How to attach a tent to your backpack?

One of the reasons why camping is so special is that we can be in nature and have direct contact with it.

This is why going camping with your backpack, and your feet is far more special than going with your car.

However, camping with a backpack is another challenge: you need to bring everything with you, and you need to be able to carry what you bring on your shoulders.


Other than the required strength and resistance, you also need to become capable of storing everything carefully, and the hardest thing to bring to your backpack is certainly your tent.

How to bring a tent in your backpack and leave the space for all the other items that you need to bring with you?

The best way of bringing your tent with your backpack isn’t to put it inside the backpack itself (there wouldn’t be any more space left!) but to attach it underneath the backpack. 

But how to attach a tent to your backpack?

Tips on how to attach a tent to your backpack

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1. Pick the right backpack

First of all, you should know that you can’t attach a tent to any backpack: you need to have a camping backpack with a specific feature that allows you to attach a tent.

Such a feature is usually a couple (or more) of laces at the bottom of the backpack: they are useful not only to attach a tent but also, for example, to attach a jacket, a blanket, or more than one and so on…

Of course, attaching a tent is a bit more complicated than attaching a blanket: so how can you do it? 

2. Prepare your tent properly

It’s essential that you prepare the tent properly. First of all, make sure that you have a tent container: it is usually a water-proof fabric case that you can open and close with a zip.

Why is it important? Because, as you carry your tent outside your backpack, it’ll be exposed to the environment, sun, rain and so on.. you need a case that protects it.

That said, the most important part is to put the tent correctly inside its case. Make sure that:

  • it is perfectly dry. Otherwise, you’ll have it smelling when you pull it out of the case
  • you lie it down and smooth it carefully before you fold it; otherwise, it won’t fit the case
  • you fold it carefully so that it can fit the case.

When you manage to put the tent inside its case and close the zip, the hardest job is done: you only need to attach it to the backpack. It’s extremely easy to do so: use the laces and tie them tight. 

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When to attach the tent to your backpack?

Should you attach your tent to your bag before or after you fill it with all the other items?

It depends: attaching it when the backpack is full can be easier, but make sure that you don’t overload your backpack; otherwise, you can have problems attaching the tent.

Learning how to attach a tent to your backpack may seem a hard task, but you’ll discover that it’s all a matter of experience: once you’ve done it two or three times, it’ll become easier.

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