How To Clean A Recliner Chair?

When you’re buying a new recliner chair, you want to make sure it is washable. The armchair is going to be with you for a long time, and the last thing you’d want is the coffee you spill today will still be there in five years because you weren’t able to clean your recliner chair.

That said, what counts when it comes to cleaning your recliner chair is the material of your armchair. Recliner chairs can mainly come in leather (or leather-like synthetic) or fabric. 


How To Clean A Leather Recliner Chair?

Leather or leather-like synthetic are excellent for armchairs not only because they look great but also because cleaning your recliner chair will be easier.

Leather (and leather synthetics just copy these features) is usually waterproof. When you spill some food or a drink on it, the leather won’t absorb the liquid (unless you leave it there for a week!). So, you can just wipe away the liquid and clean it with a cloth.

What About Regular Cleaning?

You can clean leather with common water and some gentle soap, but if you want to enhance the look of your recliner chair, you can also use a product that is specific for leather: not only does it clean the material, but it makes it more polished so that it can look like new. 1

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How To Clean A Fabric Recliner Chair?

Fabrics can also be waterproof, but it’s not always the case (waterproof fabric recliners are usually expensive).

If you spill anything on a fabric recliner armchair, you want to clean it straight away before the fabric absorbs the liquid. If you have the chance to act as soon as the spill happens, common hot water should work.

Instead, if you notice an older stain on a fabric cover, you can:

  • Use water and soap and rub with a sponge.
  • If the stain doesn’t come away, you can put a dry cloth over the wet stain, use a hot iron and pass it over the cloth. The warmth should melt the stain so that it should come away easily.

What About Regular Cleaning?

You can regularly take care of your fabric recliner chair by using a vacuum cleaner on it once a week. 2

How to Clean a Water-Safe Upholstered Recliner?

Cleaning a Water-Safe Upholstered Recliner

If you have a water-safe upholstered recliner then you can clean it by following steps:

  • Fill a bucket of warm water and add detergent or liquid soap to it.
  • Now dip the cloth or sponge into the water, squeeze out the excess and start wiping your recliner chair.
  • Now wipe off the excess soap from the chair and wipe it again using plain water first, followed by wiping it with a clean, dry napkin. 3

How to Clean a Microfiber Recliner?

You can keep these tips in mind for cleaning a microfiber recliner:

  • Use a vacuum first to soak up the excess dirt.
  • Then take warm water filled with solvent-based cleaner and use it by dipping a sponge or a cloth.
  • Use it to wipe the fabric clean, remove the excess soap residue with a damp cloth and then finish it off with a clean, dry fabric.

Cleaning the Headrest on a Recliner Chair

You can clean the headrest of your recliner chair just the way you clean the rest of the chair. We understand that the headrest might accumulate a lot of oil and dirty grease, which can be hard to deal with. If your headrest is extremely dirty, then we suggest you get it professionally cleaned. 4

Removable Cover

Some armchairs come with a removable cover. The whole point of having a removable cover is that you can put it inside the washing machine.

It means that if your fabric cover is certainly washable in your washing machine. Just make sure to check the label to see the maximum water temperature and make sure you don’t exceed it.

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Bonus Tip Before Buying

When you buy a new recliner chair, ask questions about the material and how to clean and wash it. Being able to deep clean your recliner makes it more durable. 


Your expensive recliner chair will only last long if you keep it clean and healthy. In this article, we shared tips with you on cleaning different types of recliner chairs; we hope you found them useful.


How to take care of a fabric recliner regularly?

You can vacuum the fabric recliner chair once a week, followed by brushing it with a cloth. This will prevent the fabric from accumulating dirt.

How to clean a fabric recliner without water?

You can sprinkle some baking soda on the chair and work it by using a soft bristle brush. Now leave it like that overnight, and the next day simply vacuum it for the best results. 5

Can I steam clean my recliner chair?

Yes, steam cleaning will not only help in removing bacteria and germs but will also treat stains and dirt. So you can definitely steam clean your recliner chair and other upholsteries. 6

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