How To Reduce Your Energy Expenses?

Trying to reduce your energy expenses isn’t only good for your pockets but also for the environment.

The majority of the planet resources we use are meant to provide energy for consumers.

According to Css.umich, Residential daily consumption of energy is 12 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per person which is a lot.

If we become more aware of how we use energy and we find a way of reducing its use, we would use fewer non-renewal resources lowering the impact that our lifestyle is having on the planet.

Of course, when you reduce your energy consumption, you also end up saving money on your bills so… why not? In this article, we’ll explore some easy ways of reducing our energy expenses.

How To Reduce Your Energy Expenses?

Key Takeaways

  • Although LED costs more, they can save you a lot of money because they consume less energy.
  • If you want to reduce energy expenses then switch to an air fryer.
  • Updated and newer versions of appliances can help you in consuming less energy.

Proven Ways to Reduce Your Energy Expenses

Here are ways in which you can reduce your energy expenses:

1. Install Energy Efficient Lighting

Install Energy Efficient Lighting

LED lights are becoming more and more popular because they are fancy and have a modern look. But do you know that they consume far less energy than older systems? 

It’s true that a LED light can cost more than other types of lighting, but in the long term, they determine money saving because of their durability and because they require less energy. 1

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2. Upgrade Your Equipment

Upgrade Your Equipment

Older home appliances consume a lot more power than newer and more advanced electrical devices.

If you upgrade your oven, your fridge, and your vacuum cleaner, you spend some money at the beginning, but you’ll end up having lighter and lighter bills.

3. Invest in An Air Fryer


If you want to reduce your energy expenses, you can replace your older systems with newer and more advanced ones.

For example, you could replace your oven with an air fryer. Air fryers can cook food far more quickly than an oven, so they’d need to stay on (and consume power) for less time. 

Being little devices, especially if you compare them to your kitchen oven, they require less energy to heat the cooking chamber, and this all results in energy savings.

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4. Improve Isolation


One of the things that require more energy inside the house is the heating or cooling system. A way of reducing energy consumption in this area is improving your house isolation.

Older houses can have air leaks because of old window frames or obsolete insulation.

Improving this aspect of your house can be very expensive, but – other than being a good investment in the long term – it is also something that can improve your comfort within your own home.

5. Watch How You Use Water


Do you know heaters consume almost 14% of the energy out of all the equipment you use in your home?

So heat water only when you are going to use it; do not use it to reheat or heat water unnecessarily because this may result in hefty bills.

Also, take shorter showers & avoid wasting the hot water for washing clothes or utensils. 2

6. Do not Overuse Cooling & Heating Appliances


Cooling & heating appliances consume almost 47% of the total energy in your house. So avoid installing an AC or a heater until and unless you really need it.

Do not leave the AC on when you are not even in the room. Similarly, the cooling device in your refrigerator uses a lot of energy, so use it carefully and do not leave the door open unnecessarily. 3

7. Adjust Your Behavior


Finally, one way of reducing your energy expenses is to pay attention to your behavior and some small details.

Turn the lights off when you don’t need them, keep your windows closed when the AC is on, and cook your food with your air fryer instead of using the oven; small things like these can have a huge impact on your energy expenses, especially if every member of the family pays the same attention. 4

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We have exploited so many things; it is time that we start a bit mindful and do our best to save energy in any way possible.

In this article, we shared simple ways with you which can be efficient in helping you save energy; hope you found this useful.


What consumes the most amount of energy at home?

Heating & cooling equipment consumes the most energy at home (47%), followed by water heatera, washera & dryera (14%). 5

Will unplugging devices help in saving electricity?

Yes, unplugging devices will help you in saving electricity. In fact, you can save $100-$200 every year by doing this.

Should I unplug my air fryer when I am not using it?

Yes, you should unplug your air fryer or any other device, for that matter, when you are not using it to save energy.

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