How to choose a recliner chair?

Are you thinking of purchasing a new recliner chair? Recliner chairs aren’t all the same, and you will soon realize they come at different prices.

As you know, when you purchase a new piece of furniture, the budget shouldn’t be your only parameter.

Did you know according to, the mechanism of a recliner chair is made to serve 20,000 openings meaning if you recline 5 times a day the mechanism should serve you at least 10 years.

This is just one way of how to choose a recliner. Keep on reading to find out what more factors and elements you want to consider before purchasing your new recliner chair. 1


Key Takeaways

  • Recliner chairs are mostly bulky so make sure it gets inside your door.
  • If you are tall & broad, then buy a chair that has a broad seat.
  • Pick a recliner chair that is waterproof and washable.
  • Manual recliners are, of course, less expensive, but power recliners are far more comfortable.
  • If you are purchasing the recliner for someone with impaired mobility, you want to opt for a liftable chair.

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How To Choose A Recliner Chair?

These are the following points based on which you can decide how to choose a recliner chair.

1. Think About the Space in Your House


The first thing you should consider before bringing a new recliner chair home is that recliners are larger than you expect.

They are pretty bulky and oversized, so you need to make sure the recliner would actually fit in the place you were thinking of placing it.

Furthermore, if you’re purchasing a wheeled recliner for a person with impaired mobility, make sure the armchair can go through your doors.

2. Consider the Size of the Chair


After you’re sure that a recliner can fit your room, it’s time to think about its size. Recliners are bulky, but they are not all the same size.

There is a standard size, but if you are a tall and big guy, for example, you need to purchase a recliner with a longer backrest.

If you are overweight, you may want to opt for a larger seat. That said, the two most important size information when it comes to buying a new recliner are: 

  • width of the seat;
  • length of the backrest.

3. Material Matters


We always think of recliners as leather or leather-like. However, there are actually tons of other materials available: any kind of fabric and color, for example.

Our recommendation when it comes to the material is to pick a waterproof and washable one.

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4. Choose Between Manual or powered

The mechanism that reclines the chair and allows you to change its position can be manual or electric.

Manual recliners are, of course, less expensive, but power recliners are far more comfortable: you don’t need to reach the mechanism, you don’t need to make any effort to recline your chair, and you can comfortably use a remote.

5. Moving elements

Moving elements

Recliners can have multiple moving elements:

  • all of them have a reclinable backrest
  • usually, they also have a lifting footrest
  • Some of them also lift chairs: they can be lifted forward to help the person get up.

If you are purchasing the recliner for someone with impaired mobility, you want to opt for a liftable recliner chair even though it is more expensive than the alternatives.

If you just need an alternative to the sofa or an armchair to play PlayStation, you can save a lot of money by buying a recliner with a reclinable backrest and footrest.

On the contrary, we do not recommend purchasing cheap recliners with no lift footrests: you’ll find out that lying back without lifting your feet is rather uncomfortable. 2

6. Is it too expensive?


Recliner chairs start at $250 and go up to $5,000. The more features and accessories you want, the more price you will have to pay.

Massage chairs, fully-powered recliner chairs, etc., cost more than a manual or lift-up recliner. On average, people spend $500-$2000 on recliner chairs.

7. See What Type of Chair is it

lift recliner

Recliners are not just meant for ideally laying down, they come in various types that can help people with arthirities and elederly with other orthodpoic conditions, and it can also help people with back conditions.

Have a look at these different types of recliner chairs:

1. Massage Recliners

This type of chair comes with massagers attached to the chair in the headrest, footrest, etc.

If you are looking for the epitome of comfort, then this chair should be your choice. It helps you relax and takes away all your bodily stress and pain.

2. Lift Recliner Chairs

This kind of recliner chair comes with a lift mechanism that allows the person to move in and out of the recliner chair without putting much strain on the muscles.

This type of chair comes in various sizes and shapes, so you can choose the one which suits your body type.

3. Swivel Recliner Chairs

If you do not like the restricted one-way movement of the recliner chair, then a Swivel recliner chair is for you.

A Swivel chair allows you to rotate and move to your right and left in reclining and sitting positions.

8. Recliner Features

Recliner Features

Different recliners come with different features, so have a look at these po[ular recliner features so that you know which feature you want to have in your recliner.

1. Wall Hugger

This feature is perfect for small apartments and flats because this type of recliner allows itself to be placed close to the wall, which helps in saving space.

2. Lay Flat

As the name suggests, this feature allows you to lay flat on the recliner, and it is perfect for people who love to sleep comfortably.

3. Built-In USB Charger

This feature allows you to charge your devices so that you do not have to go to the charging point. Such types of recliners can cost you slightly more.

4. Big and Tall

This type of recliner is big in size as compared to a standard recliner and is made to hold more weight.

5. Rocker

This one rocks you back and forth. It is great for nursing parents or for those who have difficulty sleeping.

6. Others

Massage, Swivel, and lift ( already explained above) are a few more features that can be found in addition to other features. 3

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Tips From Reddit User on Buying a Recliner Chair

Buying a recliner, need advice.
by u/blueskies21 in AskMen


Recliners are expensive purchases, and so there are many things that you should consider while buying them.

We hope that our guide on how to choose a recliner chair helps you in picking the perfect recliner.


How to choose the right size of recliner chair?

A Petite or small recliner chair is suitable for people having a height of fewer than 5 feet.

Medium-sized recliners are suitable for average-sized people, and large recliners are suitable for people having a height of more than 6 feet.

From where shoul I buy a recliner chair?

Recliner retailers usually have a great collection of recliner chairs.

You can get recliner chairs for a lesser price online, as compared to brick-and-mortar stores, because offline stores need to cover their overhead costs too. You can also buy these from estate or yard sales for a low price.

How to check for recliner quality?

The recliner should have a sturdy frame; it should have good high-density foam and good-quality padding.

If you are buying a leather recliner, then make sure it is top-grain, and if you are buying a fabric recliner, then make sure the fabric used is thick.

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