Vanguard Funds : A Comprehensive And Honest Review 2022

Are you planning to trade and invest in mutual funds and Exchange Traded Funds?

Or are you new to trading and investment and want to have a reliable platform to begin your tradings?

Are you considering Vanguard as your investment platform but in doubt due to scams and frauds? 

If yes, we will take you from these doubting situations. Stick to this article to the last because we provide a comprehensive and honest review on Vanguard as your next trading partner.

So, be certain that you don’t skip any part of the article and give it a detailed read! 


Trading PlatformVanguard
Established 1975
Rating Out Of 5
Trading Software Vanguard’s trading software
Minimum Investment $1000
WebsiteClick here

Investments have always been a challenging task. Thousands of times, not for beginners and people who have been in the investments have to think a lot before putting money into it.

However, finding an authentic and validated platform is more complicated and time-consuming than investing.

And Vanguard is one of the leading investment platforms in the international market and a priority of thousands of investors. 


What Is Vanguard?

What Is Vanguard?
What Is Vanguard?

Vanguard is an American-based financial and investment advisor company that provides various services in terms of economic assistance.

Having headquarters in Pennsylvania, United States, Vanguard is one of the international market’s leading index mutual funds providers. 

Due to its remarkable and up-to-the-mark services, Vanguard has created its position as a leading firm in the mutual index funds providing market and a second supplier of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

With over $7 trillion assets from all around the globe and more than 130 mutual funds, Vanguard gives its users complete analyzing reports of its funds and shares. 

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Why Choose Vanguard?

Why Choose Vanguard?
Why Choose Vanguard?

However, being one of the leading marketing index mutual funds providing companies is enough to win the investors’ trust.

However, some people might think about the particular reasons to join this platform. 

So, the answer is that Vanguard provides you with an elucidated and clear image of your funds, debts, finance, shares, and stocks.

By choosing Vanguard as your next investment partner, you can thoroughly analyze the following characteristics:

  1. Funds’ performance overview
  2. Management of finances
  3. Downloading quarterly statements
  4. Changing of investment choices
  5. Observing monthly contribution
  6. History and reports of the economy
  7. Comparisons between funds and fees
  8. Market analysis and summaries

How To Start With Vanguard?

How To Start With Vanguard?
How To Start With Vanguard?

If you want to start your funds and investments procedures, then follow the below step-by-step guide:

  • Visit the official website of Vanguard and click on the personal investors. 
  • Click on the option ” Register For Website Access” on the right side of the page. 
  • Then, this page will lead you to a page with login or creating account options. If you already have an account, enter your credentials and log in. IF you haven’t, then create an account. 
  • For registering, click on the “start” option. 
  • First, you have to enter your confidential information. For this, agree to terms and conditions, enter your name, date of birth, zip code, and social security number. 
  • After this, you have to select between the hire date or plan number. So, if you are an employee, enter your hiring date; otherwise, enter your plan number (contact Vanguard’s customer support system for this) and enter it in that column.
  • In subsequent steps, create a username and password for your account.
  • In the last step, you have to complete the security features. This step is necessary for protection purposes. Choose your security questions, answer them and continue. 

Now, you have built an account on the Vanguard portal. Therefore, use your credentials and login into your account for further activities. 

Plans And Pricings Of Vanguard

Plans And Pricings Of Vanguard
Plans And Pricings Of Vanguard

One more thing that makes It superior to all other funds-providing companies is its low pricing compared to the market rates.

And what else can an investor ask for than low rates and premium quality?

  • The Expense Ratio: They are charged by the Vanguard for managing, issuing, and analyzing the funds. It is measured by Assets Under Management (AUM) to the operational costs of the funds. However, these expense ratios of Vanguard are 83% lesser than other companies in the international market.
  • Trading Commissions: There are no trading commission fees on Vanguard. 
  • Foreign Securities Transactions: It charges $50 for processing and other securities in DTC-eligible securities. 
  • Advice And Account Fees: You also have to pay $20 per annum if you have a brokerage or mutual-fund-only account.  

Features Of Vanguard

Features Of Vanguard
Features Of Vanguard
  • Variety Of Mutual Funds To Choose: It provides a variety of mutual funds and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) to its investors so they can fulfill all their needs and concerns regarding investments. It offers 80 EFTs and 170 mutual funds to its customers. 
  • Low Expense Ratios: Low rates are why people choose Vanguard as their ultimate investment partner. Its expense ratios are 83% lesser than the other forums in the international market. 
  • User-friendly Interface: Its website is quite understandable and easily manageable because of its sorted and straightforward design and interface. It again makes itself a superior choice for investors by providing them with a user-friendly UI UIX. 

