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Search engine optimization seems incomplete without smart and intelligent SEO tools.

Keyword research and competitor analysis have become important to rank your business and website.

If you don’t have any premium SEO tools, you need to know these tools are pretty expensive. 

Having good knowledge about the pros and cons of any tool can help you make the right purchase.

Jaaxy review is going to cover the most popular SEO tool, Jaaxy. Let’s see what the main features of this tool are and how it can help your business. 



GuideJaaxy Review
ToolKeyword Research
Established 2011
FeaturesNiche Research, competition analysis, and more
Price$49/month – $99/month
WebsiteClick here

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Key Takeaways

  • Jaaxy offers great features like niche research, competition analysis, Keyword Trend Analysis, etc.
  • It offers a free plan and also paid plan costing $49/month and another costing $99/month.
  • Jaaxy is easy to use and has an excellent support system.
  • On Trustpilot, it has received 3.8 stars out of 5 stars.


Jaaxy Overview
Jaaxy Overview

So Jaaxy is a research and analysis tool that is initially developed to help affiliate marketers.

This tool is an online platform where you can find out your top competitor and keyword trends and research your niche. It is a free tool for you to get started. 

It has several features you need to take note of. First, it provides information about your competitors.

You will find the website of your competitors and the number of keyword ranks that they have above yours.

It will show you the keywords that are being searched most often by people who have already selected that website, and it will give you tons of suggestions about what you can use them for to get more traffic and sales for your website or blog.

Jaaxy Pricing and Plans

The Jaaxy has three major pricing plans that offer all the basic options, and some advanced features are only limited to premium packages. 

PriceFree $49/month$99/month 

Jaaxy Starter

If you want to experience the true power of the tool, you can opt for a free or starter package of this keyword research tool.

You can use the free account for unlimited time, but you are only allowed limited searches every 24 hours. 

Jaaxy Pro

This package is best for individual marketers as this plan starts from $49 per month, and you can perform enough searches to scale your website or business. 

Jaaxy Enterprise

For the bigger teams and enterprises, Jaaxy’s enterprise package starts from $99 per month, and you get all the features that any marketer can ever think of. 

Jaaxy Features and Tools 

Jaaxy Features and Tools
Jaaxy Features and Tools

Jaaxy’s features make this product stand out among the competitors. Here are some unique features that make the Jaaxy review worth it. 

Keyword Research and Analysis

The analysis of keyword ranking opportunities is the most important feature of this tool.

It will help you know what keywords you are already ranking on and how well your website or blog is performing.

You will also see your competitor’s position in the search engine rankings, their patterns, top traffic sources, and many more things that can help you keep up to date with digital marketing strategies. 

Niche Research

If you are after a tool to help you find your niche marketing, Jaaxy is the right option.

It has an effective tool that can provide users with suggestions related to their niche. 

You will find out what keywords are being searched most often by people who have selected that website, and it will give you tons of suggestions about what you can use them for to get more traffic and sales for your website or blog.

Competition Analysis

The competition analysis feature will help you know things that can help you increase your ranking.

You will get all the information about your competitors, like website URL, keywords they rank for, etc.

It is a very accurate tool where you can find out what keywords and phrases are being searched most often by your competitors.

Keyword Trend Analysis

Jaaxy also provides a trending analysis feature to show the top search terms each month and how they are changing over time.

You can take notes on those words growing rapidly and those getting lost in the market, making them less competitive. 

This feature helps marketers get updated with their industry trends above other competitors.

Jaaxy Pros And Cons


  • Easy to use.
  • Effective keyword tool with many suggestions.
  • Excellent support system


  • The interface could be a lot better.
  • Free version offers only very basic options and features.
  • SEO rating is not an effective method to determine the statistics during keyword research

Jaxxy Tutorial

Our Take on Jaaxy

Jaaxy is a research and analysis tool highly recommended for individual marketers. It has many features and benefits to help you in your business or website traffic. 

The free version restricts you with some basic options, but overall, it offers great help to small-time business owners or website owners.

NPC Jaaxy Ratings

Tools Offered4.2/5
Ease of use4.1/5

Customer Ratings And Reviews

Jaaxy Customer Ratings And Reviews
Jaaxy Customer Ratings And Reviews

Jaaxy has a rating of 3.8 stars out of 5 stars given by two reviews on Trustpilot.

If you want to know how reliable a company is before spending a huge amount on it, then you can check out reviews on other websites too.

Our Experience with Jaaxy

We have been using the Jaaxy keyword research tool for quite some time, and we can say that it is the right choice if you are looking for reliable keyword analysis software.

Keywords play a vital role in any website or blog to get the maximum traffic that can help you to make more sales. 

What Makes It Better Than Others?

Regarding competition research for affiliate marketing, Jaaxy proves to be the most effective tool.

The best thing about the tool is the reasonable pricing because, as compared to some other premium tools, this one is quite powerful and affordable. 


ComparisonJaaxyKeyword Shitter
FeaturesNiche research, competition analysis, etc.Free keyword tool, CPC, etc.
Price$49/month – $99/month$4.99/month or $49/year for unlimited access
ToolsKeyword researchPageRank analysis, All in title results checker, and more
Free trialAvailableAvailable

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Final Verdict

Jaaxy is one of the best keyword research tools that you should try if you want to grow your business or website traffic.

You will find your industry’s best keywords by using this tool and rank high on the search engine.

It has many features and benefits that we have talked about in our Jaaxy review.


Is there any free version of Jaaxy?

There is one free version of this tool, and it also offers only two tiers of pricing: pro and enterprise.

If you want to get the simplest plan, it will cost $49 per month, while the premium plan will cost $99 per month.

How to use Jaaxy to find my competitor's keywords?

You can easily find out your competitor’s keywords by typing your competitor’s website URL into the search bar and clicking “search.”

It will show you a list of keywords ranking for your competitor with their Google PR, calculated TF-IDF score, number of searches per month for each keyword followed by their position in Google ranking, and much more.

Is Jaaxy accurate?

Yes, Jaaxy is quite accurate as it provides the most accurate information related to keywords, traffic, and competition related to your business.

This tool is not only the best for keyword research but also competitor research.

Is Jaaxy legit?

Yes, it is legit.

Does Jaaxy has a competition analysis feature?

Yes, Jaaxy has a competition analysis feature that will help you get information about your competitor’s website traffic, keywords they rank for, etc.

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