15 Ways To Get Hands On More Landscaping Leads Of 2023

Marketing a landscaping business often carries with it a degree of experimentation and lots of patience.

With new landscaping companies popping up every day, no landscaping company or contractor can survive without effective lead-generating strategies.

Also, according to Fieldcamp, More than 40% of Americans hire landscaping professionals. So you must lear real strategies to divert some of this traffic toward your business.

Using the generic marketing strategies or tips you find online is a waste of time, and money without considering your customer’s actual needs, pain points, and obstacles. 

In this guide, we’ll be sharing everything you need to know about landscaping leads generation and share some killer strategies to generate leads for Landscaping leads to grow your business. Let’s begin!


Importance Of Landscaping Lead Generation

Lead generation in Landscaping leads is the process of attracting prospects to your business and transforming them into loyal customers.

This typically involves a customer providing you with their email or contact information for follow-up regarding your products and services. 

Likewise, setting up a landscaping business is not just about selling outstanding products and services but also requires exceptional marketing strategies to surge your landscaping leads.

You can’t go with a generic marketing approach to someone who’s planning to rip up their entire lawn to place a synthetic turf. 

The customer would like to know everything, including how much a synthetic lawn costs, how long it will last, whether will it be suitable for their pets, and how it will affect their house value.

Unless your marketing strategies are directed at landscaping customers and targeting landscaping problems, they won’t work. 

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Types of Leads Generations for Landscaping Leads

It takes a lot of effort to establish a routine to generate constant leads for any type of business.

You need to research and find out what works and what doesn’t since not every business’ target audience is the same.

This gets harder for local businesses specializing in a certain niche. One of those niche businesses is landscaping businesses.

We listed 15 ways that work for landscaping business owners to generate leads for their landscaping business. Implement these ways to generate constant leads.

1. Have a Service Gallery Online

When a possible lead comes to your website in the hopes of understanding your business and working with you, you need to create the trust they need to work with you.

One of the best ways to create this trust is via showing your work. Take pictures once you are done with your landscaping work with other clients and put it on your website and social media. Make it a gallery where people can see it through to understand more of your work.

2. Create Explainer Videos About Landscaping

Informing people through various content, including videos, are important in creating brand trust and having a following for your work.

The more follower and viewers you have on your channel, the more people you will reach out to and have more leads.

However, the videos you create must be informational and teach people about landscaping, and show answers to the most common problems and questions.

3. Use Signs to Showcase Your Work in Customer’s Garden

Showcasing a customer’s garden once you are done with the landscaping could be an extremely great lead magnet.

Put a sign on your customer’s land to show people that you did the landscaping work on that land. Surrounding neighbors and bypasses will see your sign and your work alongside it.

The offline version of gallery servicing is more useful because it could also work as a referral since the neighbor allowed you to put your sign there.

4. Brand Your Truck and Inventory

You go to every project in your truck and use the items from the inventory during your work. Branding your track with your logo, name, and contact information could go a long way.

People in the neighborhood will see your brand when you are there working on a project.

It will simultaneously create trust since one of their neighbors chose to work with you, and you can showcase your work in their garden. This will allow them to know who you are better.

5. Offer Free Consultation Incentive

There are going to be many visitors coming to your website or people hearing your name but will not decide to work with you.

To increase these conversion rates and turn these visitors into leads, offering incentives like free consultation could help you.

You can also offer other incentives, but free consultation works the best. When you show your expertise through a free consultation on the potential customer’s land, you will create the trust they need and turn them into a lead easier. 1

6. Use Customers’ Network with Referral Programs

Using happy and satisfied customers will always help you in getting more leads.

Ask those happy and satisfied customers to refer you to their family and friends when there is someone looking for a similar business like yours.

You could also offer a discount or something else that they might need for a referral they make.

This way, you can create a referral program where both of you can win something out of this, which will further push your customers to refer more people.

7. Work With a Lead Generation Company

If you think finding leads on your own is too much work or you can’t successfully handle everything on your own because you don’t have much time, think about working with a lead generation company in your city.

These companies help you get leads by using their methods and network. They generally have a proven way of work, and they follow that routine, specializing in small stuff depending on the location and the company.

However, you need to make sure that this lead generation company has experience in your city and in your niche.

This way, you can get the most benefit from working with a lead generation company.

8. Start SEO Optimized Informational Blogging

SEO is an amazing way to generate constant leads with organic traffic. SEO helps you to put your business in front of people searching for exactly what you do.

Research high-ranking keywords in your niche and area of work, redesign your website with a responsive design, use quality links and write much different content answering people’s problems and talking about tips and tricks.

Your main aim should be to inform people about your content and turn them into leads by embedding small call-to-actions in these blog posts.

9. Invest in Paid Digital Marketing like PPC

Paid marketing campaigns are always the quickest option for generating leads. However, they require money and some sort of effort before you actually start generating the leads.

PPC Marketing is the most budget-friendly paid marketing campaign because you only pay per click. This increases your chances of paying less and getting leads.

Create a good landing page with a call-to-action, select your city and choose good high-ranking keywords and start your PPC campaign on search engines and social media platforms.

10. Create Your Google Business Profile and Optimize

Google offers different platforms for individuals to search for businesses they are looking for and for businesses to get in front of those individuals easily.

So Google is the most used platform and being a part of its ecosystem is a huge bonus in getting leads. Google My Business is the backbone of entering this ecosystem for business owners.

Create your profile, put all your information in there, and optimize your profile. Put keywords that fit in well with your target audience so that they can find you. 2

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11. Create Photography and Videography as Proof of Work

Since you are in the landscaping business, you have the ability to photograph and take videos of your work.