Types Of Services Available At Vanguard

Types Of Services Available At Vanguard
Types Of Services Available At Vanguard

Although it is quite famous for its mutual and ETF funds, it provides various other economic and financial assistance also, like,

  1. Brokerage services
  2. Fixed and variable annuities
  3. Accounts for educational services
  4. Financial advice and plannings
  5. Assets handling and management

Customer Services

Customer Services
Customer Services

No doubt, the customer support services of Vanguard are remarkable and unforgettable.

They have established websites for all their respective services providing sectors.

There you can observe and find answers to your related queries. 

Moreover, you can communicate with their representative directly by dialing 877-662-7447.

You can now discuss your additional concerns and questions with their customer support. 

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What differentiates it from others?

There are certain points which make it a better option than all others. 

  • You can get a large mutual fund selection. 
  • You will be a leader in low-cost funds.
  • It is known for its Commission-free stock.

Our experience with the product

I have made several investments with Vanguard Funds.

It has provided me with valuable profits and helped me with not only one account but multiple.

I was able to get access to a lot of investment ideas without the company asking for a Commission. I was also able to make investments with a group of people.

Vanguard Funds Comparison 

Vanguard Funds comparison
Vanguard Funds comparison

Let’s compare it with some of the other services and Companies. 

Vanguard Funds vs. Edward Jones

Edward Jones is one of the best financial services. If you are an investor, it will serve all of your needs.

You can have a lot of benefits and features as an investor if you consider the services of Edward Jones.

Vanguard Funds Is also an investment company that will make it easy for you to make your Investments and get valuable profits. 

Vanguard Funds vs. Merrill Lynch

If you wish to manage your financial accounts, you should go for Merrill Lynch. It will provide you benefits for Wealth Management and also financial services.

It will also offer you a lot of programs where you can start investing your money and have promising profits.

You will be able to save your money and will also be able to utilize it invaluable places. 

Vanguard Funds vs. Franklin Templeton

If you want to get in touch with one of the best financial management companies, you should go for Franklin Templeton.

It will provide you with many services and features, and you can also make your investments with the company.

This company is well known for its profitable Investments. 

Customer Reviews

 Customer Reviews
Customer Reviews
  • Don of Arlington, VA:

“Great variety of good performing mutual funds and ETF – no upfront charges, low fees on both index funds and ETFs – easy to use the website, in transferring money from outside accounts and making fund purchases and great customer service.”

  • David of Accra:

“Vanguard is a trusted leader whom I depended on over five years. The mutual fund which I invested in was fantastic. Their charges are moderate, and they have an excellent website. They never disappoint.

  • Charles of South Point:

“Clear and precise statement. Good customer service. We have always resolved our questions with one phone call. Great dividends on their investment strategies. Several options for investing monies. As mentioned before, great return on investments.”



So this is it. Before we finalize our article and meet its last, let’s do a recap of what we discussed, but a small one! We talked about what Vanguard is and why we should choose it.

Then we discussed its registration process, plans and prices, features, services, customer support services, and customer reviews. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Register On Vanguard? 

To register, you have to visit the official website of Vanguard and create an account there.

While designing, you must fulfill all critical data like your first name, last name, social security number, zip code, and other information.

When Was Vanguard Established, And Where Is Its Headquarters Located?

Vanguard was established on May 1, 1975, and it has its headquarters in Pennsylvania, United States.

It has more than 7 trillion assets under management. 

What Is The Minimum Investment On Vanguard?

The minimum investment of Vanguard is $1000.

However, the price and prices of Vanguard are pretty low and affordable as compared to other investment companies in the international market. 

How Can I Get To The Customer Support Of The Vanguard?

You can contact the customer support of Vanguard through their digital portal, or you can contact them by dialing 877-662-7447. 

Is There Variety Of Mutual Funds And ETFs On Vanguard?

Vanguard offers a variety of mutual funds and ETFs to its investors, giving them choices to fulfill their required criteria of investments and funding.

It offers more than 170 mutual funds and 80 Exchange Trade Funds to its customers. 

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