Larson Tax Relief Review 2023

We all need and want to pay our taxes, but sometimes it can become complicated.

Especially when you had some problems in the past, maybe when you were extremely young, and now you’ve accumulated a great debt.

With Larson Tax Relief, however, you can fix your situation with the IRS and find the best agreement and option so that you can pay when and how you can. 

In particular, they’ll examine your case and deal with the IRS on your behalf.

There are several options that can make you save tons of money, but common citizens are often unaware of them.

This firm puts its knowledge at your disposal to make you save thousands of dollars. More importantly, you’ll be able to finally solve your issues with the IRS and leave that stress behind.


GuideLarson Tax Relief Review
FeesNot disclosed
FeaturesBusiness tax relief, IRS tax relief, etc.
Community RatingVery strong
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Key Takeaways

  • Larson Tax relief offers services like Business Tax ReliefIRS Tax ReliefState Tax Relief, and Income Tax Relief.
  • LTR has an excellent reputation online and offline.
  • It has an A+ rating given by BBB.
  • LTR has an excellent rating of 4.9/5 stars on Trustpilot.

How Much Does Larson Tax Relief cost?

Larson Tax Relief will require a flat fee. However, there is no way of getting to know how much it will be before you contact them and ask for a quote.

This isn’t ideal because we all like to know how much something – a product or a service – is going to cost us even before we contact the provider to ask for information.

Providers that are clear with their prices on their websites also feel more transparent and reliable.

However, the reason behind Larson Tax Relief not publishing a list of prices is different: their services are strictly designed around the needs of each client, and it would be impossible to have a list of fixed prices because every need and situation is different.

If you want to know how much Larson Tax Relief will cost you, just contact them and ask for a quote. One thing is clear and for sure: the first consultation with the firm is always free.

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Larson Tax Relief Features & Services

Features & Services
Features & Services

Larson Tax Relief provides the following services.

Business Tax Relief

This kind of service is designed for anyone running a business. If your activity has accumulated debt with the IRS, you can ask the firm to find a solution.

In rare cases, they can cancel your debt. But, more often, their service is such that your debt is lowered, and you can afford to pay it more easily.

IRS Tax Relief

This is similar to what we’ve just discussed, but it’s aimed at privates.

Income Tax Relief

Again, this service can help you ease your debts with the IRS. If your issues are related to your income, this is the kind of service you’ll receive from Larson Tax Relief.

State Tax Relief

In the same way, if you have grown a debt to your State’s authority, Larson Tax Relief can help you find a solution. 

How Much Can Larson Tax Relief Save Me?

It can depend on who you are, where you live, and what is causing your debt, but the amount of money you can save when you hire a professional firm like Larson Tax Relief can be up to thousands of dollars.

However, keep in mind that you’ll need to pay their fee when calculating the convenience of hiring them.

The fee is, in most cases, very lower than the money you can save: this is why, despite the additional expense that hiring a firm requires, Larson Tax Relief’s services are still convenient for your pockets.

Pros and Cons


  • They offer a free consultation
  • They offer a personalized quote that you can either accept or refuse
  • The process of hiring and having them work for you is extremely easy, and it can be dealt with remotely
  • They can assist both privates and businesses
  • They have an excellent reputation online and offline


  • This is common to many tax firms: they don’t tell you how much you’re going to spend to hire them until you contact them. We’ve already explained the reasons behind this aspect, but still, we’d like to have a better idea of the expenses that such a professional firm requires from their clients.

How Larson Tax Relief Services Work?

How Larson Tax Relief services work?
How Larson Tax Relief services work?

Hiring Larson Tax Relief is extremely easy. You can do it remotely by following these steps:

  1. Visit their website. You’ll see a banner that says Call for your first consultation. You can phone that number, but you can also email them (addresses are at the bottom of the homepage);
  2. In this first consultation, you can provide your information, meaning that you can tell them what issues you are experiencing and, if you already have an idea, ask for a specific solution.
  3. They’ll make the first evaluation and provide a quote.
  4. If you accept the quote, they’ll move on to investigating your case more deeply, and they’ll be back to you with a bunch of possible options.
  5. They’ll assist you when picking the solution for your problems, and they’ll also assist during the payment process, especially if they manage to plan your payments so that you don’t have to pay the entire sum at one time.

