July 2020 Manufacturing ISM Report On Business

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COVID pandemic was a massive hit on many things and created problems, and perhaps the biggest problem was in the economy of the world because COVID shut everything down.

With all the closures and quarantines, manufacturing took a dump overall going down exponentially.

Every month, ISM releases a report on manufacturing and shows the levels of economic growth.

We will examine the July 2020 manufacturing report by ISM and look at the economic situation.


Manufacturing Sector Overall

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic started in January 2020 worldwide, the manufacturing sector has taken a massive dip, and it has affected everyone in one way or another since there was a massive decrease in the sector in terms of production and economic growth.

However, since around the beginning of spring, we have seen some improvements in the sector.

These improvements are now better with the July 2020 Institute for Supply Management (ISM) report.

In July 2020, the ISM report showed us growth in the manufacturing sector, with the overall economy successfully getting better in three consecutive months.

July 2020, PMI saw an increase of 1.6% and reached 54.2%. This statistic shows us another increase in the overall economy as well as the manufacturing sector.

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Manufacturing’s Effect On The Economy

The increase in manufacturing, including new orders, affects the country’s overall economy because with new orders coming in and manufacturing stepping up in various sectors, employment can get back to reasonable levels in no time since the manufacturers need the workforce.

Along with new orders, also customers’ inventory index that shows how many products customers are using and have left in their homes is at a level suggesting that more demand will come in the coming months.

To show this in more context, consumption in general increased by 7% in total, allowing for companies to produce more with increasing demand.


Even though we are seeing an increase in the overall economy and demand, which increases the manufacturing around the country, this has other major effects that could create problems for the delivery side of the things because during the peak point of the COVID pandemic, everything shut down and manufacturing was one of its at lowest points which affected the deliveries and imports which is collectively regarded as inputs in the ISM report.

Inputs are getting weaker and weaker due to these delivery issues, which affects the inventory levels because deliveries can’t reach the point where they need to, and July 2020 saw the third consecutive decrease in the input level, contrary to the manufacturing growth.

The Verdict

In conclusion, July 2020 ISM manufacturing report shows us that the economy is picking up again after a tough COVID period with little to no manufacturing at all.

July was the third consecutive month where ISM reported an increase in the overall economy and manufacturing growth.

Along with this growth, there come the problems of inputs such as supplier deliveries because there is more production than delivery capacity, with creates a shortage due to the inventory not being able to catch up with the slow delivery.

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