How To Turn Off Sound On A Powerful Air Fryer?

Wondering how to turn off sound on a powerful air fryer? We got you!

Air Fryers are becoming more and more popular. While not many of us like the idea of renouncing potato chips, we are all becoming well aware of how bad they can be for our health, especially if we eat them often during the week.

Air fryers allow us to taste one of our favorite foods in a healthier way, without soaking potatoes or other ingredients in oil, and provide some additional advantages: we can save money, we can cook quicker, and we can use air fryers for a wide range of different foods… but they have any con?

The only con that air fryers seem to have is that they make noise! And the more powerful they are, the louder they are!

In this article, we’ll find out why they make noise and how to turn off the sound on powerful air fryers.

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How To Turn Off Sound On A Powerful Air Fryer?

Why Does Your Air Fryer Make Noise And How To Fix It?

There are several reasons why your air fryer can make a sound while functioning. Some of the issues can be fixed; some are just due to the fryer’s functioning.

The Fryer Mechanics

Some noise while the fryer is on is due to its mechanism. Air fryers come with a fan that is meant to push small items around the cooking compartment.

This kind of sound, however, would be very low, and it shouldn’t bother you. Loud sounds can be due to other problems: let’s see if they can be fixed and how.


Some rattling noise could be due to some debris within the base that the fan would push everywhere as you turn the device one.

You can turn off this kind of sound and totally prevent it by cleaning the base carefully.

Loose Components

When the sound your air fryer makes is unusually high, this is a sign that something wrong is going on.

Fixing the issue wouldn’t only turn off, but it will let the air fryer work properly, avoiding permanent damage.

So, what should you do when your air fryer makes too much noise?

  1. Turn the air fryer off and unplug it. Now, check the inside: are there any loose pieces? Shaking the air fryer, if it’s not too heavy, can help you understand if there is anything loose within the device. If you can identify the loose component, you can tighten it and turn the device on again. The sound should disappear.
  2. If you can’t identify the loose component, then you have two options: calling the device’s assistance or trying to open the device yourself. If the warranty is still valid, our recommendation is to call customer service.

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If it’s the usual air fryer noise that you can’t stand, then we recommend placing the device in an open area.

You can also let it cook your chips in another room; since air fryers make everything themselves, you don’t need to check or add ingredients. 

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