Larson Tax Relief’s Reputation And Accreditations

Larson Tax Relief has an excellent reputation that is confirmed by the many accreditations they have.

They are an A+ accredited firm with Better Business Bureau, they are members of the National Association of Enrolled Agents, and they are authorized partners of Consumer Affairs.

What Makes Larson Tax Relief Better Than Others?

What distinguishes Larson Tax Relief from many other firms is that they provide their services for both privates and businesses.

If you run a business, it means that they can take care of every aspect of your taxes, personal and business-related.

This way, you would have a single point of reference when it comes to your accounts and taxes.

NPC Larson Tax Relief Ratings

Customer Service4.9/5
Tax Relief help4.8/5
Ease of use4.8/5

Customer Ratings And Reviews

Larson Tax Relief Customer Ratings And Reviews
Customer Rating And Review
Larson Tax Relief Customer Rating And Review

Out of 299 customer ratings on TrustPilot Larson Tax Rellief has been given a combined rating of 4.9/5 stars.

94% percent people gave it a 5-star rating and only 1% people gave it one-star rating.

Our Experience

To test Larson Tax Relief, we’ve been through the entire process of hiring them.

We tried the two ways, by phone and by email. The two aren’t that different because when you write them an email, they offer consultation, and they prefer to speak to you in some way, on the phone on a video call or – if you are located in their whereabouts – even in person.

We’ve picked up the phone call. It lasted about 20 minutes: during this time we were asked for some information, and we were provided with possible solutions. They gave an estimate of their fee, and we said we would think about it.

From this on, if you accept the quote, you need to pay at least a part of it, and they’ll begin working for you.

They’ll go through a deeper evaluation of your case, and they can ask you to send some documents. This phase can go on for several days.

Their work goes on even when you pay your taxes, thanks to the solutions they found for you: this way, you can make sure you’re not making any mistakes so that you don’t incur penalties or other issues.


CompanyLarson Tax ReliefCommunity Tax
FeaturesBusiness tax relief, IRS tax relief, etc.Tax planning, accounting, etc.
FeesNot revealedNot revealed
BBB ratingsA+A+
Trustpilot ratings4.9/54.5/5

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Anthem Tax Relief

This is another firm that can help you find solutions to your tax issues. They have an excellent reputation and a long experience: this firm was founded more than 30 years ago.

However, if your tax issues are related to your business, we’re still recommending Larson Tax Relief.

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Optima Tax Relief

This is the ideal firm for those who don’t like to speak directly with service providers, maybe because they are too used to the Internet and digital services.

Optima Tax Relief is the most Internet-friendly firm you can find. They manage everything remotely, and they also provide an online portal for their clients.

Fortress Tax Relief

The peculiarity of Fortress Tax Relief is that they are only focusing on tax relief, that is, on helping people with great debts find any kind of solutions.

If you have a huge debt, you may want to hire them since they are the most experienced in this field.

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Larson Tax Relief Review: Final Verdict

Larson Tax Relief is one of the best tax relief services offering great features and services, including State tax relief, Business tax relief, IRS tax relief, etc.

The most promising thing about this company is that it has a very high satisfaction score and people find its services really helpful.

We hope you found this Larson tax relief review useful, and we hope it will help you deal with your tax situation. 


What happens if you don't pay your taxes correctly?

If you don’t pay your taxes, have delays, or make other mistakes, you can incur penalties.

Penalties are additional money that you are asked to pay, and this is usually how debts grow exponentially until you can’t afford to pay them anymore.

To avoid it, we recommend hiring a professional firm like Larson Tax Relief.

Is there any deadline for tax-paying?

Yes! Federal taxes are due every year by April 15th. A professional firm like Larson Tax Relief can help you get ready before that day.

Do I need to pick a service in particular?

You don’t need to pick one of their services; they are more an indication of what they can do for you.

You can simply describe your needs, and they’ll provide options and solutions.

Is there any online service provided by the firm?

They have a live chat. Still, they prefer talking to you on the phone, via video call, or in person to discuss every detail.

Is Larson Tax Relief legit?

Yes, Larson Tax Relief is legit and has a very high satisfaction score among customers.

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