How to heat a tent without electricity?

Wondering how to heat a tent without electricity? We got you!

When you are camping, your tent is your home and shelter: you need it to be comfortable and clean, and – of course – you need it to be warm.

Who says that camping is only suitable for Summer vacation? You can go camping on the top of the mountains… as long as you know how to keep yourself and your tent warm.


The easiest way of heating your tent is using some electrical device, but electricity is not always available.

On the contrary, if you go camping in one of those places where you need to heat your tent (like the top of a mountain, as we’ve said), it is very likely that you won’t have any electricity source at your disposal.

You can always have solar power banks, but these won’t be enough to power a heating device (heating devices are among those that require the highest amount of energy to function).

That said, knowing how to heat a tent without electricity can be useful when electricity is not available and when it is available, and you want to optimize your resources. Are you ready to find out how to feat a tent without electricity?

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Top tips on how to heat a tent without electricity

1. Pick the tent carefully

Pick the tent carefully

It all starts before you go camping: when you purchase your tent. Because you won’t be using electricity, the most common heat sources would function with some sort of combustion.

It is essential for your health and safety that you purchase a tent with proper ventilation!

2. Isolate your tent

The same principle that applies to your house stands for your tent: if you want to warm it efficiently, you need to isolate it well. How can you do it?

You can purchase a good quality tent (double walled tent would be ideal, for example), and you can be careful to keep the “doors and windows” closed when the tent is warm enough.

3. Use a non-electrical heating device

Use a non-electrical heating device

Now that you know how to be safe and how to optimize your resources let’s move on to discover what kind of devices you can use to heat your tent. 

The most common ones would be:

  • Candle lanterns: They are glass and aluminum lanterns with a candle inside. The frame and glass become warm, and they are capable of heating small tents other than providing light.
  • Heating Packs: Any camping store can provide heating packs. However, one pack can provide heat for 5 to 12 hours. If you’re camping for days, this isn’t ideal.
  • Propane heaters: If it’s pretty cold and your tent isn’t small, propane heaters are the best option, even though you need to know how to use them safely. They are very efficient heaters, but your tent needs to be properly ventilated. Furthermore, even if your tent is properly ventilated, always avoid going to sleep with the propane heater still working. Heat your tent, turn the heater off, and then go to sleep!

4. Use a Thermal Blanket

Cover the top of your tent with a thermal blanket as it will help the tent to trap in more heat and will also help in maintaining a warm temperature inside your tent.

You can use a thermal blanket even when you are using a rooftop tent.

5. Add Layers to the Ground

Add Layers to the Ground

To maximize insulation inside the tent, you should make sure that you are not sleeping on bare ground. Always add a tent footprint at the base to keep your tent safe, then add a rug or carpet at the bottom.

You can also add a foam mattress to the ground. Using this hack, you can stay warm and cozy inside the tent.

6. Use Hot Bottle or Hot Stones

If you have a spare bottle and lit a fire, then you can warm some water and press it close to your body to stay warm.

You can also use warm stones and place them at a safe distance inside the tent. Either of the hacks can help in increasing the temperature inside your tent and make it warm.

7. Camping Location

Camping Location

Planting your tent in an open area will allow the cool wind to reach you easily and will make it difficult for you to stay warm.

Thus pick a camping location near some big ground rocks or trees which will help in creating an obstruction and make it difficult for the cold air to reach you.

8. Campfire to the rescue


The most common type of way to remain warm during camping is to light a campfire. This can help in keeping you warm nicely.

However, you should not light the campfire too close to the tent, or it may damage the tent. Also, you should not sleep while the campfire is still lit.

9. Wear Warm Clothes & Thermals

Wear Warm Clothes & Thermals

Thermals are more efficient than you can think. Before adding layers and layers of warm clothes, ensure you wear thermals first.

These are lightweight, cheap, and help in keeping your body warm to a good extent. After this, you can add more layers to yourself. Also, do not forget to cover your head, hands, and feet which are more receptive to cold.

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More Ways to Stay Warm in a Tent

Types of Tents for Winter Camping

There are different types of tents that can be used for winter camping. Let us have a look at them one by one:

1. Hot Tents

Hot tents are heavy canvas tents that come with a retardant stove jack and a vent hole used to provide ventilation.

These tents are preferred by people who love to go hunting or fishing in cold regions. If you are going to a very cold region, then this tent might be a good choice for you.

2. 4-Seasons Tent

This type of tent is specially made to withstand cold temperatures and is perfect for staying warm and cozy in a cold climate.

These come with added layers, windproof materials, waterproof coating, etc.

3. Summer Tent

Although this type of tent is meant for summer, you can still use it if the place you are going to is mildly cold.

You can simply add a thermal blanket on top of the summer tent. Add more layers on the ground, and you are good to go.

Wrapping Up

There are not one but so many ways in which you can insulate your tent for winter camping, and nothing should stop you from going on this adventure.

In this guide on how to heat a tent without electricity, we shared many tips with you using which you can stay warm in a tent during winter camping. We hope you found this useful.


What type of heaters run without electricity?

Gas heaters do not use electricity and use propane, kerosene, or natural gas to run. These are portable, so you can carry them easily to your camping location.

What is the Safest way to heat a tent?

Instead of using propane or gas heaters, you can also use catalytic heaters, which use energy and not fuel to run, which makes them safer.

Is it safe to use a gas or propane heater inside a tent?

As long as your gas or propane heater is labeled as “safe to use inside a tent,” there shouldn’t be a problem.

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