How Much Does It Cost To Fax At Office Depot?

As a renowned office provider, Office Depot (OfficeMax) provides many helpful services, such as printing and copying, shredding and storing, packaging and shipping, and even faxing options. But do you wonder how much does it cost to fax at Office Depot? 

Faxing may not be as popular as it once was, but it is still a reliable way to send documents. And at Office Depot, the cost to fax starts at just $1.50 per page.

Make sure to keep reading to learn more about how much it costs to fax at Office Depot, as well as some alternatives to faxing that may be more cost-effective for you.


Key Takeaways

  • The cost of sending a fax at Office Depot starts at $1.50 per page and goes up to $7.99.
  • Office Depot is a bit expensive, so you can try UPS, FedEx, etc., which are good alternatives.
  • If you require sending and receiving a fax more frequently, then you can use an online fax service.

How Much Does It Cost To Fax At Office Depot?

How Much Does It Cost To Fax At Office Depot

Like many other services, the cost to fax at Office Depot varies depending on the recipient’s destination.

Sending a fax to a local number at Office Depot costs $1.50 per page, with each additional page costing an extra $1.29.

If you need to send long-distance national fax, the price increases to $1.99 for the first page and $1.79 per additional page.

International faxes cost a lot more, with the first page costing $7.99 and additional pages costing $3.99 per page.

One good thing about faxing via Office Depot is that sending cover pages is free, which can save you money if you’re faxing documents in bulk. 1

First PageEach Additional Page
Local Fax$1.50$1.29
National Fax$1.99$1.79
International Fax$7.99$3.99

How To Send A Fax At Office Depot?

Like other places that offer self-service printing and faxing, sending a fax at Office Depot is simple. Here’s how:

  • Have your documents prepared. Make sure to submit the pages in the right sequence if you are sending multiple pages.
  • Enter the recipient’s fax number.
  • A confirmation document will eventually print from the fax machine. The confirmation status could also be shown on the interactive display panels of more recent models.
  • Next, head to the service counter to pay the nominal faxing cost at the Office Depot counter. 2

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How To Receive a Fax at Office Depot?

How To Receive a Fax at Office Depot

You can not just send faxes at Office Depot, but you can also receive them. To receive a fax at Office Depot, you need to:

  • Make sure the fax machine that you are using is working properly and has enough paper and ink to receive your fax.
  • Take your store clerk’s help and ask him for the fax number to share it with the person sending the fax to you.
  • After you receive your fax, you can go to the counter and pay the total cost of receiving a fax at Office Depot.

Local Fax Services To Send A Fax Near You

Office DepotUPS StoreFedExStaples
First Page(Local)$1.50$1$1.89$1.79
Each Additional Page(Local)$1.29$1$1.59$1.59
National (First Page$1.99$2$2.49$2.39
National(Each Additional Page)$1.79$1$2.19$2.19
International (First Page)$7.99$3$5.99$5.99
International (Each Additional Page)$3.99$3$3.99$3.99

Pros & Cons of Faxing Services Offered by Office Depot


  • Good option for those who have Office Depot nearby.
  • Convenient for those who do not fax frequently.


  • High cost of faxing.
  • Not convenient for frequent use.
  • Limited number of offline stores.


How To Send a Fax Without Visiting Office Depot?

If you do not have Office Depot near you or simply do not want to visit a store every now and then to send and receive faxes, then no need to worry.

You can send and receive faxes without leaving your house by simply using your phone or laptop.

For this, you can use an online fax service such as eFax, iFax, MyFax, etc. These online fax services can let you:

  • Send & receive fax securely using the internet.
  • Send domestic or international fax.
  • Send faxes with a cover letter.
  • Track the real-time status of your fax.
  • Store all your faxes in the cloud.
  • Send bulk faxes and more.

Alternatives To Office Depot For Faxing

You may have noticed that the cost to fax at Office Depot is a bit higher than some other options.

If you’re looking for a more affordable faxing solution, there are a few alternatives to Office Depot that you can consider, such as UPS, Staples, and FedEx.

You can also use an online fax service, such as eFax or MyFax, which typically offer free trials and are much cheaper than traditional faxing methods.

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Wrapping Up

The faxing cost at Office Depot varies depending on the destination, although the local rate is relatively affordable at just $1.50 per page.

However, if you need to send long-distance or international faxes, an alternative option, such as an online fax service, maybe more cost-effective and even free if you take advantage of a free trial.


Can I fax at Office Depot?

Yes. You can send faxes to any local, national, or international number using the self-service printing and faxing service provided by Office Depot.

The cost to fax at Office Depot starts at $1.50, making it an affordable option for sending occasional faxes.

How to fax without going to Office Depot?

Not having access to an Office Depot doesn’t mean you can’t send a fax.

There are plenty of options for sending a fax without going to Office Depot, such as using an online fax service, which is usually more affordable than a traditional fax machine.

What is the cheapest way to fax?

The cheapest way to fax is by using the free trial offered by an online fax service.

This way, you can send a fax for free and only pay if you decide to continue your subscription after the trial period.

Additionally, a service like FaxZero offers free faxes to U.S. and Canadian numbers, with a limit of five per day.

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