How To Cool A Grow Tent?

As you certainly already know, a grow tent is a portable tent whose interiors are made of reflecting material.

The purpose of a grow tent is to maintain a high temperature on the inside and, in most cases, reflect the artificial light you put in there all over the inside environment.

But what are growing tents used for?

Well, light and warmth are the two major factors that allow vegetables to grow. That said, grow tents are used to grow and king of vegetables in any environment.

During winter, for example, when it’s cold outside and even indoors, a grow tent allows you to have your vegetable garden.

So, if the point of a growing tent is maintaining warmth, why should you know how to cool it down?


Why Should You Cool Down A Grow Tent?

It is true that vegetables like warmth to grow – and, usually, the warmer and more humid the environment, the faster plants would grow.

But there is always a limit to the amount of warmth you must provide to your indoor vegetable garden: when the temperature gets too high, plants stop growing and – on the contrary – start drying and dying.

Temperature can become too high if you are using a grow tent outside (maybe exposed to the sun) or if you don’t have a fine and expensive temperature regulation system. In these cases, how can you cool your grow tent down?

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How To Cool A Grow Tent?

1. Move the grow tent

Grow tent can be placed outside. Many gardeners use a grow tent outside to let their plants grow faster. What do they do when it gets too hot?

One option is to move the grow tent: if it’s too exposed to the sun, for example, you can move it somewhere where it is more protected.

2. Decrease the heat sources

If you are using heat sources, decrease the temperature. Sometimes, light sources also work as heat sources.

In this case, you could turn off some of the lights, but always be careful to maintain a good balance: plants won’t grow in the dark.

3. Open holes in the tent

Sometimes, improving the air circulation is enough to decrease the internal temperature of your grow tent. You can open holes in your tent or leave it slightly open.

If opening holes on the tent walls isn’t enough to cool the internal environment down, you can use a fan.

Put the fan on one side, and open the holes on the opposite side: this will create a flow of air that should take some of the warmth outside and refresh the room.

4. Use a mini air conditioner

When all the above options haven’t worked, you need to go the hard way and use an air conditioner. Depending on the dimensions of your grow tent, you’ll need a bigger or smaller device, but – generally – a small air conditioner is enough to decrease the temperature by a few degrees, which is usually enough to allow your plants to keep growing and the desired rhythm.

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