Blockfolio Review 2022 – All You Need To Know

Your success as a cryptocurrency trader is dependent on your knowledge and quickness. The finest cryptocurrency monitors strive to provide both.

Cryptocurrency traders use a cryptocurrency tracker like Blockfolio, also known as FTX, to monitor the price, quantity, and trends of the cryptocurrency they possess or wish to acquire.

FTX provides tracking and news information to help you improve your trading skills, as well as speed-of-light technology to help you trade faster.


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Established 2014
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Assets Cryptocurrencies
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FTX is a premier cryptocurrency monitoring program that supports the most diverse range of cryptocurrencies available – over 10,000 different varieties.

The tracking app is entirely free. FTX’s software also offers no-fee trading, but monitoring users who use other trading exchanges is still welcome.


Features Of Blockfolio

Features of Blockfolio
Features of Blockfolio

Blockfolio is not only the oldest crypto portfolio tracker on the market, but it also has one of the most comprehensive feature sets of any of these types of apps.

Perhaps most notably, the crypto tracker allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrency without paying any fees within the app.

After Blockfolio was bought by the well-known cryptocurrency exchange FTX, this functionality became available.

While many other crypto portfolio trackers allow users to trade on cryptocurrency exchanges directly from the app, the connection between Blockfolio and FTX is the tightest such partnership in existence, which permits the incredibly cheap costs.

Even if you aren’t interested in trading straight from the Blockfolio app, there is no better way to acquire a comprehensive snapshot of your whole crypto portfolio.

With support for over 10,000 crypto assets and 500 crypto exchanges, you can almost ensure that you’ll be able to follow every niche crypto token you’re holding in the hopes that it will go to the moon in the near future.

Integrations with exchanges are especially significant in this case since they help you streamline the entire process of tabulating all of your crypto assets in one single area.

You’d have to manually enter every trade onto your phone with some other crypto portfolio monitors.

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Security Of Blockfolio

Security Of Blockfolio
Security Of Blockfolio

While utilizing a crypto portfolio tracker, one thing to keep in mind is that these programs may have access to your existing crypto assets, which is the case with Blockfolio.

Blockfolio allows users to trade cryptocurrency directly within the app. Thus it is simply a different interface on top of the multiple exchanges where the user has accounts in many cases.

Blockfolio provides interfaces with over 500 different exchanges and allows free, direct trading on FTX for its users.

However, customers cannot trade at these exchanges from within the Blockfolio app.

In certain circumstances, users can only access the market data linked with an exchange, while in others, they may only check the value of their holdings at a specific exchange.

Users may, however, trade at a variety of significant exchanges using the corresponding APIs from their Blockfolio app.

In terms of security, you should handle your Blockfolio account the same way as you would an exchange account.

In reality, because you may have a significant number of different exchange accounts coupled with a single interface via this crypto portfolio tracker, you may need to treat your Blockfolio account with greater sensitivity when it comes to security.

You should be fine as long as you take all of the standard security precautions that you would take with an exchange account, such as two-factor authentication and using a PIN.

You should consider the security of the underlying exchanges where you are doing actual trading in the Blockfolio app’s backend as well.

Accessibility Of Blockfolio

Accessibility Of Blockfolio
Accessibility Of Blockfolio

The Blockfolio homepage contains all necessary information about each coin, such as its current price, daily trading volume, market cap, overall rank, and total supply.

You can set price alerts for specific coins and tokens, as well as navigate to profit, loss, and transactions.

You may also configure notification alerts based on the price levels you select. But don’t set too many if you don’t want to be bombarded with notifications all day.

The app is available for download on mobile devices running Android (APK) and iOS.

There is no method to utilize the Blockfolio app on a desktop or the web, such as a Windows PC or Mac OS, via a web app, browser extension, or widget at the moment. Users may, however, obtain primary crypto market data via the website.

What differentiates Blockfolio from others?

