Ibovespa | An Ultimate Stock Exchange Platform In 2022

Are you a local or international investor and planning to invest a few million dollars in the Brazilian industry?

Do you want to have a clear and understandable image of Brazil’s financial and economic state? Do you want to know the rates and prices to invest in IboveSpa?

If yes, then you are here for a righteous reason because we are here talking thoroughly about the basic concept of IboveSpa.

It is a top Brazils’ stock exchange and indexing platform that has experience of more than a decade.


Trading Platform Ibovespa
Established 1968
No. Of Stocks 84 stocks
Country Of Operation Brazil

Investing and operating in the stock exchange has always been a risky decision.

Either you become a billionaire by investing here, or you end up losing your money with the decreased rates.

Therefore, before investing, understanding the working of stock market and the country’s economic state is mandatory. 

So, without any further discussion, let’s jump straight to our first heading and start our journey of understanding IboveSpa. 


What Is IboveSpa?

What Is IboveSpa?
What Is IboveSpa?

IboveSpa is a digital platform that can provide a complete index of 84 different stocks.

This stock system is operational in Brazil, and also it contains all the essential trading data on its forum. 

IboveSpa is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and it is the second oldest stock market and index in the country.

It was created in 1963 and was also included in the performance report top-rated and leading companies registered in Brazil. 

However, IboveSpa has merged with many organizations to present a clear image of Brazil’s economy. Moreover, the word “IBovespa” is the former name of Sau Paulo. 

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How To Use IboveSpa?

How to use IboveSpa?
How to use IboveSpa?

The Bovespa is operational for trading from Monday to Friday from 13:00 to 2:00 GMT. Also, in these operating hours, the index value gets measured every thirty seconds.  

Bovespa is a total return weighting index. Let’s break this concept into two separate parts to understand its working easily:

The returning index measures the company’s performance in terms of finance.

By this, the fluctuations in the pricing of the stock can also be observed, along with keeping an eye on the factor that underlying dividends have to be invested back into the business. 

Secondly, the concept of weighting in index refers to acknowledging the share of index given to a particular business or company.

Most of the indexes have a rule called ” Weighting Cap,” which helps large-sized and revenues companies overshadow the small companies in the stock market. 

Why Choose IboveSpa?

Why Choose IboveSpa?
Why Choose IboveSpa?

IboveSpa is one of the oldest index stock market platforms evolving for more than a half-decade.

By this, local and international investors can view the Brazillian economy and financial state. 

As we know that Brazil is the backbone of America’s finance and economy, IBoveSpa, indirectly provides you a clear and also understandable image of the American economy in terms of financial values and compositions of sectors. 

Fees Of IboveSpa

Fees of IboveSpa
Fees of IboveSpa

The plans and prices of the IboveSpa vary from contract to contract. There is no fixed value of the fee structure.

However, the exchange is only applicable in certain situations, like registration and execution of transactions, so let’s have a look at them also.

  • If the trading of a specific contract happens.
  • If the contract is closed due to expiration.
  • The correct assignments and exercise of options. 
  • The settlement and registration of swap, forward, or flexible option contract. 

To have more information about the pricing structure of IBoveSpa, you can visit their official website. 

Features Of IboveSpa

Features Of IboveSpa
Features Of IboveSpa

Following are the features of IBoveSpa:

  • Being Operational For Half Of The Decade: It was established in 1968 and has been operational for more than half of the decade. Almost all large-sized revenues companies and also businesses are indexed in IBoveSpa. It provides a clear and understandable image of the economy of Brazil to local and international investors. 
  • Financial State Of America: Brazil is one of the prominent states of America. Its economy serves as a backbone, and also it has been the center of attention of many American and international investors. As it gives you a remarkable picture of the current state of finance, it indirectly presents you the picture of the whole of America’s economy.
  • Vast Range Of Companies: it provides all the required data about the sector composition, value, and also financial state of huge-sized companies operating in Brazil. It has a vast range of companies registered under its name. It includes Americana, Dexco, Embraer, GOL, Localiza, Petrobras, Ultrapar, TOTVS and many more. According to IboveSpa’s official website, 40 companies were registered in Brazil’s stock exchange in 2017.
  • IboveSpa Portfolio Cycle: Each portfolio cycle of IboveSpa is four months; January to April, May to August, and also September to December. Moreover, each process starts on the first Monday of the respective month. And these portfolio cycles calculate the eligibility for indexing here. 

