MD Lottery 2022 – Your Chance To Become A Millionaire

The first games were staged in the state more than a century ago. But the MD Lottery (Maryland Lottery) was established in 1972 in its current form.

And because of popular demand, more games like the Powerball and Mega Millions were launched soon.



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Key Takeaways

  • MD Lottery utilizes 30% of all ticket purchases for state-run programs, 60% for distributing prizes, and 10% goes to shops and lottery.
  • MD Lottery offers various fun games, including Multi-Match, Pick 3 & 4, Cash4Life, Keno, Racetrax, and more.
  • By spending as low as $1 on tickets, you can win prizes up to $100,000 by participating in the MD lottery.
  • To be eligible for this lottery, you only need to be over 18 years of age.

What Is MD Lottery?

The Maryland Lottery, which has been in operation since 1973, is one of the country’s oldest and most popular lotteries.

The Lottery runs several state and national lottery games, including popular Powerball and Mega Millions lotteries, from its headquarters.

Over the years, the diversity of games has produced many significant wins, with 60 percent of all ticket purchases in the state going toward prize payouts.

They utilize only 30% of all ticket purchases for state-run programs. This benefits various social classes, with the remaining 10% going to shops and the Maryland Lottery.

Let’s analyze and look at the Maryland Lottery, its history, games, and your chances of winning the next jackpot.

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History Of MD Lottery

The Maryland Lottery has never stopped running since its inception in 1973 when Maryland voters adopted a constitutional amendment allowing for its establishment.

The Lottery began with a single lotto draw every week and has expanded to include daily drawings of many other games, including significant national lottery drawings.

The MD Lottery debuted scratch-offs in 1976, becoming the Lottery’s most popular product. Over time, the operator added other games.

  • Pick three debuting in 1976
  • Pick 4 in 1983
  • Keno debuted in 1993
  • The Bonus Match 5 game debuted in 1995

Maryland also contributed to the development of The Big Game. In 2012, a Maryland player won the biggest lottery jackpot in American history, worth USD 656 Million.

Maryland is also one of the places where they opted to make the Lottery digital. For this, it installed 15,000 lottery terminals in five different sites around the state.

Later, after the approval of a referendum, the state launched three casinos in 2010.

These are still in operation and make significant profits for the state budget, in addition to the lottery terminals.

Current Games Of MD Lottery

Mega Millions

Mega Millions is, without a doubt, one of the most popular national lotteries in the United States.

It is globally famous for creating more multimillionaires than any other gambling game.

They hold Mega Millions of drawings on Tuesday and Friday nights in Maryland, with tickets costing only USD 2 and possible prizes ranging into millions of dollars.

To win the big prize you need to get all six numbers accurate. However, you can win a million dollars even if you only obtain five of the six correct numbers.


Another big lottery game in which Maryland residents can participate is the Powerball. Every 292 million tickets sold results in a jackpot winner, offering every player the opportunity to become one of the wealthiest individuals in the state overnight.

Many prior Maryland lottery winners have altered their lives by playing Powerball.

Weekly drawings which are held every Wednesday and Saturday night can give you the chance to become the next instant millionaire.


MD Lottery players with modest goals might make their dreams come true by playing Multi-Match.

This is a local lotto game with lower and more frequent prizes. The Maryland Lottery prize for this game is frequently in the hundreds of thousands rather than millions.

The game delivers regular jackpot winners and allows players to join for as little as USD 1 per ticket.

Pick 3 & 4

Pick three and Pick 4 are easy lottery games with two daily drawings for each game. This game allows players a chance to win USD 500 or USD 5,000 jackpots on a more frequent basis.

These games are based on the traditional lottery drawing method and draws are available every day of the week. Also, these games generate the most MD Lottery winnings.

5 Card Cash

5 Card Cash is a basic terminal game that refers to a deck of playing cards. Every ticket costs USD 2 and gives two opportunities to win.

If the ticket reveals a poker hand with a pair of jacks, it will give between USD 2 and USD 10,000.

Then a daily draw is held. All participants who match at least two of the five cards are selected, and get to win between USD 3 and USD 100,000.


Cash4Life allows players the possibility to win USD 1,000 every day for the rest of their life. Every day, they arrange a new draw for six winning balls to win the jackpot.

They draw the Maryland lottery daily, where winners receive the main prize. And players who fall just short receive a consolation prize of $1,000 per week for the rest of their lives.


MD Lottery offers rapid gratification to players who like the popular numbers game of Keno. Players may play Keno anytime and receive results instantly.

The single game costs USD 1 and USD 20 and rewards up to $100,000. Additional Keno Bonus and Keno Super Bonus choices increase players’ chances of winning every ticket.


Sports betting fans who desire rapid gratification may play the MD Lottery-powered Racetrax game.

This simulates a horse racing betting event. Bet on one of the virtual horses, and you may win real money if your horse wins.

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How To withdraw MD lottery funds?

These are the ways in which you can withdraw the funds that you have won.

  • Winning tickets up to $600 in value may be redeemed at any Maryland Lottery shop. 
  • Or Winning tickets up to and including $5,000 in may be redeemed at any Expanded Cashing Authority Program (XCAP) outlet. 

Won tickets of any value can be redeemed at the Maryland Lottery headquarters on Washington Boulevard in Baltimore.

If your ticket is worth more than $25,000, then you should redeem it in a Lottery office. All claims at the Washington Boulevard office are handled by appointment only;

They do not accept walk-ins. Schedule your claim appointment by visiting their website. Please allow at least 30 business days to process any winning tickets worth more than $25,000.


While most players were still inquiring, can you play MD Lottery online a few years ago? A section of the players currently has online accounts to buy tickets and verify winning numbers.

The Maryland Lottery is booming, and it is one of the most modern online lottery programs in the United States.

Given the legal constraints that it operates under, the MD Lottery currently has minimal room to improve its online product.

But the Lottery provides as many games as it can, including immediate win games for players who cannot wait for the drawings.

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Who is eligible to play the Maryland Lottery?

All players who purchase tickets are eligible to participate. A player must be 18 years old to acquire a ticket. Players who do not live in Maryland can still participate in the lottery drawings.

Where can I get MD Lottery tickets?

Tickets for the Maryland Lottery are available both in-person and online. Players can visit live retailers or purchase their tickets through the online platform available for PC and mobile device users.

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