How to Grow a Pressure-Washing Business?

If you already have a pressure washing business and you have some clients coming to you for work, but you want to grow your business for more income, hire more people, and have more clients coming your way, there are several things you need to know and do to grow your new or existing pressure washing business.


Even though the way to grow your business depends mostly on where your business is and what kind of clients you are getting, there are some things that apply to every kind of pressure washing business in general, and we will seek to discover them in this article.

How to Grow a Pressure-Washing Business?

Here are tips to grow your pressure washing business:

1. Online Marketing

Online Marketing for pressure washing

To survive the insane competition in pressure washing business, you need to invest in online marketing and utilize all online marketing strategies including:

  • SEO
  • Pay-per-click advertising
  • Social media marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Digital marketing, etc.

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2. Investing Back into the Business

When you are running a business, one of the most important things is always to keep growing, getting better, and updating your work and equipment.

You can only do this through investing in your business both physically by working more and financially by putting in more money to research and development of your business.

For this, you need to set a price tag that will allow you to have more cash in hand to invest right back into your business.

By investing more into your own business, you can increase your prices and grow quicker.

3. The Right Pricing

Right Pricing

One of the last core things to help you grow your pressure washing business is to find the right pricing for your services.

You need to pick pricing that will allow you to cover your expenditure and give you a good amount of revenue on top of that so that you can make a living with that revenue and also invest back into your business.

You can use different ways to find the right pricing, but perhaps the most famous one is to find out the hourly spending you make and charge at least double or 2.5 more than your expenditure so that it will create a good balance.

4. Video Marketing

According to Wyzowl, 87% of marketers have stated that video marketing has helped them increase their traffic. It has helped them in increasing sales, boost traffic, build trust, etc.

So if you want to increase your website traffic or attract more customers for your pressure washing business, then include video marketing on your social media channels, website, etc.

5. Traditional Marketing Tactics

Distribute flyers

If you are comfortable with traditional marketing tactics, then here are some great things that you can do to expand your pressure-washing business:

  • Distribute flyers: This is an old-school method, but it does work even today. You can distribute flyers with all the necessary information about your pressure washing business along with before and after images to get clients in your local area.
  • Use sign board: After you have given service to a client, you can ask them to put your business signboard outside their house so that people walking by know whom to contact.
  • Use truck wrap: You can advertise your pressure washing business as you drive around by using a truck wrap.
  • Tear-away flyers: You can also use tear-away flyers and place them in and around shopping malls, community centers, gardens, etc.


6. Start a Pressure Washing Website

If you want to beat the cut-throat competition in the market today, then it is very important to start a website and build your online presence. Here are tips that you can use to make your website better:

  • Include a map, contact details, and the address of your business so that customers can easily find your business offline.
  • Add customer reviews to build trust.
  • Include before and after images.
  • List all the services you offer, along with their price.
  • Include a way for your customers to make online bookings.

7. Content Marketing


According to the statistics shared by Optinmonster, websites that share blogs receive twice as much email traffic as businesses that don’t.

Quality blogs help you in getting more readers who get converted into customers.

So if you have a pressure-washing website and want to increase sales, then start content marketing. 

8. Re-targeting

Re-targeting refers to a marketing technique that includes displaying ads on one website for something that was searched for or viewed on another website.

This tactic focuses on customers who have been on your website already, so it works best with other online marketing or traditional marketing tactics.

9. Meme Marketing

Meme Marketing

If you are also targeting millennials or GenZ, then Meme marketing is a great way to target them. Also, on average, millennials look at 20-30 memes a day on average.

So you can do meme marketing on your Pressure Washing social medias business page and can convert them into your customers.

10. Build Customer Relations

Great service, along with customer relations, can help you immensely in retaining your existing customers. Do these things to build customer relations for your pressure washing business:

  • Get in touch to take feedback on your work.
  • Send newsletters to convey offers, discounts, additional information, etc.
  • Offer discounts, offers, or start a referral program.
  • Include flexible booking and payment systems for the convenience of the customer.


11. Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising

Another great way to create a brand image for your Pressure washing business and to convert them is by utilizing digital advertising. For this, you can:

  • Create facebook or Instagram ads.
  • Set up a pressure washing business page on facebook.
  • Boost existing Instagram or facebook posts.
  • Utilize Google search ads
  • Utilize Google’s local service ads 

12. Cold Calling

Cold calling refers to calling potential customers to pitch your services. You get about 30 seconds before a person makes a decision about continuing the conversation or not.

So, create an effective cold calling script for pressure businesses to get the best results. Also, ensure that you build the relationship first and then talk about your business later.

This tactic is a great way to grow your pressure-washing business without spending any money.

13. Geo Fencing

Geo Fencing

Geo-fencing is another mind-blowing way to grow your pressure-washing business.

In geo fencing, geographic fencing is custom drawn for your business, so whenever a customer exits or enters your custom-made geographic fencing, then they receive an automatic text alert about your services.

If you want to catch the eye of potential customers every single minute with a fraction of money, then use this technique.


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Pressure Washing Business – The Verdict

To conclude, growing a business is not easy, and when it comes to freelance businesses where you shine with your work, it is harder because you pick everything, from your equipment to the quote you give to your clients.

Even though you are going to make mistakes while figuring out the best way to grow your business, there are several things that you can easily master, like investing back in your business, coming up with extremely good pricing, and finding the right marketing strategies to reach out to more potential leads.


Is starting a pressure washing business worth it?

There are two most important factors that make the pressure washing business a good business opportunity. First that you do need any formal education for this.

Also, you will need to get training in order to carry out pressure washing correctly. Also, you can start this business with a very small investment of $5000.

However, because of the ease of entering this market, you will face a lot of competition.


How much initial investment do I need to start a pressure washing business?

You can start your pressure washing business for $5,000 merely and can put in more money to grow your business later.

How much can I charge for pressure washing?

You can charge for pressure washing at a falt rate, on a per square feet basis, or on a per hour basis. For per hour basis, you can charge $60 to $100 an hour. 

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