How To Tell If An Air Purifier Is Working?

Wondering how to tell if an Air Purifier is working? Keep reading!

An air purifier is meant to improve your indoor air quality. However, how can you tell if it is actually working?

You can’t see air pollution or bacteria floating in the air… how can you tell if the money you spent were worth it?

In this article, we’re showing you how you can run some checks to make sure that the air purifier you’ve just purchased is actually working.

How To Tell If An Air Purifier Is Working?

Things To Check To Make Sure Your Air Purifier Is Working

Check For Air Circulation

Because an air purifier uses fans (after the air has passed through the filter system, it is blown back into the environment) the simplest way of checking if the air purifier is working is to put a hand in front of it and check if there is air circulation. 

This is how you can check that the air purifier is on. However, it doesn’t guarantee that the air coming out of the device is clean, or at least cleaner than before.

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Check The Filters

Check the filters before you turn the device on the first time, and then check them again after a few days.

If they look just the same as before, it means that they are not trapping anything from the air. You should see that the filters change with time.

In particular, they become dirtier and dirtier. The dirt you see on the filters is dirt that was in the air and has been removed.

Use Your Nose

Any air purifier, even the cheapest, should be effective against smells. You can run a simple test like this: lit a cigarette just near the device (you don’t need to actually smoke it, just provoke some smoke!), then move some steps away and check if you can smell smoke in the room. If you can still smell the smoke, the air purifier isn’t effective.

Air Quality Monitor

There is no better way of checking if an air purifier can actually work than monitor the indoor air with an air monitor system.

There is a portable air quality monitor that is not very expensive and that you can place in the same room where you have your air purifier.

Of course, you should check the values before turning on the device and then after. Some air purifiers (usually the most expensive) have a built-in air quality monitor.

They usually have a small display that tells you the quality of the air and how the air purifier is working to improve it.

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You can’t see with your own eyes whether or not an air purifier is working effectively.

Also, you can use your other sense, but, as we’ve seen in this article, the best way of checking the air purifier’s effectiveness is with an air quality monitor.

You can purchase an air purifier with a built-in air quality monitor or buy it separately.

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