Keyword Shitter Review 2023

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As per the recent update, the old Keyword Shitter website is now being redirected to the new Keyword Sheeter website.

In this article, we will address the tool as Keyword Shitter. Search results are still showing the same results for Keyword Shitter and Keyword Sheeter queries. 


GuideKeyword Shitter Review
FeaturesFree Keyword Tool, Search Volume and CPC, and more
Price$4.99/month or $49/year for unlimited access
ToolsCompetition and PageRank Analysis, All in Title Results Checker, and more
Site Click here

Key Takeaways

  • Keyword Shitter offers tools and features like Free Keyword Tool, Search Volume, Backlinks Analysis, All in Title Results Checker, and CPC, etc.
  • It supports multiple languages.
  • We have given it a rating of 3.5/5; you can also check out our high-rated key word research tool like KWfinder.
  • It offers two plans, one for $4.99/month and another for $49/year for unlimited access.


Keyword Shitter Overview
Keyword Shitter Overview

Most keyword tools offer several complex options for keyword research and analysis.

Keyword Shitter seems to be an outdated keyword research tool without any fancy user interface, but it has great potential. 

According to the Keyword Shitter website, this tool provides the findings of more than 70 countries.

Keyword Shitter allows you to research the data based on the location of your competitors.

This tool offers accurate results and allows you to save initial concepts and works with them anytime.

Keyword Shitter analysis shows you which keywords are getting searched most often on Google so that you can rank higher in your niche.

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Keyword Shitter Pricing and Plans

The pricing plans for Keyword Shitter are quite simple as users are not provided many choices in terms of plans and packages.

There is a free version where you can enjoy limited searches with basic features, and then there are two versions:

  • Plan 1: 30 seconds at $0.099
  • Plan 2: $4.99/month or $49/year for unlimited access

Keyword Shitter Features and Tools

Keyword Shitter Features and Tools
Keyword Shitter Features and Tools

This keyword search tool analyzes over 50 different factors related to each search query and helps you learn more about your competitors’ keywords and their traffic flow, backlinks, and more.

Here are some major features that might attract marketers.

Free Keyword Tool

This keyword promotion tool offers free search engine optimization reports to users. It contains 30 keywords that can be used in any keyword phrase.

Users can get maximum value from the free version of this tool.

It offers ranking reports, backlink analysis, traffic, and domain information related to your competitors’ websites and other factors related to your niche.

Search Volume and CPC

This keyword research tool helps you analyze the monthly searches and buying cost of your keywords and what website is driving traffic to them.

It also helps you understand the trends of ranking within the search results.

Backlinks Analysis

Backlinks help you understand which pages on your competitor’s website are directing traffic to the keywords you have chosen.

Moreover, it shows you what type of keywords are funneling traffic to those pages that might mention your chosen keywords in the articles they are linking to. 

Competition and PageRank Analysis

By analyzing backlinks and page rank, this keyword research tool helps you answer several questions about your competitors’ website competitiveness or how heavily they are ranking on a certain keyword.

All in Title Results Checker

This feature is quite useful, especially when you want to check them all in title results for any keyword.

It also provides lots of different information related to each month’s backlinks, rankings, organic traffic, and PR.

Pros And Cons

Keyword Shitter is a less-known yet one of the best keyword research tools. It has many features that other tools do not offer in their free versions. 


  • Generates bulk keywords and helps to download the sheets easily
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Provides relevant results as per the target audience
  • Provides results from Google autocomplete feature


  • Not as advanced as other paid tools
  • It does not provide much information regarding keywords, rankings, and traffic history
  • Data quality is a matter of concern.

Our Take on Keyword Shitter

Keyword Shitter is one of the best-hidden gems for keyword research tools.

It is not that popular among marketers compared to other tools, but it has its own set of advantages that make it quite useful for marketers.

If you are looking for a price-friendly tool, Keyword Shitter might be good.

NPC Keyword Shitter Ratings

Tools Offered3/5
Ease of use3.7/5

Our Experience with Keyword Shitter

It is a simple tool. Keyword Shitter is an easy-to-use keyword research tool that offers the best solution for your SEO-related queries.

It provides accurate results and saves your time in keyword research.

What makes it better than others?

The tool will provide you with advanced data to track your competitors’ keyword ranking, buying costs, and many other traits.

This will help you understand the queries which are getting top rankings. 

The “All In Title” feature, which lets you check the all in the title, is quite useful as it helps you see what your competitors are offering regarding their keywords.

Moreover, there is also a feature to see in title ranks based on different anchor text variations from the page for which you want to rank.

The “Competitor Analysis” option helps you know how people search in a specific region and identify various features of their websites that appeal to those searching for those specific queries.


ComparisonKeyword ShitterSemrush
FeaturesFree keyword tool, CPC, etc.Keyword planner, power rank, etc.
Price$4.99/month or $49/year for unlimited access$119- $449
ToolsPageRank analysis, All in title results checker, and moreSocial media tools, Content tools, etc.
Free trialAvailableAvailable

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Keywords are one of the most important factors for online marketing.

You need to understand what people are searching for, which location, and how often.

These are important factors that play crucial roles in deciding which keywords you should target.


Is there any free version of Keyword Shitter?

This keyword research tool provides paid and free versions. The free version includes 30 keywords that can be used in any content.

It’s possible to download them easily in Microsoft sheets or CSV formats.

Is Keyword Shitter active?

Yes, this tool is now available with the website name Keyword Sheeter. The features and the options are quite similar to the previous one. 

Is Keyword Shitter reliable for bulk results?

Most marketers opt for the Keyword Shitter review keyword research tool due to its amazing option for bulk keyword research. 

Is Keyword Shitter legit?

Yes, Keyword Shitter is legit.

Does Keyword Shitter offers Backlink Analysis?

Yes, Keyword Shitter offers Backlink Analysis.

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