NBA Draft 2021

Basketball is a sport that is loved in most parts of the world, but the Americans have some special place for it in their heart. In this Regard NBA, the National Basketball Association never fails to amuse the fans.

While the regular NBA Season brings a ton of entertainment with thrilling games and nail-biting finishes there is a lot more provided by the NBA.

If you are a true basketball fan, then you need to know all about how the NBA is bringing entertainment throughout the year in different forms.

One of those ways is Draft and here we will discuss everything you need to know about NBA Draft

NBA Draft
NBA Draft

What is NBA Draft?

What is NBA Draft
What is NBA Draft

Well, the name here somewhat speaks for itself. It is an event where players are drafted. However, this event is not that simple nor is the player’s drafting process.

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So, there are players who are studying as well as playing with their college teams. In this event, those players are drafted who are willing to join the NBA league and are eligible to do so as well.

Some of the eligibility requirements are:

  • A player must have finished their 4-year college
  • Age of at least 22 otherwise they have to declare their eligibility
  • Players under 18 years old are not allowed at all

While the players between 18 and 22 are known as the early entrants they can also make it to the draft.

Interesting facts you need to know about NBA Draft

Interesting facts you need to know about NBA Draft
Interesting facts you need to know about NBA Draft

Now that you have an idea of what the Draft event is, it is time that you know all the other amazing facts and figures about the Draft.

So, make sure that you read it till the end to know all that you need to know.

What is the NBA Draft selection process?

The draft selection process in the NBA is pretty interesting. First, the players have to know all of the restrictions.

Once they clear all of the restrictions then they can take part in the event. Some of these restrictions include:

  • The player must be of at least 19 years old according to the draft calendar year
  • If the player has completed basketball eligibility at any of the American High Schools must be removed at least 1 year from the graduation according to the graduation of his class in high school.
  • Players who have signed with sports agents have restrictions on them
  • Any player who is not an international player must be out of graduation from his high school class for at least 1 year

Well, these were some of the general restrictions about the selection process and there are some player-specific restrictions as well.

Due to these restrictions, there are not a lot of players who make it to the draft. Since the beginning of the Draft, only 44 draftees have played in the NBA from their high school to college.

Another interesting thing is that the rules have been changed several times and according to the latest rules the players can enter the draft and participate in it multiple times.

At the same time, they can maintain their NCAA eligibility if they withdraw from the draft within 10 days as the May-mid NBA Draft Combine comes to an end.

What is the NBA Draft lottery?

The draft lottery was introduced for the very first time in 1985 where it brought a lot of goodies for the teams which did not perform well in the previous season.

Well, the draft is not all about the players, it brings some action for the teams as well. As a specific number of teams make the playoffs in every NBA season some are left behind.

This lottery is an event for those teams. They can participate in this event so that they can determine the first 3 picks of the draft.

Moreover, the team that has the worst record gets the opportunity to get the first pick in the draft.

The process of the lottery is unique as there are 14 balls with numbers 1 to 14 on them. There are 1000 combinations, and every worst-performing team gets some combinations.

According to this lottery playing system, the teams get to pick the drafts. Once the first 3 teams pick, the others are ordered in a reversed order to keep things balanced.

How has the history of this event been?

Draft events have brought a lot of entertainment for teams as well as the players. Likewise, there had been several opportunities for both of them as well.

It was first introduced in 1947 and since then many players have made it to the top class teams right from a young age. However, the past year was not that good for this event.

Where can you watch this event?

If you are interested in seeing this event live, then there is no better place than NBA TV.

Other than that, there are a lot of channels like ESPN that provide live streaming. Moreover, you can head to the NBA online network to watch the event.



While the NBA draft provides an opportunity to stop players to secure a career in this sport and teams to get a better player for performing well in the coming seasons it brings entertainment for the Fans as well.

If you had no idea about Draft, then we hope that by now you know a lot.

Make sure that you follow the Draft event for the coming season to enjoy the facts that you came to know here.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Was NBA Draft Introduced?

1947 was the year when it was introduced. Since then, there have been a lot of changes as well as improvements for both the teams and players. The draft lottery was started in 1985.

Which Year Is Considered The Worst Year In Draft History?

The year 2000 is called the worst year in the history of Draft. The reason is the horrible players that came up this year.

What Was The First Time When The NBA Draft Came On TV?

Draft first got on the TV in 1980. Afterward, a lot of channels start streaming it. Now it is available on the online NBA network as well.

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