Types Of Trading Available At IboveSpa

Types Of Trading Available At IboveSpa
Types Of Trading Available At IboveSpa

Following are the four types of contracts available here, in both categories of applicant’s contracts and base contracts for average:

  1. WIN: Mini Future Contract
  2. IND: IboveSpa Future Contract
  3. IR1: IboveSpa Future Contracts Rollover
  4. WI1: Mini IboveSpa Future Contracts Rollover

Trading On IBoveSpa


For trading here, you have to find a suitable broker to provide you with the same value as the underlying index. We can consider the example of Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) here. 

What Are Exchange-Traded Funds?

Exchange-Traded Funds act like a basket of securities that operates to track indexes.

It contains various protection categories, but to make things understandable and straightforward, we would say that the ETF has a share in every constituent IoveSpa stock. 

In this, the value of your ETF will increase or decrease with the rise or fall of IboveSpa values. It is cheaper and more effective than purchasing every stock’s constituents. 

What differentiates it from others?

There are certain points which make it different from all other options. 

  • It will give you variations about Stock Market. 
  • It is a reliable company. 
  • It will keep you updated.

Our experience with the product

I have been using this Brazilian Trading Company for my online trading, and this has provided me with more knowledge than any other platform.

Now I have to understand the international market and how to flourish in online trading. It is one of the companies that I can trust without a doubt.

Ibovespa Comparison 

Ibovespa comparison
Ibovespa comparison

Let’s compare it with some of the other options. 

Ibovespa vs. Apex-Brasil

Apex-Brasil is the Brazilian agency for the promotion of trading companies. If you want to get the best investment in Brazil, you should go for this option.

It can lead you to a lot of profitable places. However, if you go for Ibovespa, it is one of the rising and best trading companies in Brazil.

It has a lot of beneficial options which is going to help you with your online trading. 

Ibovespa vs. Olymp Trade

This is the best online trading company in Brazil. They will make sure that you are investing in the best places and will also guide you about the international market.

You can learn a lot from Olymp trade because of their beneficial services and concern for the users.

However, if you consider Ibovespa, It is the number one online trading company in Brazil where no one can stop you from gaining profits. 

Ibovespa vs. Saxo

Saxo is a reliable company which will provide you with a lot of options. It has wide-ranging options for online trading, and it will also introduce you to new opportunities.

However, Ibovespa is the best option for investors who are looking for long-term investments. 

Customer Services

 Customer Services
Customer Services

This platform has taken all the possible steps to reduce the problems and issues a user can experience. If you have any queries or issues, view their contact page. 

You can observe all the possible questions and problems, and also solutions on that page. But, you can contact them through their customer service portal. 

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Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Criteria
Eligibility Criteria

Following are the three factors for the eligibility criteria:

  • Taken part in 95% of trading sessions.
  • Have become one of the eligible stocks that have been a part of 85% in descending order in terms of Individual Tradability Ratio.
  • Have the value of 0.1% on the cash Equity Market. 
  • I haven’t performed penny stock. 

Final Verdict

So, this is it. IboveSpa is one of the leading indexing platforms, not only in America but in the international market also.

Containing 84 stocks, more than 400 large-sized financial state companies are registered in its index.

It presents data on the sector composition, value, and also other details. By this, companies can also orchestrate their plans in finance and shareholding. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When Was IBoveSpa Established, And Which Is Its Base Country?

It was established in 1968. Ever since it has been working as a powerful indexing platform and also stock market firm for half-decade. Its major operational country is Brazil. 

How Many Stocks Are There On IBoveSpa? 

It has 84 stocks. It provides a clear image of the registered companies’ economic state for local and also international investors. 

What Are The Operational Days And Timings Of IBoveSpa?

The IBoveSpa is operational from Monday to Friday from 13:00 to 2:00 GMT. Since the index is measured and refreshed every 30 seconds in these operating hours. 

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