Here are the features that differentiate Blockfolio from others:

  • This platform supports more than 10,000 cryptocurrencies and 500 exchanges
  • You get constant updates on coins 
  • You can trade crypto for free while using the Blockfolio app
  • You get personalization that fits your crypto portfolios

Our experience with Blockfolio 

I love using this trading platform. Its app is super easy to use. It is so compact and comes with a variety of useful features and tools.

It is not confusing and super accessible. It provides you with the sight of what is happening in the market so I can make my next move.

So, if you are a beginner and you would like to get to know more about the trading market, then you should also switch to the Blockfolio trading platform. I would give 5 stars to its application.

Blockfolio Comparison

Blockfolio Comparison
Blockfolio Comparison

Let’s Blockfolio compare with other same services:

BLockfolio vs coinstats

You can connect your wallet to the contacts app, but blockfolio doesn’t offer this feature.

Getting your wallet connected with the contacts app will help you manage all your coins conveniently.

You won’t have to check your wallet all the time because you can manage your wallet and contacts on one platform. 

Blockfolio vs. Ftx

Ftx is a platform for professional traders. People who know to trade and can take risks can use Ftx and it is not for beginners at all.

You can trade on the futures market while using ftx. At the same time, blockfolio is a consumer app.

More than 6 million people have downloaded this app on their Android and iOS devices. 

Blockfolio vs coinbase

You get charged $0.50 per bank deposit at blockfolio after three deposits.

Whereas you get charged up to 0.50% spread per trade at coinbase. Blockfolio supports 75 currencies, and coinbase supports 66 currencies.  

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Customer Support

Customer support
Customer support

Suppose anything isn’t operating correctly, such as API issues or the app not synchronizing with an exchange.

In that case, Blockfolio may be contacted by email, Telegram group, online contact form, or social media, such as Twitter.

The exchange’s website also includes how-to tips for using the app, such as how to add holdings, buy/sell cryptocurrencies using fiat (for example, GBP and USD), make deposits and withdrawals, and convert or swap currency, such as from Bitcoin to Dogecoin.

Blockfolio also solicits input from its users, letting them submit new coin requests, exchange requests (both listings and API connections), and source requests.

Blockfolio does not provide offline help, like a phone number, making it harder to tackle more complex difficulties. Users have also observed that some difficulties have a poor reaction time.

E-mail to reach Blockfolio is [email protected]

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Blockfolio is the finest cryptocurrency portfolio program, but only if you don’t mind using it on a desktop computer.

That strikes me as a significant omission, especially for a company that has been in business for five years.

On the other hand, the app is easy to use. There is a Slack app interface that allows users to query live pricing and receive their favorite news right.

Blockfolio, in essence, allows cryptocurrency holders to track their cryptocurrency holdings and know the value of their portfolio.

This feature makes the app quite addictive, and you may find yourself checking it many times during the day.

With the capacity to track over 8,000 coins and digital assets, no other portfolio tool comes close to Blockfolio’s scope.

This is also true for the data stream. The program supports over 400 distinct exchanges and over 100 essential currency pairings.

Overall, Blockfolio does what it’s designed to do and does it effectively. That explains the 4.7 rating from over 90,000 reviews on the Google Play store.

Also, the fact that over 5 million users have already downloaded Blockfolio. You can try other applications, but it won’t be easy to find one better than this right now.


Do I always need to re-sync manually, or will they happen automatically at Blockfolio?

At the moment, re-sync has to be done manually, but this feature is on track to be available for the customers, and it has to option to re-sync automatically when it comes out.

Can I trust Blockfolio?

Security is a significant priority for FTX. Even the recent attack, which conveyed heinous messages to victims, resulted in no monetary damage. FTX drove out the hackers and righted the ship utilizing tried-and-true techniques for dealing with hacking attempts that any modern corporation experiences. The restitution for the hack was $10, which isn’t much of a boost to your net worth, but it’s undoubtedly a two-latte gesture of remorse.

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