15 Foolproof Methods To Get More Mold Leads Of 2023

Operating a mold removal or remediation business is not an easy job, and finding new clients and more mold leads can be a struggle.

Leads are critical for the success of your business, no matter whether your mold remediation company is new or has decades of experience. 

Your company needs to lead for financial stability and long-term growth and to stand out from competitors.

In this guide, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about generating leads for your mold removal and remediation business.

Let’s get started!


Why is Lead Generation Important for Mold Removal & Remediation Business? 

Certain key factors are essential for the growth and sustainability of your business, and lead generation is one of them.

Leads generation is one of the fastest and most convenient marketing channels to acquire new clients and main a constant flow of quality mold leads. 

Lead generation is the process the attracting people who have shown interest in buying your services and converting them into customers.

A solid lead generation strategy is essential to attract new clients, establish a constant flow of leads, and ensure the year-over-growth of your company. 

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Types of Leads Generation for Mold Removal and Remediation Company

Getting customers to a business is the most important thing if you want to keep the business afloat. Many people struggle to find ways to get people to their business and generate leads.

However, in our digital age, this process has become easier than ever, thanks to the use of technology and the internet.

Even though the use of technology could get limited with local businesses when compared to global ones, it still helps.

You must know how to generate leads if you own a local business like a mold company.

Here are 15 ways to generate mold leads for your business that has been working for mold business owners.

1. Offer Free on the Spot Mold Inspections

Offer Free on the Spot Mold Inspections

If you want to prove your work to people who didn’t hear or worked with you before, you need to offer incentives, a discount, a freebie, or something else. With mold businesses, offering a free inspection could go a long way.

Go door to door in your city and offer people to do a mold inspection right on the spot without any appointment or waiting.

Be honest with your findings, and if you find mold in the house, let them know and tell them you can help with it.

If you can’t find anything, you can still give them your card and call you for occasional inspections.

2. Maintain Entire Database of Clients and Visitors

Keep An Entire Database Of Clients And Visitors

While you are working with your clients, you will need to get their mobile numbers or emails to communicate with them.

Instead of getting rid of their contact information, ask for permission to keep it in your database for future endeavors.

If they accept it, create a database of these clients and possibly your visitors, too. Use this database to send out occasional texts and emails for special offerings.

3. Host Local Events for Homeowners for Networking

Host Local Events For Homeowners For Networking

Be the face of local events about homeowners in your city. Host different events about different topics on homeownership.

Since this topic is related to mold business at one point, it allows you to meet with your potential customers face-to-face.

It also allows for similar businesses in the area to come by and check it out. Use these events purely to network with people who might need your business and businesses that could be beneficial for getting leads in the future.

4. Focus on Incentivizing Referrals for Mold Leads

Focus on Incentivizing Referrals for Mold Leads

If you have happy customers that you have a working relationship with, using their words will be much easier to get leads rather than trying from scratch.

Offer these happy customers some incentives like a freebie or a discount when they refer someone.

People they refer you to will have a higher chance of choosing you because it came from a trusted source.

You can make this a program where the more referrals one person has, the more benefit they will receive for each referral. This will help you get even more leads through them.

5. Create Organic Traffic with Local SEO

Create Organic Traffic with Local SEO

When you have a website or social media accounts, you will need to attract organic traffic to these platforms.

Organic traffic means you get traffic through searches on the web, and you get it through SEO optimization.

For local businesses, SEO is mostly about local SEO, and you need to focus on using hot keywords in your area.

You could also add your city’s or neighborhood’s name in the keywords to attract better-suited leads.

6. Focus on Good Paid PPC Marketing Campaign

Focus on Good Paid PPC Marketing Campaign

Paid marketing campaigns are vital to generating leads constantly. They give you the opportunity to learn more about your audience and test your call-to-actions and landing pages.

Create different PPC marketing campaigns and see their result. Since you only pay per click, the more successful one will make you some profit.

You need to focus on turning a visitor into a lead with good landing pages or hooks on your website.

7. Have a Unique, Simple, and Responsive Website Design

Responsive Website Design

When a visitor to your website can’t find what they are looking for easily or the website is not responsive enough, they will most likely leave and look for other options instead of waiting.

If you can offer a fast, simple, and unique designed website, your visitors will stay to discover more about your website and your business.

You can get a professional to do this design for you, or you can try doing it yourself. Also, make sure that each page of your website is SEO-optimized for higher visitors.

8. Partner With Directories for Increased Visibility

Partner With Directories for Increased Visibility

The old and physical directories of the past are now online with many different options. Chances are, you can find a local directory for your line of business.

Find these directories and get in touch with them to put you in their directories.

You can provide your proof of work to prove quality and give your information. Giving out incentives for each lead they get could also be a good way, like a commission from sales.

If you are in these directories where people visit to find mold businesses, you could get leads through them without you having to do anything all the time.

9. Have an SEO-optimized Google My Business Profile

Have an SEO-optimized Google My Business Profile

Google’s products are extremely useful not only for individuals but also for businesses.

Open your Google My Business profile which focuses on local business visibility, and fill out your information there. Add pictures, your referrals, and information about your business.

Make your Google My Business profile SEO optimized by putting in high-ranking keywords in your area.

This way, when someone searches for a mold business in your city, they could see you in search results, Google Maps, and other Google products.

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10. Offer Free Customer Support Before and After Service

Offer Free Customer Support Before and After Service

When you are offering a service, no matter what service it is, there will be questions and problems before and after your service.

