Mass Lottery 2022 – A Safe Investing

State lawmakers evaluate the effectiveness of their state’s lottery based on the amount of money raised.

And the Massachusetts Lottery is quite successful in that field. Massachusetts is not one of the largest states in the U.S., but it is also one of the top five lottery sales.

According to the latest data, the Massachusetts Lottery exceeded $5 billion in sales and they will continue to provide large prizes and engaging games.

Let’s take a look at the history of one of the country’s oldest lotteries, as well as unique promotions and popular games you’ll like.



LotteryMass Lottery
Established September 27, 1971
Lottery Winning Numbers Announced
Lottery Winning Results Announced
RequirementsBe over the age of 18

Key Takeaways

  • Mass Lottery offers engaging games such as Megabucks Doubler, The Numbers Game, Mega Millions, Lucky For Life, etc.
  • You can win huge prize money up to $500,000 by participating in Mass Lottery.
  • To be eligible, you need to be 18 years or above in age.
  • Mass Lottery distributes the proceeds of the lottery to all 351 Massachusetts cities and towns and proceeds to education.

What Is Mass Lottery?

The Massachusetts Lottery began selling tickets in 1972. And they even created the famous Mass Cash lottery game in 1991.

The Big Game was established in Massachusetts and five other states in 1996, while Powerball debuted in the state in 2010.

Massachusetts Lottery introduced Lucky for Life (2012), followed by Keno (2013), giving players the chance to win every four minutes.

Since its founding, the Massachusetts Lottery has returned approximately $27 billion in net earnings to provide unrestricted local aid.

The Massachusetts State Lottery Commission oversees the Massachusetts Lottery (MSLC).

The Commission comprises five commissioners: the state treasurer, the secretary of public safety, the state comptroller, and two gubernatorial appointments.

The State Treasurer appoints an Executive Director with the permission of the Governor of Massachusetts.

The Lottery Director reports directly to the Treasurer and Receiver General of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, serving as the MSLC’s Chair.

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History Of Mass Lottery

In the early 1970s, Massachusetts led a wave of eastern U.S. states to legalize lottery games.

Back then they were the fourth state in the continental United States to sell lottery tickets to residents.

The Massachusetts Lottery was established on September 27, 1971, due to legislation that amended the state constitution’s gaming provision.

Legislators ensured that only wording allowing lottery ticket sales go into constitutional amendments to appease opponents of other gambling forms.

They released the first games in 1972 due to ticket sales for “The Game.” The first Massachusetts Lottery draw game awarded several $50,000 grand prize rewards. And also, Massachusetts was one of the first states to legalize Keno.

On September 30, 1993, they offered first Keno tickets at select Massachusetts Lottery retail stores.

Keno games have grown in popularity throughout the years. In March 2003, the Keno drawing schedule got modified from every 5-minutes to every 4-minutes. And since 2004, there have been 300 games every draw, which begin at 5:00 a.m.

Also, the Massachusetts Lottery does not dedicate all of its proceeds to education. The MLC, on the other hand, distributes funds to all 351 Massachusetts cities and towns.

Current Games Of Mass Lottery

Mass Cash

Mass Cash began holding daily giveaways on July 17, 2011. To play this game, you are required to pick numbers 1 through 35 at random.

The top reward is $100,000 (with a liability limit of $1 million). The game is comparable to the Cash 5 basic game in nearby Connecticut (without the Kicker).

Four numbers win $250, three numbers win $10, and two win nothing.

Megabucks Doubler

Megabucks Doubler is drawn twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays. They pick six numbers ranging from 1 to 49.

The prize starts at $500,000, and unlike earlier versions of the game, a cash option is available.

Matching 5 out of 6 results earns you a $2,500 prize ($5,000 with a doubler). Four out of six numbers earn you $100 ($200 with the doubler). Matching three out of six wins $2 ($four with the doubler).

The Numbers Game

Every day, they play the Numbers Game twice. It generates four 1-digit numbers, and bets can be placed on a 1-digit and/or a 2-digit number.

Because a 3-digit number is not drawn independently, they refer to it as the “first 3” or “last 3.”

The minimum bet on a 3-or 4-digit number is 25 cents, and the minimum bet on a 2 or 1-digit number is 50 cents.

They make Payouts on a pari-mutuel basis, with a payout rate of 60% on 1- and 2-digit wagers, 70% on 3, and 50% on 4-digit wagers.

Lucky For Life

The Connecticut Lottery launched Lucky4Life in 2009, which evolved into Lucky for Life three years later.

This game is also played in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts now.

It became a “quasi-national” game in 2015, and as of 2017, it is available in 25 states and District.

Mega Millions

On September 6, 1996, Illinois, Georgia, Virginia, Maryland, Michigan, and Massachusetts launched The Big Game, a jackpot game.

The new moniker, Mega Millions, was established in 2002, and The Big Game brand quickly abandoned.

They set the prize initially at $15 million. The games cost $1 each, or $2, with the Megaplier option introduced in Massachusetts in 2011.

The latest version of the game first appeared in 2013. The Mega Millions format will change again in October 2017, with a $2 pricing point ($3 with the Megaplier).


Powerball is another significant draw that can potentially turn the lives of its jackpot winners upside down.

Every 292 million tickets sold results in a jackpot winner. This offers every player the opportunity to become one of the wealthiest individuals in the state overnight.

Many prior Massachusetts lottery winners have altered their lives by playing Powerball.

Weekly drawings on every Wednesday and Saturday night give you the chance to become the next instant millionaire.

How To withdraw Mass lottery funds?

You can claim prizes of up to $600 at any Lottery Agent location, Lottery office, or by mail.

You can also claim prizes ranging from $601 to $5,000 using the Mass Lottery app’s mobile cashing feature.

They also permit Mail-in claims for prizes up to and including $50,000. You can collect prizes ranging from $601 to $100,000 at a Lottery office.

Prizes over $100,000 must be claimed at Lottery Headquarters in Dorchester, Massachusetts.

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East Coast states are more open-minded and prepared to welcome new liberal ideas.

Massachusetts is a shining example of this, and it is no wonder that it was among the first to legalize gambling.

M.A. Lottery, founded in 1971, has a few differences from its national counterparts, some for the better, others for the worst.


What entity oversees and sets the rules for the Massachusetts Lottery?

The Massachusetts Lottery comprises five people. The chairman also serves as the Treasurer and Receiver-General in the interim. The committee also includes the Secretary of the Department of Public Safety and the Comptroller. The governor appoints the last two members.

What are the Massachusetts Lottery's earnings from lottery ticket sales?

The Massachusetts Lottery is one of the country’s most successful state-run lotteries. They are consistently in the top five in terms of overall ticket sales. The Massachusetts Lottery Commission has produced over $120 billion in income and distributed over $80 billion in prizes.

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