sometimes even more.

What if the husk starts becoming brown or burning? It is the normal process of grilling the corn in husk: the outer layer absorbs the majority of the heat.

However, the outer layer won’t be eaten: this is why corn in husk is loved by people who don’t enjoy the taste of burned food.

On the contrary, if you like the taste of burned food and a crunchy outer layer of the corn, then you’ll prefer a different cooking method, like cooking corn in foil. You can use your grill for cooking corn in foil too.

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How to grill corn in husk?

We’ve been talking about how long to grill corn in a husk, but how should we do it? Well, the process is very simple, and it won’t require much time to describe it.

The most important passage is the first: you need to remove the silk;

Next, you want to soak the cobs for 20 minutes: this is also important. If you skip this passage, you’ll have to leave the corn on the grill for forty minutes… if you’re lucky!

Now you can put the corn on the grill, but, as you should always do with your grill, wait until it’s hot.

After grilling, make sure you clean the grill properly. Otherwise, the next food you cook on your grill will have a corny taste.

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