If you can’t answer these questions or solve the problems, people will consider you hard to deal with and choose other businesses than you most of the time.

You could hire a professional customer service representative to offer free customer support to handle everything for you.

Doing it yourself will take a lot of time, and you might not be able to answer anyone.

11. Actively Use Different Social Media Platforms

Actively Use Different Social Media Platforms

Social media hosts billions of people, and millions use various platforms daily. If you can find the right audience, you can generate a number of leads constantly.

To find your right audience, focus on constantly posting, commenting on local pages’ posts, liking, and interacting with people’s comments on these pages.

Once you have a good amount of followers, you can get more through them as social media platforms will start suggesting you to similar people.

You can create an increasing brand visibility thanks to social media and your constant use.

12. Create Strategic Alliances with Different Businesses

Create Strategic Alliances with Different Businesses

Mold business is just a small part of the entire household problem, and there are many different lines of businesses focused on households.

Plumbing is one of the most popular ones, for example. Find these types of businesses in your local area and partner up with them.

This means that when a plumber sees mold in one of the houses he is working in, or someone asks the plumber about a possible mold business; they could refer you.

This would be like the referral program, but it will come from a business instead of a person.

13. Work With a Lead Generation Company

Work With a Lead Generation Company

Working with a lead generation company could get you some useful leads as they have a huge list of leads.

However, the tricky part of working with a lead generation company is to find one that will give you local leads.

You need to ensure that the company you decide to work with can provide you with local leads that will be interested in the mold business.

This is hard to find, so do your research and take your time in finding the right company.

14. Create a Specialized Email Newsletter

Specialized Email Newsletter

Start collecting emails from your customers and visitors interested in occasionally receiving informational emails. You could ask this as a pop-up on your website or share it on your social media.

Once you collect enough emails, start sending emails that talk about the most common mold problems and try to help people with these problems. Add a small call-to-action somewhere around the text.

This way, you do not spam your visitor’s emails and give them actual information they could benefit from.

15. Start Google Ads Marketing Campaign

Google Ads Marketing

One of the other most beneficial paid marketing campaigns you can set up is through Google Ads.

With Google Ads, you put yourself at the top of the search engine for keywords you choose, and you pay a certain amount for certain days.

It is about your budget and how much you can afford to invest in it. However, being at the top of the search results could give you extremely good leads if you can spare a good budget.

Focus on a short text and a good landing page to get clicks and then turn those clicks into leads.

Benefits of Google Ads for Mold Leads Generation

Benefits of Google Ads for Mold Leads Generation

Quicker than SEO 

Improving your search engine page rankings organically via SEO takes is quite time-consuming and based on several factors, whereas Google Ads provides instant results, and you can start generating traffic to your website as soon as your campaign goes live.

Remarketing Capabilities 

Google Ads has excellent remarketing capabilities and allows you to show your ads to the target audience.

Google uses a cookie to track users’ online activity and show your ads multiple times to the customers and visitors who frequently come to your site but have not purchased anything yet.

High Conversion Rate

The leads generated through Google Ads convert twice as much as organic leads.

Google Ads allows you to pinpoint your target audience and puts you right in front of them, improving your chances of getting noticed and driving more sales. 


Google Ads has a wide range of metrics which makes it easy for the users to scrutinize the performance of your campaign and determine whether your goals have been met, what exactly is causing your ranking to increase or decrease, and what you can do to improve his life. 


Google Ads are highly flexible and allow you to customize your lead generation campaigns to focus on your target audience.

You can set up specific keywords, display your ads to the people who have searched for the exact keywords, and apply filters including location, language, time, and device used to target a specific segment of people. 1

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Why Choose Us? 

We help mold removal, and remediation companies like yours consistently generate an influx of high-quality mold leads and build a relationship with prospects. 

Our lead generation marketing is based on real-time data from clients to create targeted campaigns that concur with changes in the home improvement industry.

We’ll promote your business on all the popular local search engines as well as local sites used by your potential prospects to find mold removal and remediation services in their area. 

  • Custom Landing Page

Our developers will create a custom landing page as per your needs to maximize interaction between you and your visitor. 

  • SEO Management

We’ll optimize your website to rank higher on search engines and increase your traffic.

  •  Content Writing For Mold Leads

Our content writers will provide relevant and helpful content to catch the attention of your target audience.

  • Focused on ROI

We ensure that our leads are of the highest quality with the highest conversion rates and return on investment. 

  • Dedicated Account Manager

You’ll be assigned a dedicated account manager who will assist you and take care of your campaign needs from inception to completion. 

  • Transparent Reporting

Our transparent reporting ensures that the client is aware of all the important developments in their campaigns and makes necessary modifications.

  • Only Pay for Results

We only charge our clients if they get a valid mold lead or they won’t pay. 


How to avoid getting mold?

Mold thrives in damp places, so to avoid them, make sure there are no leakages in your house and if you spot any, get it fixed ASAP.

How long does the mold removal process takes?

Depending on the damage, it can take anywhere between 1-5 days for the mold removal.

Can I get sick if I get exposed to mold?

If you remain exposed to a lot of molds for more than 2-9 hours, then you can find it difficult to breathe and might cough.

How can I start a Mold Removal business?

You can either take up a franchise or can either start your own business from scratch.

How much can I earn from my Mold Removal business?

On average, Mold Removal specialists make up to $2300-2500 per job.

And so, your total earnings depend on the number of projects you are willing to take and the number of Mold leads to get.

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