How To Keep A Tent Cool?

Curious to know how to keep a Tent Cool? We got you!

Summer camping is a lot of fun and a great experience to share with friends, family, and on your own…

However, a camping holiday also implies that you need to renounce a lot of comforts: a thick bed, a big kitchen, a big bathroom… and air conditioning.


A very challenging aspects of camping is how to keep your tent cool. When your tent gets too hot, it becomes uninhabitable: not only can you stay in it because it becomes a sauna, but your items would risk being damaged.

Food, drinks, and even electronic devices can’t stay in a hot environment… so how to keep your tent cool?

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Tips on how to keep a tent cool

There are some tips about it, and it all begins from where you install your tent.

Pick the right spot

If you have some experience with camping, you know that you can’t just build your tent whenever you like.

Especially if it needs to stay on for days – and you need to live in it for days – you need to pick your spot carefully.

If it’s summer and your main priority is to keep it cool, you should pick a spot under the shade. Spotting the perfect place isn’t as immediate as it may seem because you need to check how the shadows shift during the day.

If you can’t find a place that is not under direct sunlight throughout the whole day – that would be ideal – pick a spot that is in the shade during the afternoon.

As you may know, afternoons get hotter than mornings, so it’s more important to protect your tent from direct sunlight during the afternoon.

You should also know that protecting your tent from direct sunlight is also important for the durability of your tent: direct sunlight can ruin color first and then the structure of the fabric itself.

In other words, if you avoid exposing your tent to direct sunlight during summer, not only do you get a cooler tent, but you also enhance its durability.

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Use a fan

Sometimes, even when you are protected from the sun, it’s still hot. How can you have some relief inside your tent?

Having a fan is the most common solution. But there is one problem: you need to have access to some power source.

If you find yourself at a well-equipped campsite, the power source is usually provided as part of the service. However, you don’t have infinite power at your disposal.

Bonus tip: solar power banks

For this reason, you could opt for a solar battery. Solar batteries are charged under the sun, and they can power anything: from your smartphone to a fan.

The only problem is that they can’t work forever: once they are drained out, you need to place the solar panels under the sun again.

There are also portable air conditioners, but it’s unlikely that you can use one in your tent because it would require a lot of power which is usually unavailable when you are camping.

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To sum up what we’ve said, if you want to know how to keep your tent cool, you must pick the right spot. Other than that, you can use a fan and power it in various ways.

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