How To Connect LG soundbar To Tv?

LG soundbars are stereo speakers designed to be connected to televisions so that you can experience better audio performance.

How to connect LG soundbar to tv?
How to connect LG soundbar to tv?

LG soundbars can provide a higher quality when compared to built-in tv speakers, and they can improve your experience when you watch a movie or listen to music. But how can you connect them to your television?

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How To Connect LG Soundbar To Tv?

You actually have more than one alternative at your disposal.

1. Connect LG Soundbar With HDMI

Let’s start with the most common and easiest way of connecting your LG soundbar to your television.

You can use an HDMI cable to connect the two devices. As you’ll see, an HDMI cable has a specific port, and it’s double-way (The direction doesn’t matter), so you can’t make mistakes. 

This is the easiest way but also the better because an HDMI cable is capable of carrying a lot of data: quality isn’t all during the transmission of data, so you can obtain the best audio quality from your LG soundbar.

2. Connect LG Soundbar Wirelles

If you are sick of all those cables behind your television, you can always connect the LG soundbar wireless. However, this is easier if you have an LG TV.

Follow these steps:

  1. Press the Home Botton on your LG Tv remote
  2. Select Sound and then Sound Out
  3. Change the Audio setting to the TV speaker and LG Sound Sync Wireless.
  4. The LG Tv would begin searching for compatible devices. When the LG soundbar appears, select it. Now, the two devices are paired.

If you don’t have an LG TV, you can perform a similar procedure: search for the TV audio settings and pair the TV with the soundbar.

3. Connect LG Soundbar With Digital Optical Digital Coaxial

If your TV doesn’t support Bluetooth or HDMI, you can use another type of cable connection. 

You can use either a digital optical cable (it would have a square port) or a digital coaxial cable (a circular connector). You don’t need both; you can pick one of the two.

These cables bring audio signals, so they are effective in connecting the devices we’re talking about, 8even though the quality won’t be as high as if you use an HDMI cable).

4. Connect LG Soundbar With 3.5mm Line Out Or RCA Cable

For older television, this is the most recommended method: use the 3.5mm line out or RCA cable. The audio signal, in this case, would be analog and not digital.

5. Headphone Jack

The last method is even easier, even if the quality of the audio signal will be the lowest: you can connect your LG soundbar to your TV using the headphone jack porta on both devices and a jack-to-jack cable.

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There are many ways of connecting an LG soundbar to your TV. We’ve shown them all even though the most recommended if you want to obtain the best quality are the first two.

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