How To Stay Warm In A Tent?

Are you going winter camping and you’re not sure how to stay warm in a tent? You’ve just come to the right place.


Of course, knowing how to warm your tent is highly important for any camper.

Not only can it make your trip way more comfortable, but in extreme situations (like when you’re camping at high altitudes), it can save your life. So, let’s discover some tips on how to stay warm in a tent.

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1. Pick the right location

Pick the right location

Picking the right location is important for many reasons, but when we’re speaking about temperatures and how to stay warm, it’s important that you try to expose your tent to the sun as much as you can. 

If you have the chance, watch how the sun and shades turn during the day.

If you find yourself in a new place, avoid locations close to high trees and watch the sun, the time, and the compass: with this information, you should be able to guess how the sun and, therefore, the shades move during the day. Of course, you need to avoid setting your tent up under any shadow.

2. Insulation


Insulation is essential. How can you improve it?

One choice is to provide yourself with an insulated tent, but it would be expensive, and it’s sometimes not enough.

So, you can add another layer to your tent. How? By using rain tent covers. It will improve the waterproof capacity of your tent while insulating it.

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3. Add layers beneath the tent

Add layers beneath the tent

Every tent has its groundsheet beneath it: it is a waterproof layer between the tent floor and the ground.

To insulate the tent better and make it warmer, you can put additional layers between the floor and the ground.

4. Consume hot food and drinks

Consume hot food and drinks

If you need to stay warm in your tent, you want to use everything at your disposal.

Nothing makes you warmer than hot drinks and meals. Furthermore, the simple act of eating generates warmth in your body.

5. Use a sleeping bag liner

Use a sleeping bag liner

Sleeping bag liners are made to fit inside your sleeping bag to prevent it from getting wet from condensation.

Condensation doesn’t always create wetness, but it certainly makes things colder. 

6. Heat your tent 

Heat your tent 

There are several ways of heating your tent. Candle lanterns and propane heaters are the most common items used to do it.

However, heating your tent can also be dangerous, so make sure of the following:

  • The idea is to heat your tent before you go in so that you can turn any device off while you’re staying in.
  • Make sure the tent is properly ventilated
  • Don’t leave flames burning unattended.

7. Get Rid of Sweaty Clothes

Sweaty Clothes

As soon as you are done with your hike and setting up your camp, you should get rid of your sweaty damp clothes.

Although it would be hard to change in cold weather, you will be thankful that you did. Once you change into fresh clothes, you can now add more layers to stay warm inside your tent.

8. Carry a Hot Bottle With You

Hot Bottle With You

Yes, you heard it right! Take hot water with you and place it between your groin.

This will warm up the blood that reaches towards all the other parts of your body and will, in turn, warm up your body faster.

This is a quick, no-brainer, and convenient hack which you will most definitely pass on to other campers as well.

9. Warm Clothes & Layering

Warm Clothes & Layering

Well, this one’s a no-brainer, but you should still know how layering and wearing all kinds of warm clothes can help you.

Did you know our heads and toes are extremely sensitive to cold, and by using a balaclava for your head and warm socks and heated boots for your feet, you can keep yourself warm more than you think?

Also, the more layers you add, the better. So start by wearing a warmer and then the layer is with a sweater, jacket, and so on.

10. Insulate Your Tent with Carpets & Rugs

Tent with Carpets

If you are traveling by car and have space to keep extra gear, then you should definitely carry some extra carpets or rugs that you may have.

You can place it on the floor for added warmth and comfort, and this will especially be helpful if you are going to sleep on the floor.

11. Avoid Sleeping Alone

Avoid Sleeping Alone

If you are going to do this whole camping and tent thing alone, then the above-shared tips will be useful to you.

But if you are camping with a friend or a partner, then sleeping close to them will help you in staying warm because of the body heat.

The more number of people in the same tent the better it will be for you to stay warm.

12. Don’t Hold Your Pee

Don't Hold Your Pee

You didn’t see this one coming, did you? While I know, it is hard to get out of your warm nest and to do anything, but holding your pee is not a good idea.

This is because the human body functions in a manner that requires it to keep the urine warm while you are holding it.

This means your body will take up the energy that it should have used to keep you warm instead.


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Wrapping Up

While it is exciting and fun to go camping in outdoors and in cold regions, you should not take this lightly.

Extreme cold can lead to frostbite, fever, and even death. So you want to make sure, if you are taking on this adventure, you should also do everything to keep yourself warm and insulated.


Is sleeping in a car warmer than sleeping in a tent?

Yes, sleeping in a car is warmer than sleeping in a tent. This is because the cars are well ventilated, have a heater and also they are not in touch with the ground.

But it is also inconvenient and even risky to sleep in a car without proper ventilation.

What temperature is right for camping?

Anything below -1 degrees is too cold for camping, especially if you are a beginner.

Can I use candels to heat my tent?

We do not recommend using candles or anything that has an open flame to heat your tent. Instead, you can use a gas or battery-powered heater.

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