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Mike Tyson is also known as Iron man because of his boxing abilities. He is a boxer who competed from 1985 to 2005. Mike is struggling a lot in life.

Mike Tyson’s net worth is getting decline after the court has legally charged him many times. This article will discuss Mike Tyson Net worth, career, personal life, etc.

Other Details of Mike Tyson

 Net worth$3  million
 Born on30 June 1966
 Title nameIron Man
 Retirement year2005
 Patented movepeek-a-boo boxing style
Mike Tyson
Mike Tyson

Childhood Of Mike Tyson

Childhood Of Mike Tyson
Childhood Of Mike Tyson

Mike was born in a low-income family, and his dad never took care of his family.

Mike’s mother took care of him, but he was also a vandal like his dad. And at the age of thirteen, he was in jail, but he was talented, and his weapon consular saw that he had excellent punching power and knew about boxing moves.

Career of mike Tyson

 Career of Mike Tyson
Career of Mike Tyson

He started his career at a very early stage in his life. He has a God gifted power of punching.

Mike had been taken under police custody more than 40 times at thirteen.

His juvenile consular noticed him when he was practicing his boxing moves. He was impressed with his actions and boxing style.

After that, Tyson started training under the D’Amato. He taught him and showed his patented peek-a-boo boxing style.

He started boxing in the junior level championship in 1981 and secured a Gold medal.


After 4-5 years, in 1985, he started playing in-ring, secured a TKO victory, and is known for his ruthlessly conquering the heavyweight division.

Mike’s made history by becoming the youngest heavyweight champion in 1986. In the second round, Mike caught Trevor and secured the WBC (World Boxing council) heavyweight championship.

He reached the summit of the heavyweight championship at an early age. People love Mike’s moves; he stood a great crowd when he was in the ring.

He has won 50 matches in the round, and out of 50, 44 came via knockout. Because of this, people start calling him “Iron man .”

In 2005 he announced his retirement, but after five years, he came back in the ring and launched the Legends Only League, where legends get parts in various sports and compete.

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Personal life of Mike tyson

 Personal Life of Mike Tyson
Personal Life of Mike Tyson

Mike’s childhood story was not good. His father left her mother when he was only two years old.

His mother took overall responsibility for him and his siblings. Mike’s mother died when he was 16, and he spent his childhood in a juvenile center.

Even in his personal life, he faced a lot of ups and downs.

Mike got married to Robin in 1998. She is an American model. Robin’s mother played a significant role in his marriage.

First, they dated each other, and after 11 months of a relationship, they decided to get married.

But unfortunately, the couple had a lot of issues. Because of this, they both agreed to take divorce and got separated.

Then in 1997, Mike got married to Monica. It was difficult for him to marry and trust love after his first marriage separation.

It took him seven years to move on. But in 2003, Monica decided to divorce him. After the separation, he got married to Latika,

Award won by mike Tyson

 Award won by Mike Tyson
Award won by Mike Tyson

Professional wrestling

  • WWE Hall Of Fame ( class of 2012)

IN boxing

  • 2× Ring magazine Fighter of the year (1986,1988)
  • 2× Sugar Ray Robinson Award winner (1987,1989)
  • BBC Sports Personality of the Year Overseas Personality(1989)
  • Ring Magazine Perspect of the year(1985)
  • International Boxing Hall Of The Fame Inductee( Class of 2011)
  • Gurilande D’Honneur by the FICTS (Milan,2010)

Net worth Of Mike Tyson

The Net worth of Mike Tyson
The Net worth of Mike Tyson

According to reports, Mike’s estimated net worth was $10 million in 2021. He lost most of his money to paying Fines.
After losing a bundle of money, he made millions
from his Fortune; Tyson earned around $375 million through this.

Real Estate

He is living in Henderson, which is around $2.5 million.
The house is shown in the movie “seven hill mansion” in Las Vegas. Mike bought it in 2016 for $1.5 million.
He also has Bentley Continental T, Jaguar XJ220, Bentley Azure, which costs $1.5 million.


Mike always had an interest in legal cannabis. He founded the “Tyson
Ranch” which is approximately over $ 500,000 worth per month



MikeTyson is one of the best boxers of all time; Although he suffered a lot in his career, in the end, he proves that he was the best in his moves and always performed best.
We hope that you like reading this article.

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What was Mike's highest net worth?

At the peak of his career, His net worth was around $300 million. But in the retirement and legal cases, he slowly lost it.

What is the reason behind Mike losing his money?

There are so many reasons but, the one that affects his income is paying charges on illegal things. He was the highest-paid athlete, but he lost his reputation in these cases.

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