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When it comes to sports and games there is a wide variety of them played all over the world. While some are very popular around the world and also played worldwide, some are only popular in some parts of the world. This leads to several different types of leagues and tournaments.


These tournaments are sometimes hosted for the states level or otherwise different countries from all over the world participate in it. The one we are discussing over here is a very popular thing in the United States.

What is MLB?

What is MLB?

Baseball is a famous sport in the United States and there are several state-level leagues and tournaments organized between the teams. One of them is Major League Baseball.

Although there are a lot of baseball leagues going on in the United States it is the oldest of all the major sports leagues played in the USA or Canada.

In this professional American baseball organization, different teams are playing from different leagues. More on that later.

The history of MLB

MLB is divided into 2 leagues. If we dig a little deeper into the history of these two leagues, the National League was formed in 1876 while the American League was formed in 1901.

These two leagues began in 1903 and they operated as separate entities. However, 2000 was the year when they merged into one league.

Now it is organized by the Commissioner of Baseball in Midtown Manhattan. With the history of the game being from the 19th century, it is the oldest major league sport played in America.

Type of MLB Games

The type of game is much like cricket but with a lot of different rules. First of all, there is a difference in the number of total players. Then the way of scoring is different. In MLB games there are homeruns.

One home run is scored when a hitter advances around first base. It then goes to the next two bases. The final step is to come back, safely to home plate.

How many teams are included in the MLB?

In Major League Baseball there are a total of 30 teams that fight for the final title. These 30 teams are first divided into 2 different leagues.

MLB Team

One is the American league AL and the other one is the National League NL. Both of these leagues have 15 teams each. Out of these 30 teams, 29 come from the United States while the one team comes from Canada.

An interesting thing about the leagues is that the teams from each league are further divided into 3 divisions each. There is an East division, a West Division, and a Central Division. So, This grouping structure forms a tournament structure of 6 divisions of 5 teams each where 3 divisions are in one league.

The Team Structure in MLB

The team structure in MLB is a little different in comparison to the other teams. It starts with the hitters and then there is the section for the pitchers.

MLB Players

The team lineups are submitted in the way the hitters are expected to come on the field. There are a total of 9 players on each team.

How many matches are played by each team?

Like every other thing in the world, the MLB is also severely affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic situation. The matches played by each team have drastically changed in the past year. So, here is the information about MLB matches and MLB Playoffs that you need to know.


Since 2013 there was a rule that every team will be playing a total of 162 games at least. Here is how the division of matches works. There would be 19 games with each of the 4 opponents in the same division making a total of 76 games.

Then there would be 6 games with the 4 opponents and then 7 games with the 6 opponents in the same league.

These games make a total of 66 games that are to be played within the league. Moving out of the league there would be 20 games with the teams of other leagues. This makes a total of 162 games per league.


Although it was an amazing MLB schedule structure and it worked for several seasons things were changed in 2020 because of the worldwide Pandemic.

According to the MLB structure of 2020, there were 10 games with the 4 opponents in the same division making a total of 40 games. Then there were no games with the other division’s teams in the same league.

However, those 20 games with the other league’s teams were still kept constant, making a total of 60 games per team for 2020.

How is a Winner Decided?

Deciding a winner for the MLB season is very interesting. First, the MLB schedule is followed to see the MLB standings after all of the interleague matches are completed. Afterward, there is a best of seven playoff sessions.

While the MLB power rankings make a lot of predictions about the result of matches according to the MLB starting lineups of different teams, the winner is decided according to the final results of this playoff of best of seven.


If we discuss the most loved games in the United States, then Baseball will be one of them and MLB is the league that comes on the top in being the oldest and traditional game of the US. Here we were discussing different facts about the MLB teams and the way games are played here.

Frequently asked question

How does a team win the MLB?

After the 9 innings are completed for each team, the winner is selected with the most runs. In the case of a tie, there could be as many innings as it takes to decide a winner.

What is meant by BB?

It means when a hitter advances to the 1st base on the field because 4 of the pitches are outside of the strike zone.

How many players are there in each match in the MLB?

Each team has 9 players to there is a total of 18 players in one match

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