How To Get A Pressure Washing License?

Wondering how to get a pressure washing license? We got you!

Working as a pressure washer or even owning your pressure washing business is not an easy fit as it requires many things in advance.

From the capital you need to start a company to the license you need, you need to be a proper pressure washer where you know the details of the pressure washing machines and the business.

If you have a pressure washing license, this means you get the necessary education for it, and the chances of you damaging the place you are washing decreases fundamentally.

This article will discuss how to get a pressure washing license.


How To Get A Pressure Washing License?

Pressure Washing License

Here’s how you can get a pressure washing license:

Learn About Your State’s Prerequisites

Every state requires different things to get a pressure washing license, and the process varies by a lot.

That is why you first need to look at what your state wants from you and how the process goes.

For example, in Florida, you first need to apply for it with an application fee, but other states might not require this.

You might also need to get an education or work as a pressure washer for some time to be eligible.

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Know The License Type

Pressure washing has different types of pressure washing licenses.

If you want to work as a pressure washer, you might need to get different types or fewer types than those who want to own a business.

Those who want to own a business might need to get a business license and permits, as well.

But these types and requirements solely depend on the state, as some states do not require you to own a business license along with a PW license to start a business. Only one PW license is sufficient.

Get Education

Even though the requirements to get a license is different from state to state, it is mostly still a necessity to have the necessary education to get your PW license.

This education might be through institutions and attending classes, or it might be in the work of an internship in a pressure washing business to understand how things work and see a different type of pressure washing.

Both of these could be considered education, but the hours you need to take and the amount of work you need to do might be different. Nevertheless, you need to get an education one way or another.

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Insurance & Permits Needed to Start Pressure Washing Business

Insurance & Permits Needed to Start Pressure Washing Business

The permits and insurance required to start your pressure washing business are different for different states, so visit the licensing website for your state or the occupational licensing department of your state to know about the business licensing requirement of where you live at.

Having said that here are some common licenses and permits that are required to start a Pressure washing business:


There are different types of insurance that you should get to protect yourself and your business in case anything bad happens.

These are the common insurances that you will need to obtain:

  • Liability Insurance: This insurance protects you and your business in case any damage is caused to the property while working.
  • Equipment Insurance: This covers all your pressure washing business equipment, company vehicle, etc., and protects them against theft and damage.
  • Worker’s compensation insurance: This includes your workers and protects them in case of any injuries that might happen to them during work.

Business Documents

Here are some documents that are required in order to start your Pressure Washing business:

  • Business license: A business license is required in order to operate legally in your area.
  • Environmental Permit: Some areas require you to have an environmental permit because of the large quantity of water Pressure Washing requires you to dispose of.
  • Contractor Permit: You might require a specific permit to work as a pressure washer in your area.
  • Sales Tax Registration: Businesses must register their business with IRS to file income tax returns for their business.
  • Bond: You might be required to pay for a bond in order to work in your area.

Licensing Requirement By State

Licensing Requirement By State

As mentioned earlier, the licensing requirement may vary from state to state. Here are two examples that explain how the licensing requirement may vary based on state:

pressure washing license requirements in Michigan 

You do not need a business license in Michigan. However, you will need a wastewater discharge permit from the (EGLE) or the Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy or any other relevant authority.

Also, along with any state or municipal requirements, EPA regulations also likely apply in Michigan, California, and other states.

pressure washing license requirements in California

For setting up your Pressure Washing business in the Golden State, you will need a license issued by the state Contractors State License Board.

Along with this, you also need to have four years of journeyman experience and be at least 18 years of age.

Apart from this, you will also need to pay $300 for the application fee along with a $180 additional license fee.

The Verdict

To conclude, getting a pressure washing license is actually not easy, and even though some states’ requirements are extremely moderate, some states might give you a hard time when you want to obtain a pressure washing license.

You first need to take a look at what you state requires from you and then start working towards those requirements.

While you are working towards those requirements, it is also important to know which type of pressure washing license you want to opt for, as there might be different types of licenses, and you need to get a proper education so that you know the basics of pressure washing.

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Is starting a Pressure Washing Business profitable?

Yes, starting a Pressure Washing business is quite profitable thanks to the low cost of investment and high-profit margin.

At the start of your Pressure Washing business, you can easily make $40,000-$50,000 annually and can make up to a six-figure income with more experience. 

Can I start a Pressure Washing business with no experience?

Whether you can start a Pressure Washing business depends on what you mean by “no experience.”

If you have never run a business before but are well-versed in Pressure Washing, then you can start this business without any experience.

Note that in order to start this business, you need to know what you are doing and be skilled at it.

What qualification do you need for pressure washing?

In order to become a pressure washer, the person must know how to use the pressure washing machine and be skilled at using it, among being skilled at other related tasks.

Not knowing how to operate a pressure washing machine can lead to damaging the property of your client.

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