These photographs and videos are your proof of work, and you can showcase them everywhere you want.

Include the photographs and videos in your informational video content as an example, or simply share it on your social media as part of your portfolio.

This will create the trust you need with your visitors and make it extremely easy to turn visitors into leads.

12. Use Facebook Groups from Your Personal Account

Facebook has billions of users, and it is a very complex social platform. Many of the users use the group section of Facebook to get in touch with their local community, get answers to their problems, or simply find reliable businesses to work with for their problems.

Being a part of these local online communities and contributing to people’s needs could help substantially. Find the local groups of your city and join them from your personal account.

Give tips and tricks, comment on people’s questions to answer them, and be as active as you can.

13. Actively Use Social Media For Landscaping Leads

Creating your business profile and actively posting, commenting, and sharing content on behalf of your business could help you create brand recognition in your local neighborhood.

Put all of your information, visuals, and contact information on your profile and start sharing informational content as well as your projects with referrals from your clients.

With the right optimization on your posts and on your profile, you can end up in potential customers’ feeds and get leads easily.

14. Participate in Local Events

Even though we are living in the digital age and most things are happening online, it is extremely important to get to know people face-to-face, like in the old days.

The best way to get to know these people is through local events in your city. Find events where you could share your expertise or meet people who could need landscaping.

This could be a homeowner event or something else. You will have the opportunity to talk about yourself and your business and show your expertise.

15. Network Offline in Your City

Networking offline does not only happen at local events. Canvassing the area you work in and finding houses that needs landscaping by checking out their gardens could be a good way.

Once you find a house that needs landscaping in the garden, you could knock on their door and offer a free inspection to help them. Since you are there and offering a free incentive, they are not likely to say no.

Benefits of Google Ads for Landscaping Leads Generation

When prospective customers search for a product or service, they are most likely to use Google, making Google AdWords one of the largest online advertising.

Here are some benefits of using Google AdWords for generating leads for Landscaping:

1) AdWords works faster than SEO

Unlike SEO which takes months before showing any visible results from your developments, Google Ads makes your ads appear on Google and its partner sites instantly and generate leads quicker than you think.

2) Measurable and easy to monitor

One of the most rewarding aspects of Google Ads is that they are measurable, and you can easily quantify the impact of your SEO efforts to see what’s working and what isn’t working so well.

Google Ads comes with an extensive range of PPC metrics and analytics tools that will retrieve your analytics results without you having to lift a finger.  

2) Increase brand awareness

In addition to generating landscaping leads, Google AdWords is also an excellent way to endorse your brand and increase brand awareness through search.

Your rank on Google is highly dependent on how many times your brand name and its variations have been searched.

That’s why it’s crucial to increase your brand awareness via search and display ads. 

3) Reach More Prospects

Email marketing is one of the primary tools to generate leads, which is why Google has Gmail ads integrated with Google AdWords allowing advertisers to reach more customers through their Gmail inbox.

This feature works great for those with a small budget since Gmail ads cost much less than search ads. 

4) Reconnecting with your website visitors

Google AdWords helps you reconnect with the website visitors. The people who only frequently visit your website but leave without purchasing. You can either do it with display remarketing or RLSA Campaigns. 

5) Explore more using your ad

Google AdWords is a great platform, but it doesn’t provide information about what people do after clicking on your ads.

Thus, you must link it with Google Analytics to measure the complete performance of the Google ads. 

6) Tackle your competitors better

Google Ads has no match when it comes to speed and accuracy. It puts you directly amongst your competitors and makes you stand out.

As soon as your ad campaign goes live, your website will be receiving more clicks than your competitors.

Whether you have a strong digital presence or not, thus allowing you to expand your business quickly. 3

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Why Choose Us?

TOTO Dream Marketing is one of those lead generation agencies that provide a wide array of services and handle all your top-to-bottom funnel needs.

The agency believes in providing goal-based marketing strategies that return a positive ROI. Here are the top services offered by the agency: 

  • Custom Landing Page

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  • Content Writing

We’ll handle all your needs from writing engaging content for your site to drafting personalized emails and scheduling meetings with qualified leads. 

  • Focused on ROI

With their efficient lead generation campaigns and marketing strategies, we’ll help you increase revenue by acquiring new leads. 

  • Dedicated Account Managers

You’ll be assigned with dedicated account managers to develop custom landscaping leads generation campaigns based on your goals and preferences.

  • Only Pay for Results

You only pay if you’re satisfied with the results and can cancel the service anytime. 

  • Transparent Reporting

Ensure transparent reporting about the lead data to give you better insight into what’s working and what’s not. 

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What are the best ways to get landscaping leads?

These are some of the most proven ways of promoting your landscaping business:

  • Carry business cards
  • Give referral bonus
  • Ask for client testimonial
  • Get reviews on paltforms like Trustpilot, Yelp, etc.

Is Landscaping business profitable?

The Landscaping business generates 15%-45% of profit annually and is indeed lucrative.


What Landscaping sector makes the most amount of profit?

The most profitable Landscaping sector is Project Landscape Architect, who can make you earn $68,500-$78,000 annually.

How can I succeed in Landscaping business?

To succeed in the landscaping business you must:

  • Make attractive marketing headlines
  • Collaborate when the opportunities arise
  • Build a strong team
  • Manage the bottom line
  • Give out referral bonus

Is Landscaping tough?

Landscaping requires you to work for up to 40 hours a week because of the laborious task and can be physically exhausting.

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